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  1. MonkeyClam

    Sat 11/8 - Foresthill

    CFCmotosports is a new age leader. Look to the future. The past is gone. The skipper has left the island.
  2. MonkeyClam

    Tahoe NF Releases Draft EIS

    USFS again attacks dirt bikers/ the war is being lost. ride while you can
  3. MonkeyClam

    Shirley Temple....... Take me away!

    o bla di o bla da
  4. MonkeyClam

    Hwy 80 Cisco Grove easy riding?

    "I can't get no Satisfaction." we'll see about this weekend. may go to GT dust bowl fire roads instead, closer to home.
  5. MonkeyClam

    Little Stonyford, Sunday 6-4-06

    I would bet Peakrider, Shady at Best and YZerowiley could whip em. or Zekedawg, Goob and Barefootbob we need like TT trading cards or somethin loop 6 Challenge ride
  6. oh get on down to the first AMA District 36 RACE event of the new year. Women, children, girls, boy, guys, gals, men and old dudes too. come to the races, Ride in the Sun n Fog and semi slop mud fest dirt bonanza! that is the Most Legendary.......PRARIE CITY GRAND PRIX. race weekend at Prarie City SRVA Jan 14/15 2006 get the flyer from the Polka Dots web site http://polkadotsmc.com/pages/1/index.htm weather is gonna be great PCGP weather- classic! http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/USCA0383?from=search_10day
  7. MonkeyClam

    aug 14th ride link

    who are all these newbies?
  8. MonkeyClam

    Renaming Southwest Forum to Bob's Forum?

    "I'm no school boy, but I know what I like" - the rolling stones Brown Sugar 1971 "I ain't no monkey, but I know what I like" - Bob Dylan's reply on his blood on tracks lp 5 years later. I ain't no clam monkey, but I keep on riding.
  9. conditions aren't the same evrywhere this time of year. Clear Creek is not dusty, parts of Foresthill are hard pack I was asking about Prarie City.....guess I'll have to go there myself and find out for myself because as usual this town is full of bench racers who really don't know the actual conditions anywhere CUASE they never ride. These are the same guys who say its too muddy during the winter
  10. MonkeyClam


    I never booked this weekend and am not planning too. Like that bigbob guy who allready made his intentions clear (see above posts), been there, done that. have fun.
  11. MonkeyClam

    Under Wear

    1000 gnomes, icy hands going Mike Tyson on your Clam... Gold bond? never use the stuff.
  12. MonkeyClam

    Iron Man rides Traffic school - Sunday june 6

    WOW Iron Man You rock! dude. :lol:
  13. MonkeyClam

    Forest Hill General Information

    Nevada has far superior riding than foresthill. I would prefer Navada as a location for memorial day weekend Yup Nevada Rocks my world!!