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  1. TE450

    Euro VS USA???

    Kearney was pretty good on home soil but by no means was he our offroad king. We have quite a few other riders that can beat him that are either in the WEC (Merriman, Stapleton) or here in Oz (Roberts, Grabham) to name but a few. The Euros are so strong I believe due to trials being pretty big over there and that they ride in the snottiest and most un-funnest enduros around. Yanks dominate in SX and to a slightly lesser degree MX but dont rate that well in Enduro at all. I guess its profile is just not as big (pretty obvious I know). Same with speedway. One of the main reasons why enduro riders go to the US (usually later in their career) is because the money is greater and the whole experience is better. WEC is by all accounts very draining. Gotta remember that for a country of only 20million I think we do ok on the world stage- our full season #1 World Champs in motorcycling include - Doohan, Gardner, Corser, Merriman, Watts, Reed, Crump, Grabham. And that is only from memory in the last 18yrs.
  2. TE450

    Euro VS USA???

    Well it is called World Enduro Championship for a reason. Either way the Europeans and even Aussies can take it to the yanks on their home ground.
  3. TE450

    Euro VS USA???

    Add us crazy Aussies to the list of countries that Kick US arse in enduro.
  4. TE450

    dual exhaust fad?

    Not a new concept or factory fit. Husky used twin pipes on their 4 strokes from the mid-eighties until about 98. Supposed to allow freer flow while still keeping noise down = more power. .
  5. TE450

    Te450 vs 450exc

    hmm, not sure if I am up to riding with you lot Trev, what with all that tight bush...lol. Still setting up house at the moment after getting here a coupla weeks ago but am getting keen for a ride soon. Do ya need long fuel range for the DSMRA rides?
  6. TE450

    Be honest guys RMZ450 or TE510?

    Kiwi, ADB = FOS
  7. TE450

    English only manual's

    Stoli, you can download manuals at husqvarnausa.com
  8. TE450

    Dead TE410 Please Help!

    Hmm maybe ask uptite for info, maybe something to do with the work they did. If not they should hopefully be able to get you on track. What you said sounds logical though. I had a 92 TE350 and a 97 TE410 and both were gr8 bikes. The moisture getting in the ignition was a longtime problem that reqd regular preventative maintenance to stop corrosion. No matter how much you try to seal it it just wont. My dealer always made sure his bikes had extra sealant around the elec grommet going into the flywheel area and a little notch filed into the bottom of the flywheel cover to let any water out (as it will always get in). Also take the cover off regularly and spray with water dispersant. Hope the bike comes up alright.
  9. TE450

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    clearedforlanding easily wins my vote as the luckiest bugger here! Followed closely by mattv. Sexy ladies there fellas...please can we have more?
  10. TE450

    wheel bearing or something else

    The spacing tube will move around a little and it is this which allows you to bash the first bearing out. I havent looked at mine yet but some of those tubes have a step on it so you can belt it with a drift and hammer, otherwise pry the spacer to one side so that it obstructs the opening then use a hammer and drift on this.
  11. TE450

    husky handling vs ktm?

    Mark, this is exactly what most everyone says about the KTM handling, so it's not just you. The Husky has one of the best suspension geometries out there and goes exactly where you want it and doesnt shake it's head at speed, although it can get a little twitchy.
  12. TE450

    TE250 wont start on button

    Mine did the same thing and traced it to the connection to the starter motor. The elec lead loops a little before connecting and sometimes manages to loosen the screw. Have heard of this pretty often on others too. Definately first place to look as it is the easiest.
  13. TE450

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Mate, your girl is by far the loveliest/hottest lookin babe on here. Cant wait to see the bike pics BTW, if that was no makeup then applying any makeup would only detracta perfect canvass.
  14. TE450

    Riding through the woods one day...

    Roger Dodger (tryin to work out the orchid bit tho )
  15. TE450

    Riding through the woods one day...

    Ahaaa! Scotty how ya goin m8!!?? Ya still got the 610 hey. I ended up selling my 410 and bought last years' TE450. Unfortunately Nev got burnt a bit with the deal on my bike by Husky Imports when I was posted...long story that ya probably know about anyway. Thankfully I was talkin to Rich sometime later and he told me what happened so I was able to set Nev straight - he thought I had a hand in it. (ya worked me out yet?) Yep he is a legend and I am comforted to find out he and Jan still do parts - I will be getting mine from him again. Had a laugh about ya story about him and computers. I am posted back there in a coupla months and am really lookin forward to it. I've got a 77 390CR and a 73 360RT now that should give he and Rich both a run for their money at the vintage meets. Make sure ya call in when up that way again hey. 'Chalky'