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  1. TheRedBaron

    Silver Lake CA help and input needed

    Live2 - As I'm sure you've found out, SilverLakeRider is the go-to source for trail info. in that area. He gave me some great info. when I did a trip a year ago with a buddy of mine - both of us are fairly novice riders and had no problems, other than one crash by me, at least on the sections of trail we rode. We were limited by the stock tanks on our bikes and had to keep an eye on our fuel. I know the local campgrounds in the area pretty well - just camped at Silver Lake two weeks ago and have camped about a 1/2 dozen times up there. I can also direct you to a free, primitive camping area where you can shoot (I shoot, too). As to Blue Lakes, I camped with about 14 dudes on an annual trip in June near some lakes that are about 4-5 miles from Blue Lakes. Riding in this particular area is basically on dirt roads and not challenging. There are some people in the area I'm talking about, but if you get away from them you can shoot. We had a cop and an Army officer with us - there was definitely some shooting. PM me if you want info. on the area near Blue Lakes or info. on camping around Silver Lake.
  2. TheRedBaron

    Anyone from Truckee area?

    Fireslayer, is the road you are talking about the one that runs along the Truckee River on the right-hand side of Highway 80 in between Prosser Meadows and Verdi (Boomtown) as you are headed East toward Reno? I'm assuming this is the same one I've passed dozens of times and dreamed about riding and there is one sole log cabin and nothing else right next to the river that's taken the guy a long time to build. Just curious.
  3. TheRedBaron

    $4200 for a Dual-Sport XR400R in CA

    DMV can't revoke bikes converted before Jan. 31, 2004. They pretty much made an official pronouncement with CARB - they would likely be sued if they recinded. So after 2002 and before that date, you're safe. See this: http://www.dirtbikemagazine.com/detail.asp?id=408
  4. TheRedBaron

    $4200 for a Dual-Sport XR400R in CA

    The cut-off to get what are now "grandfathered in" bikes plated was January 31, 2004. The shop you are looking at would have either 1) gotten a hold of a bike that was grandfathered, that is, plated before that date, 2) somehow went through a loophole to plate it after that date, 3) or did the special construction routine - another loophole. Frankly, my opinion is that grandfathered is safest - that way there's a history of the bike's plate having been on file before the cut-off and the tag being renewed by DMV each year thereafter. The prices sure are tough. I sort of passed/missed a bike that was the same price as the one you are looking at, although a 2002. Decided I needed to sell my current bike first to really know what my budget was.
  5. TheRedBaron

    $4200 for a Dual-Sport XR400R in CA

    SMGEMELOS - I've been looking for a plated XR400, too, and I'm pretty sure the bike you're talking about is one that I saw on a certain website in the Bay Area, sold by a certain dealer in the south bay. I'm not specifying, because I don't want to ruin it for you if someone else were to jump on the bike before you decide on it. Anyway, in NorCal, it seems a plate adds at least a few hundred to $1,000 on what would be a normal price. There are also some guys posting ads for say, plated 2006 WR450s in California where it appears they are *knowingly* trying to unload them for top $ before the plate is yanked. When approaching a party selling a plated bike, my advice is to ask lots of questions and make sure it was plated before the cut-off date then jump on it before someone else like me does. Otherwise, you will pay top $ for a bike that could get the plate taken later. Just my opinions. P.S. Please don't buy any of the bikes I want before I have a chance to (just kidding).
  6. TheRedBaron

    Carb Jets California

    You're right, the California jets are useless. Put them in a ziplock bag and toss them in your parts box. Someday if you ever want to sell the bike to someone who wants to return it to stock for whatever reason, you'll have the originals. I'm at 158/58 on jets with Gordon's mods (no pipe) and my bike works fine up to almost 9,000 feet in the Sierras. Does the new needle you put in make that much of a difference? I never replaced mine.
  7. TheRedBaron

