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  1. socal_250f_racer

    3/26 Bubba at Glen Helen - Practicing

    Yes your right his name is Steve. Rides an 02 YZ 250. He over shot the second table in the finish strait. I guess the throttle stuck and he bailed mid air or something. It didnt seem that serious but I guess it was. Doctor says no riding for two months. Im guessing he will be riding in about a month. If you know steve you will back me up on this. By the way dunn2500 whats your first name I might know you and not even know it. My name is Dwayne, my bro is daniel.
  2. socal_250f_racer

    3/26 Bubba at Glen Helen - Practicing

    No that happened about an hour after my friend. I was right behind my bro when the guy crashed in the whoops behind the uphill. My bro actually ran over his leg and I layed my bike down and ran up to the hill to slow everyone down. You might have gotten me in the video if you have some footage of it. Im the one on the number 7 yz 250f with orange msr gear. Im the one who couldnt get my bike started because of it also. Check out the footage you might see me. I have to admit that guy on the kx was ripping. He actually passed me on the downhill after that uphill. Gave me a little bump and then ripped over the hill and the tripple step up and looked back at me like I was in his way. And obviously I was.
  3. socal_250f_racer

    3/26 Bubba at Glen Helen - Practicing

    Dude I me my bro and my next door neighbor were out there on that day also. There was a guy flying on a kawasaki out there. Didnt appear to be black though. My next door neighbor was taken out by an ambulance. Do you remember when they closed the track down for like 40 min. He felt fine just said back was a little sore but it ended up being broke and the 8th vertibre.
  4. socal_250f_racer

    Las Vegas roll call

    I bought my tickets along with 9 friends last month. So we will all definatley be there. Any fellow TTers wanna meet up after the race, and do some drinking, gambling and whatnot. I will be staying in the stratosphere.
  5. socal_250f_racer

    Creating Confidence in oneself?

    Wow thanks for all the help. She is getting better and some of the tips youve given me have helped. I took her over the same section she would go over before and I kept riding and didnt look back and about 50 feet further, I look back and there she was right behind me. I couldnt believe it worked but it did. When we stopped I told her I could give you the biggest kiss right now. She laughed and said in that case I will do it again. But she didnt, but I was so proud of her. I got that kiss regardless and thats all that matters to me.
  6. socal_250f_racer

    Creating Confidence in oneself?

    Very good point there rocket girl. I will try that out. I am sure it will work but, what happens if she does crash and get hurt or something. I will feel like it was my fault because I wasnt there. Ah I guess we will have to live with it. Thanks for the help.
  7. socal_250f_racer

    Creating Confidence in oneself?

    Ok ladies I really need your help in this one. Ive been seing this girl now for a couple weeks but we were friends a month or two in advance. She has an crf 230, that she bought not to long ago. We have ridden a couple of times together but yesterday it was just the two of us and she didnt have her other girl friends there to help her. Shes not real confident in her ridding and fears that shes going to fall and get hurt. Now I on the other hand know that she is good enough for almost all the trails out where we live, and I tell her that but she still wont listen. Things that I know she could easily do if she tried, she just dont want to. So i need your help with giving her some confidence in herself. Ive ran out of ideas here so help me out, what things do you do out on the trails that make your better and more confident. What are some things that I can say or do to help her out. I really love riding with her but it just doesnt seem shes having as good of a time as she could.
  8. socal_250f_racer

    Broken part in carb

    Speaking of odd broken parts i crashed pretty hard yesterday and my choke was ripped off the carb the only thing left was the rod and it was bent like a 90. Needless to say bike wouldnt start and had to push. If you can post a picture for us as im not to sure what your talking about. From what it sounds like is the pilot is setting in a nipple so if thats broken or cracked you could have some jetting issues. If it were me I would install the pilot and take the bike for a quick spin. See if theres any issues.
  9. socal_250f_racer

    Supercross Whoop controversy

    Yeah I agree with panhandler the whoops at Sandiego where gnarly. I know because i was there at the race and watched about 1/2 the riders go down in both sections of the whoops. The only ones going thru them good were the top runners and they were having their ups and downs with them also.
  10. I am not sure why the 450 places so badly in the shootouts. Is it that far behind the rest of the models. The 250f is still placing high in the shootouts and the 450 is its brother. Does the extra amount of weight make that big of a difference in handling, because thats where it seems to do the worse. I just dont understand how a rider can go from saying that the 250f is number 1-2 in the class to saying the 450 is almost last. Or is it that the competition in the 450 class is much more advance than in the 250f class? Would an aluminum frame for the Suzuki and the introduction of the KTM put the Yamaha 250F back in the pack also?
  11. socal_250f_racer

    Stay Off The Track!!

    Haha some people just dont have any common sense what so ever. We were Race Town 395 and my friend almost got ran over. He wanted to cross the track at a blind corner thats after a step up double and I told him no we should go up further but he decided to go anyway and just at that time, a rider came over the hill and almost took him out. Now at this section your probably only doint 20 mph so it wouldnt have been as bad but still. He has no common sense. Another good example at the same place but on the vet track, a rider not paying attention jumps on the track in the wrong dirrection and almost takes me and my buddy out. One of the flag people told a track personel what happened and when they stopped the guy and asked him what the hell he was doing and he said he thought the track went that way. They told him that he needed to pay more attention to what the hell he was doing and he got smart with them and they ended up kicking him off the track for the day. I got a good laugh out of it but it coulda ended up worst.
  12. socal_250f_racer

    Re-anodizing rims?

    Well I dont see why you cant have them redone. You need to take out all spokes and nipples, along with the hub first though. Also remember that you will loose your lettering because of the anodizing.
  13. socal_250f_racer

    Shock seal head question?

    Well I installed the race tech gold valves myself so I am pretty sure I know what im doing in there. I figured with all the mud I had in there that was the reason for the leak. Seems now that it must be the seal. Im also curious would cavitation cause the shock to leak? I checked with the part numbers between the 03 and 04 shock and they are not the same. I have yet to find a place online that gives the part number for the 04. I guess I will be calling racetech to get the part. Also do you think I could get a feeler guage up in there without damaging the seal any more? The shaft seems kinda small.
  14. socal_250f_racer

    Shock seal head question?

    I need a new seal head for my shock, since its still leaking oil. I have seen them here on TT but they are listed from 01-03 and my bike is an 04. Is there a difference between the two shocks? I dont want to buy something that doesnt work. Thanks.
  15. socal_250f_racer

    Recharging Gas Shock?

    Any good motorcycle shop will have a nitrogen tank and they will gladley take your 15-30 dollars to charge it. I take mine to a local mechanic and get it done for 10 because ive known him for about 8 years. Chapparrale charges 30 to charge it. Call around and im sure you will get 2 or 3 quotes.