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  1. Old Plonker

    Oil box repair...Will it work?

    Agreed. Marine waterproof epoxy or plastic-steel should do it. I "repaired" a leaking gas tank with marine epoxy. I thought it was temporary, but it outlasted the bike.
  2. If you have been following this thread and missed it, @kawagumby has posted a follow-on in which he describes the full implementation of his hypothesis:
  3. @kawagumby, After your previous post piqued our interest... ...and this post confirmed your conjectures, it seems that XT suspension woes should be a thing of the past for those willing to spend a few hundred bucks and a little time to make this swap. Thank you sir. We are indebted.
  4. Old Plonker

    X Trainer hard to start?

    That zzzzz sound has me wondering if you have checked the connections to the starter motor and battery. The sound is typical of a high resistance connection somewhere in the starting circuit, or a low battery voltage, which you have already eliminated. Resistance is higher when the connections are cold, which would explain why the bike starts in the garage but not outside, and also why it starts (although with difficulty) outside when the motor is warm. It might be worthwhile to systematically remove and wire brush each connection to the battery and the starter and solenoid.
  5. Old Plonker

    China trying to step it up

    Just guessing' but if it fits an Austrian brand it probably fits the GPX.
  6. Old Plonker

    China trying to step it up

    I found the video very informative, especially the faults with the gas cap and air filter cage, things I would change while setting the bike up. The part about the oil tank possibly blocking the flow through left radiator may not be as important as some think. First, if the bike doesn't overheat (and I've not heard any complaints yet) then it isn't a problem. Secondly, if it does start running hot, there's always the right radiator to mount a fan behind (you only need one).
  7. Old Plonker

    Govenor gear not lining up??

    Perhaps the gear on the left should be flipped over? The recess in the gear might not be to clear the bolt, but to go over the shaft. Looks like about the depth that the gear is now offset.
  8. Old Plonker

    Help with head shake

    A quick and easy check is for static balance of your wheels.
  9. Old Plonker

    Nic Garvin at Cycle News tests the 125 RR

    True. We can hope! After reading what @Roon, down in Austrackistan, said about his, what's not to like?
  10. Old Plonker

    Nic Garvin at Cycle News tests the 125 RR

    Just the XT (wish it were the 250) and the 200, but yeah, grease, mud, xhit, or blood, I'll be there.
  11. Don't know what took so long, but they finally got around to testing it: https://www.cyclenews.com/2018/09/article/2018-beta-125-rr-first-impression/
  12. Old Plonker

    Cramped on crf150RB first ride

    Yeah, DWT, but you also moved your pegs down and back significantly, stretching out the cockpit, which worked on your bike, maintaining good fore-aft balance, because you also lengthened your swingarm for the 18" wheel. The CRF150R/B is a small bike, and needs major mods to make it fit a full-sized person. (Still working on mine—did the RSW risers but haven't done the frame and swingarm mods yet—and still frustrated by the tight ergos.)
  13. Old Plonker

    2012 CRF150RB jetting problems/not running

    I sent a link to a thread containing this post: I didn't want to type out all the same things he said. TRUST ME: what you need is in this post. I also have a QS3 so I was able to fiddle the leak jet tuning. It makes a difference (bog gone, just like that), but when it's set you don't need to mess with it much after that. Also, whenever the carb has been off there is a chance of a small leak messing the mixture up.
  14. Old Plonker

    2012 CRF150RB jetting problems/not running

    You have the classic symptom of a pilot that is too large: So, yes, try a 40 or 42, maybe even return to the 38. Also check the timing, volume, and aim of the a/p. Also, see this thread on bog:
  15. Old Plonker

    Alessi...New Ride?

    My post was about bark busters keeping Fenati's hand off the brake lever, the point being that Dorna seems to already require something like them. Glad to hear that Dorna has flushed him, though.