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  1. Ok thanks Guys for the clarification!
  2. I hate to even ask this question but can't find it using the search function. Is it the Rotella T triple protection 15w40 conventional the majority of people are using or the diesel? I have a 2014 rmz250 and a 2013 rmz450. I'm looking for this smoother shifting I've been reading here on the forum. Thanks
  3. Nice write up. I just checked my 2014 RMZ250 and I don't see that restriction in the exhaust. I'm in the USA (if that makes a difference). I also tried putting a rod through the end and there was no "step down" in diameter.
  4. Mrbinkels

    Shift shaft splines stripped? pics

    Whatever you do clean the splines up and use blue loctite to fill in the gaps for a temporary fix.
  5. Mrbinkels

    Read my piston - YZ144

    Make sure you do a leakdown check. If your jetting is spot on it will run lean as hell with an airleak.
  6. Mrbinkels

    Swingarm/linkage bearing question

    Looks like you'll still need the top shock bearing and swingarm bearings.
  7. Mrbinkels

    Looking to lease property within 30 mins of Clermont,fl

    I had an agreement to lease 7 acres but the guy backed out, said he didn't want his property tore up. This after I explained my position in great detail.
  8. Mrbinkels

    bike is eating shifters

    Your shift shaft splines are worn. There is a stop gap measure that I use til a new shift shaft arrives and that is to use loctite on the splines, tighten down shifter and let dry over night or least a few hours. I also use medium loctite on the new shift shaft. I'm OCD about the shift shaft because almost every used bike I have bought the splines are fubar'd. It's easily the most over looked part that should be inspected before you ride. I go so far as to check my buddies shifters to make sure their tight. Lol EDIT: come to think of it, I put an MSR aluminum shifter on my sons 2010 yz125 a while ago and it loosened up. I went back to the stock steel one and haven't had a problem. Hmmm
  9. Did some light searching before posting. Looking to lease, on a yearly basis, at least five acres of property with or without an existing track on it in the central florida area within 30 mins or so of Clermont. I would consider a co-op also. My days off rotate frequently and I need the ability to ride any day of the week. Obviously the land would have to be situated as not to annoy the shit of any neighbors when I ride. Also the expectation should be that "dirt" would be brought in as needed. A release of all liability as well.
  10. Did the guy who rebuilt it do a leak down check? If not stop riding it and do it. I learned the hard way. I am under the strict belief that you can have NO air leak on a 2T. Now you can compensate for an air leak with going to a richer main, which I have done, but that is a band aid fix. Good luck P.S. Even when I do a top end only I still do a leak down check for piece of mind.
  11. Loosen the gas cap when it starts to do it and see if it stops. Could be a plugged up vent line on tank. If it runs ok for the first lap that would probably equate to a bowl full (roughly) of gas. Sounds like gas cap or restrictive fuel flow. You might take gas line off at carb and see how fast the gas come out when turned on.
  12. I would take off the fuel line from tank and make sure its free flowing out of the gas tank. then I would check the vent line on gas cap (pull it off and see if you can blow through it, or in this case suck). After that I would have to check float level.
  13. Mrbinkels

    A pair of Yamahas

    very nice!
  14. Mrbinkels

    Project 2006 Yamaha YZ125

    You need more MTB's looks like to me.
  15. I wanted to memorialize my short conversation I had with a Pro-x representative in reference to my 2010 YZ125 pro-x piston kit, specifically the ring and it not having markings as to its installation orientation. I realize the common knowledge is that if the ring has no markings then it can be installed either direction(omni-directional). However, lying in bed this morning at 4am I realized that I checked the ring three times before i put the motor back together and did not see any markings. My son and I are leaving for Durhamtown on Sunday and I wanted to make sure. I emailed Pro-x and received a quick response. It has been edited for content. Good morning Sam, I have checked the ring and indeed, no markings. This ring would be omni-directional. Best regards, Peter Schalk International Sales --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I purchased a pro-x piston kit for my YZ125 from my local dealer. I noticed there were no markings on the ring for direction of installation. Is the ring omni-directional on the YZ125 kit? Thanks, Sam