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  1. RapidDog

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    My slide plate definitely shows wear. Probably could have been replaced. Maybe later down the road... i have the pilot screw out 2 1/2 turns now. With a 45 idle jet it should be right on at 2 - 2 1/2 according to JD instructions.
  2. RapidDog

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    Rode it yesterday and it runs smoother and stronger throughout the RPM with no back firing. It’s still a bit lacking in the lower RPM idleing though. Using the idle knob if you turn it in too far it wants to hang, too far out and it idles very low, near dying. All in all I am quite relieved...
  3. RapidDog

    DRZ 400 Suspension

    Time Left: 20 days and 15 hours

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    Used forks off a 2002 DRZ400E, going to need some maintenance but complete. $100 Shock/ Not sure what model as it does not have the rebound adjuster on the bottom. Needs a rebuild. $50 Buyer pays shipping I'm in Acton, CA 93510 Randy


    , California

  4. RapidDog

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    So new plan. I decided to tear down the carb as far as I could. Cannot get the bottom split apart, screws are too tight and I don't want to begger it up. So, pulled all the jets and disassembled. Let the bottom half of the carb soak overnight in a mixer Berrymans carb cleaner and Pinesol, then a bit more in Seafoam. Rinse thoroughly and blew out everything with a high air pressure. Air appears to be going through all the ports as it should. Hopefully this means the idle circuit is cleansed. From what I can see the 'rebuild' I spent $120 was NOT a complete disassembly, not even sure they used a new rebuild kit. I don't think the slide was removed. The slide gasket looks a little warped. I'm going back to the JD Jetting recommendations per their instructions. 162 main get (open airbox), Blue needle at 4th position (Sea level to 300 feet), 45 pilot (slow) jet. Previously the needle was at 3rd position (above 3000 feet) and it had the 168 main (evidently for open pipe). New parts Intake rubber carb to head Bell intake o-ring (found the old one to be repaired with RTV) 65 ST jet (old one buggered) Slide gasket O-rings and new diaphragm in accelerator pump. Cleaning and lubing all moving parts Re-installing the coast enrichener after disassembly and cleaning. Set float to 9-10mm (appx) All new vacuum hoses. By the time all my parts come in I should have this together by Saturday. Wish me luck...
  5. RapidDog

    Did I get the wrong clutch cable?

    I didn't believe my friend when he said the Motion Pro cables don't work. I bought one anyway. Clutch pull was gnarly. I couldn't figure it out. Not knocking MP, they make some good stuff. But when I pulled it and put it next to an OEM cable, it was longer, the steel tube was not correct...so I swapped it out and now my lever is like buttah.... You just can't assume anything anything. Anyone need a slightly used MP clutch cable? I have a set of MP throttle cables too, new...
  6. I bought the cheap China mask and it suffices, but yeah, that bulb looks like it's pretty vulnerable but it is bright. I was trying to remove it, actually looks like it's even not replaceable. Doubt there's a halogen that will fit.
  7. RapidDog

    FCR39 with TPS vs without

    so are we saying that say a DRZ-E can run fine without the TPS connected?
  8. RapidDog

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    Found some grit in the accelerator pump. Going to replace the diaphragm and o ring. Both look just O.K. Spending another $70 on parts today from Rocky Mountain ATV. Great service there. While I'm inside going to replace the slide o-ring too. I was 'told' it was replaced...Makes me wonder what the $120 'rebuilt' I had done was just a sonic clean and JD jet kit. Doesn't appear it was completely dismantled. So I've got al the o-rings on order coming too and a new 65 starter jet as mine is buggered. I have main jets 155/162/168/170, not sure what else. It's has the 168 in it, previous a 170. Thinking maybe I'll sticj with the 168 (?). And the beat goes on... That #109 'o-ring' could be an air leak culprit. It looks like someone tried to repair it with black RTV. Hamfisters!
  9. RapidDog

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    I’m putting the coast enrichment back on and putting 48 pilot jet back in. So I’ll be back to square one essentially. Installing the EMN needle and raising it one notch. i found that the o ring at the intake is iffy. Squished in one spot. I’ll replace it.
  10. RapidDog

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    I asked for the links on what to order and ordered by that link. l was charged $8.99 plus $7.99 for Priority mail which itself is $8. but I did get them 4 days later. No matter, they have not contacted me about the wrong jets. whatever
  11. RapidDog

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    Well my jets from JetsRUs came, but git an PAJ instad of a ST and 2 PJ's that don't even resemble my Pilots. I asked them for the cotrrect links and well that's what I got, nothin' $45 later. NO, I don't recommend JetsRUs... I may just put it back together and try rasing the needle on notch. Really tired of this issue. I clean everything as recommended, Pilot is clear, as well as all the other jets I pulled including the air jets. Before I put it all back together, I need to check the enchiner(?) diaphram. I doubt that was replaced by the shop...ugh.
  12. RapidDog

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    Taking your comment to heart here. I’m looking at the jet seats. None of them look factory new as I’d expect. The fuel screw seat looks just ok but not squished. The PO did have that jet hole filled with silicone before I sent it in to the shop though... that pilot jet seat looks iffy but hard to really see clearly down those holes with a magnifying glass. far as I know the carb hasn’t been split at the base. Maybe this thing is just FUBAR.
  13. RapidDog

    DRZ400e '2000 FCR 39 Carb rebuild jetting

  14. RapidDog

    DRZ400 mystery carb problem - help diagnosing?

    Sounds like we’re in the same boat