    XR400 Plastics - Rear Fender Options

    Thanks for the info!
  8. TheRedBaron

    XR400 Plastics - Rear Fender Options

    Thanks all for the input. KMPrider, is the Acerbis you have the Universal Fit part, or is it the fender made specifically for the XR400?
  9. I'm looking to replace my front and rear fenders after I purposely parked my bike on its side a few times, so I could quickly lay down in the dirt for a much-needed nap. My subframe needs a couple more sessions with a rubber mallet and 2X4 to straighten it out more and one of my stock side panels has the tab almost broken off, so I'm concered about the fit of aftermarket plastics, but don't want the expense of Honda factory parts. Plus, I may go to an MX-fender in the rear. How do the Cemoto, Maier and Polisport (assuming I can find one) rear fenders fit, especially if my subframe isn't 100% straight? Also, how do the universal rear Acerbis fenders fit? Thanks for any feedback.
  10. TheRedBaron

    Looking for a better skid plate

    The Moose/Utah skid plate on my XR400 works great. Whether it is sold under the Moose or Utah name I believe it is the exact same skidplate. I know you said the metal ones don't fit well, but mine only took a few minutes of manuevering to get all the bolt holes to line up. It has taken a beating by Sierra rocks with no signs of damage.
  11. TheRedBaron

    Deer Season & High Sierra Rides?

    I made the mistake of riding near Bowman Lake around mid-October last year with my wife. Since I'm not a hunter, I didn't realize that it was in-season. Place was loaded with dudes in trucks, on ATVs and walking around. The hilarious part was in the afternoon after visiting Faucherie Lake, we came down the dirt road and right in the middle of the road was a doe and fawn totally oblivious to the sound of our motorcycles. I had to rev my bike to get the damn things to move out of the way. Within minutes after that a pickup came around a blind turn in front of me and as I turned to signal to my wife to slow down I ate it. Took several gin and tonics to get rid of the pain in my knee. I don't recommend riding near hunters, made me nervous. Never did see anyone on the way out that had taken a buck, but that's just as well because I'd rather not have bullets flying around me while I'm riding.
  12. TheRedBaron

    California Dual Sport Alert

    Thanks for the heads up. I was considering going through the plating process on an XR, but not chance am I going to take the risk now.
  13. So, are you saying that although my XR has been green stickered for the last 2 years I would have a better chance going in and asking for a plating registration with the right paperwork filled out, like I was applying from scratch and eliminate/forget about the current green sticker registration that's on file? I ask because other folks have said that's it's best to ask for dual registration (green sticker and plate) so the person at the DMV knows right off the bat that at least the bike is emissions-OK enough to be green stickered. It sounds like beyond being able to take all the lights off so you don't smash them off when offroad, some people suggested the green sticker somehow makes the process easier. Although, now that I think about it, right off the bat the green sticker would tip off the person at the DMV that its an offroad vehicle. Then again, they could see that the bike had previously been green-stickered on the VIN search in their database anyway. Thanks for you advice on this.
  14. In that case, if I just need to go to the "right" DMV location. Has anyone had luck with any of the DMV offices in the San Francisco Bay Area? There's has to be some that are letting these go through because there's a shop in San Jose pushing turnkey service to plate bikes for $1,500, or $495 if you already have the light kit, etc. installed. Although I don't know if they are plating bikes via the special construction method or using another means.
  15. Are you guys that are getting through with plates plating mostly older bikes? I'm curious because I have a 2004 California model XR400. It's got a sticker that says "meets California emissions standards for offroad vehicles" and another that says something to the effect that it doesn't meet safety requirements (because it didn't come with lights and DOT approved tires, of course). I've done a lot of homework on Thumpertalk and elsewhere and it sounds like the emissions sticker thing is the big issue. I know someone who can "verify" that I either have the correct sticker or that there was none on the bike when he looked at it. But, I don't want to go to the hassle and expense of buying a $500 enduro kit and going through the DMV for dual green sticker/license plate registration if they are going to come back later and say that the plate isn't valid. I'm wondering if I should just try it, or just go out and buy an older bike that's already plated and has been street registered for the last several years so I won't have to worry about it. This is a lot more expensive alternative, though, and I'm happy with my bike now.