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  1. russell658

    mx training partner

    @xxsheepxxloverxx Little late to the party here but i wont be riding for a month or so. Broke my hand last Friday at Chilton. If you were there i was the guy that crashed on the cr in the first Open A/B heat... Anyways once i get healed up id be down to meet up and ride some. You going there tomorrow? was thinking about just going for something to do. Also went to Dyracuse last weekend with my buddy and watched with my bum hand. That track looks awesome! Looking forward to riding there once i'm able
  2. russell658

    mx training partner

    @jay373, do you know if there are any other tracks other than chilton and the OHV park up by fond du lac? Just moved to the area for the summer and looking for people to ride with as well
  3. russell658

    What did you do with your CR today?

    Past week or so stripped the bike down to a bare frame and went through the whole thing. New bearings in the swing arm, shock linkage, and rear wheel. Also fresh fork oil, new PC works pipe and a pair of Starcross 5's. Updated it a bit with a white rear fender and the newer 2009 front plastic. new front number plate and right shroud graphics to come. Motoseat seat cover and grips still need to be put on as well. It does seems to be missing one important feature as well that is off getting massaged Hopefully in a month or so be riding this thing
  4. russell658

    My 07 CR250 build

    Yeah i'm not new to that sport or anything been riding and racing for 10+ years. I'll take a closer look at the airbox when im reunited with my bike but there was no apparent issues besides the gap from the rear fender to the air box but if i remember correctly the rear fender overhung a decent amount. Again not to worried about it just find it weird that my airfilter is twice as dirty as everyone else's.
  5. russell658

    My 07 CR250 build

    Little off topic question but have you noticed abnormally dirty air filters? This past summer every single time i would ride the airfilter would look like chocolate cake even if the track was "perfect" or even a little on the muddy side. For the life of me i can not figure out how there could be so much dirt on the air filter. Without dust being in the air the dirt has to be entering the airbox through the number plates holes and then on to the filer. I change the airfilter ever ride either way but it just doesnt make sense to me how mine is at least twice as dirty as the other 2 smokers. Sorry if i sound crazy here but just wondering if this is a common thing or what?
  6. russell658

    Pro Circuit 304 Factory Sound Silencer

    switched from a fmf shorty and gained some much needed over rev
  7. russell658

    D.I.D 520 ERT2 Series Exclusive Racing Chain

    good chain better than the renthal R1
  8. russell658

    2006 cr 250 build

    The allballs caliper rebuild i ordered didnt come with the right size seals so i stole the brakes off my dads 250x to get out and ride today. bikes running good and the 50T sproket was perfect for the track today.
  9. russell658

    2006 cr 250 build

    Good news is that retarding the ignition stopped the pinging but still having rear brake issues. tried bleeding them multiple times and even lifted the back in the air so it was the highest point of the system and no luck. After about 2 laps they would gradually get to the point where they would no longer release and lock up the back tire. Ordered a caliper rebuild kit and i'm going to check the caliper pins to be sure that it's able to float. The much needed 50T sprocket is also on the way
  10. russell658

    2006 cr 250 build

    i guess i should have been more specific and said porting AND head work (probably by Varner) my bad. i ended up retarding the ignition about .100" today and will see if it worked or at least helped, and i can always go a little more if needed. i'm headed to another sand track so should be a good test. on a side note in my first post about the bike not having much top end pull the clutch was actual slipping... Had new clutch plates sitting on the shelf but just didnt have them in at that point. it does seem much more respectable now. retarding the timing should not only help with detonation but also improve the top a little at the cost of the middle punch i believe. not sure if it will be noticeable but theoretically it should because the engine wont be fighting its at the higher RPM's then
  11. russell658

    2006 cr 250 build

    Would retarding the timing help with the pinging at least temporarily? I'm done with school next week and then start work the following week so really only need to get by for a month or so until I have the funds for porting
  12. russell658

    2006 cr 250 build

    I guess saying initial it's pretty plush to soak up the chop and then once you get into the stroke a little it's linear with very good bottoming resistance might be a better description. Either way it is World's better than the stock stuff I had on my 09 450. On some landings and chop I would blow right through the forks on my 450 and lose speed and now on this it soaks it right up and keeps powering through, not to mention staying straight as an arrow the whole time.Dropping the needle a clip wouldn't effect WOT because the needle isn't even in the main jet at the point right? Also it seems to only do it under have loads up a loose hill or something
  13. russell658

    2006 cr 250 build

    Good -suspension is awesome -bike is very stable -FUN! Bad -between gears on sand track -pinging i believe -rear brake locked up (need to flush the brakes, brake fluid look very dirty) Well i finally got out on the bike a couple times this last week. Once was on a pretty sandy track and another time on a intermediate track with some mud in places. At the sand track i was having a rough time because it seemed like i was between second and third a lot in the corners and was battling arm pump/blisters. At the intermediate track i was much more happy with the bike and thought the stock gearing was actually pretty good there. I think ill just have to carry i tooth bigger sprocket with me to the sandy tracks. The pinging is kind of a mystery to me because im running 50/50 (91 no ethanol, VP110) with stock jetting minus lowering the needle one notch. Next tank im going to step it up to 20/80 and see if the pinging goes away. Ideas? Have to say im very happy with the way the bike handles. Its very predictable and stable through anything. Factory Connection did a very good job. id describe the suspension as being plush but also very progressive through the travel.
  14. russell658

    2006 cr 250 build

    I have only that little ride in my yard and then a longer one at our barn on it so i'm just going off that limited experience but my only concern with the base milling is loosing some of the over rev. Im not sure if it is just because the middle comes on so strong but it seems like it has just an OK pull up top and i don't think i want to lose any of what it currently has. I agree that the strong hit in the middle will just tire me out and smoother transition would be nice but in order to do so and not lose any top i would have to do the base milling and porting which will put my ruffly at $300 through eric gore.I personally haven't done any checking on pricing for pro-circuit or Varner but i saw somewhere that PC was $350ish?? for porting and i think varner would be in the same ball park. In between those 3 im really unsure of who i want to go with and i know each have their own unique approach. Transworld loved both PC and Varner and i know a lot of people on forums have been very happy with Gore so im kind of on the fence. In a perfect world i'd like to ride each bike and pick the powerband that best suits me but that isnt going to happen. No matter what i do it'll probably wont happen until mid july so i will only have to deal with a stock bike carb issues for about two months of actual riding time. My whole impression of the bike could change once i get it on the track but that is just my initial thoughts. By the way you have a couple sharp bikes on your hands there. Those are pretty close to what i had in mind when i started the revival of this one (nice, clean, factory look)
  15. russell658

    2006 cr 250 build

    I payed $1900 for the bike and then put about a $1000 into it doing tires, tubes, bearings, top end, plastic, graphics, reed petals plus a ton of smaller miscellaneous things. Then the suspension from factory Connection which came out to about $1100 after shipping and stuff. Was more than i wanted to put in to it for suspension but i've never really had a bike that was set up for me and being 190 pounds i'm pretty heavy for stock stuff so i figure i might as well do it right if i'm getting it done.