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  1. As time has gone on and my riding career advanced, I've found myself shedding pieces of protective gear that I once thought essential. I seem to have a problem with becoming overheated when encased in layers of body armor while riding. I quickly find myself on the edge of vomiting and have to pull over and cool off for awhile. I cannot wear my Alpinestars pressure suit because it is too dang hot. Before I got my Leatt brace, I had to ditch my neck roll because it did not allow enough air flow to my neck. My kidney belt got binned as well. I have recently been contemplating discarding my chest protector as well. My standard kit would then include my helmet, goggles, jersey, pants, gloves, Leatt brace, knee guards, and boots. I realize the additional risk of going without, but it would allow me to be more comfortable and focused. Does anybody here ride without a chest protector? Do you think it's worth the risk? Thoughts and opinions are appreciated.
  2. JaredMackall

    CRF250X PLEASED or REGRET your purchase

    I have to say I regret my purchase. Amazing little bike. Great power, amazing suspension and handling. Lightweight for what it is. Questionable reliability (note: I never had valve trouble with mine), pain in the butt to work on. I'm on a smoker now and couldn't be happier. Do I miss the low end torque of the thumper? Yes, but the light zippy pinger makes up for it. Ease of maintainence was a huge selling point for me as well. I loved my CRF, but the SX was more my cup of tea. I would reccommed the CRF to anyone interested in 250F trailbikes. Wanna buy mine?
  3. JaredMackall

    How to push yourself???

    I've noticed the same thing in myself. When I'm out riding the trails alone, I ride much more conservatively than when I am with others. Having a faster rider in front of me gives me something to focus on and removes other distractions. Have you ever thought of somehow timing yourself? Having somebody standing trackside flashing youl laptimes would be awesome. However, setting up some sort of stopwatch on your bars might be possible, if a little difficult in execution. Talk yourself through the ride. Hold the throttle open a little longer in that section in each lap and brake a little harder and later coming into that corner. I'm not sure if this stuff works, as I am at the same stage you are. However, this is something I've been thinking about and will try myself.
  4. JaredMackall

    the thread to end all noob threads

    Period, period, I'm looking for a period...
  5. JaredMackall

    Thoughts on BMW R1150R

    You'll get far more replies over at advrider.com.
  6. JaredMackall

    Dry ice in gas tank

    Give me a break. You are not going to be able to tell a performance difference from chilled gas. Maybe when you've perfected your riding technique will you benefit from such a small thing as cold gas.
  7. Alright everyone, I'm curious to see what handguards you would choose to run if you ride 50% woods and 50% MX. I'd love to have a different bike for each, but $$$ forces a comprimise. The woods trails I ride are more fast and flowing, nothing real tight. It's rare that I'll brush up against a tree. Full wrap around barkbusters seem to be taboo for MX, but I'd still like a little protection for my hands while in the woods. The Cycra and PowerMadd aluminum MX handguards look like they'd provide the most protection but I think I'd be snapping off the plastic guards with my rather frequent crashes. Is that the case? Should I just go with some cheap, no frills plastic shield? So those of you who ride a mix of woods and MX, what handguards do you use?
  8. JaredMackall

    Changing Face of SX

    Four stroke = Faster, easier to ride Two stroke = More fun to ride
  9. JaredMackall

    Msf Dirtbike School

    Even better than the basic class is the intermediate class. Give the school a call and see when they are offering one. It doesn't come around too often.
  10. JaredMackall

    Does anybody want to sell me your stock numberplates?

    Yeah, I guess y'all are right. Not expensive, though? Not when you buy them from my local dealer. $58 just for the right side plate. Service Honda here I come!
  11. JaredMackall

    Question about Cycra probend hand guards

    Get the side mount and alloy bar end style.
  12. The title says it all. I'm trying to sell my X and the numberplates are trashed. Some new or near new number plates would freshen up the look a lot. PM me if you wanna deal. Thanks!
  13. JaredMackall

    KTM 400EXC or DRZ400SM?

    I'd go with the DRZ. It'll be more reliable and a little more comfortable for road use. You'd have to do quite a bit of maintainence on the KTM if you started to put any kind of road miles on it.
  14. I have the Alpinestars Bionic and it is a great piece of equipment. It's saved my elbows a few times. It can be pretty warm in the summer, but you can stay cool by wearing a thin polypro undershirt and the suit on top. Don't wear a jersey over the top. However, I don't practice what I preach because if I don't wear a jersey, the thorn bushes here in Arkansas rip my pressure suit up. Shop around some and you can find the Bionic suit for a great price.
  15. JaredMackall

    Real-world piston life expectancy?

    15 hours is ridiculous. Unless you're a pro running WFO all the time in dusty races and constantly overheating your bike you can forget about the 15 hour schedule. I have 63 hours on my X and I just now changed the piston. I clean the filter every 5 hours of run time. Dust has never really been an issue since I usually ride alone. Half of those 63 hours were spent in the desert and the other half in the woods.