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  1. I bought mine from Rocky Mountain ATV*MC back in Nov. 2012: Tusk Fork Bleeder Valves 5 x 0.8 Thread 2008 CRF 150R (Product Number 1140320001). I paid $10.99 plus $7.00 shipping. They're a perfect fit with no problems.
  2. Here's another fairly light build, again from woodsryder:
  3. I love your build. You've done everything I have planned for mine, but haven't finished yet, and you've done it all with great care and attention to detail.
  4. No pictures? What a shame! Woodsryder's bike is really beautiful: an example of how light and lithe a little air-cooled thumpette can be. The whole thread takes my breath away. The dialog between woodsryder, chuck and swiss is a lesson in the intricacies of building light. Here's another build that rings my chimes: at one point it was 210 lbs, but then he added more lightness with Ti axles and swingarm pivot. With guys like this, is a project ever finished?
  5. Here's another BBR XR200 183lb project.
  6. Information on this carb is pretty scarce. Scribd site has this: https://www.scribd.com/doc/92886038/SUDCO-Mikuni-Tuning-Manual but I have no idea what their deal is. Somewhere else I saw a thumbnail preview of this manual, and it does have a section on the TMs. I also found this exploded drawing of the TM33: http://www.mikuni.com/pdf/tm33.pdf but it doesn't much help with ap tuning. However, I did find an HSR manual (big honking Harley carb) that has ap tuning info on pages 6-7, and an exploded drawing on page 19 that might be useable for extrapolating Mikuni's approach to ap design: http://www.mikuni.com/pdf/hsr_tuningmanual_021003.pdf
  7. I don't know about the Mikuni, but with the FCR the ap is partially governed by the leak jet which determines how hard you have to whack the throttle to get a shot, and how much of a shot you get. The leak jet, the aim, and the timing are the only parameters to adjust, otherwise the carb tuning is the same, which is why some tuners disable the ap first, get the carb roughly tuned, then enable the ap and set the aim and timing, then tune the leak jet. The only thing I would do different than you is to set the float to spec first, then main, needle, pilot, and then revise float if needed. Then tune the ap last (aim first, then timing, then leak jet), remembering through all stages that the ap tuning is there to fix the inevitable bogs that occur when rolling (or whacking) the throttle on (which was handled by slide cutaway in older carbs). And, yes, there is an interaction between pilot and ap, and that is often the last tweaking necessary.
  8. Thanks for the information. This is why I love TT.
  9. Thanks. Looking forward to your feedback on this 180cc kit. Do you have any idea what part of the kit is ceramic? Is it a nicasil plated ceramic cylinder?
  10. Looks good. How 'bout a link?
  11. ckny let the cat halfway out of the bag on this thread and then had to stuff it back in by editing out most of his comments, but you can still read something between the lines in some of the remaining comments. My take: they're coming, say August, and I want one!
  12. Precisely. Nobody rides a 300 2t stock for long. One size does not fit all.
  13. https://dirtbikemagazine.com/friday-wrap-up-beta-vs-husky-dual-sport-500s/ Looking forward to the full test. Seems balanced and objective from the preview (as much as DB can be balanced and objective).
  14. https://www.cycleworld.com/2018-gasgas-ec-300-vs-2018-beta-300-rr Seems like pretty confused "showdown" to me. Riders weighing 120 to 215 lbs on stock suspensions. No mention of suspension adjustments. No mention about PV adjustments, bitching about lack of stock handguards. Not very realistic and certainly not very helpful.
  15. Very nice @rrefugee, a perfect gift for your grandson! There's no way that it will be too much for him. Trials riders (even young ones) adapt to what they have. I'd love to see video of his splats after an hour or two!