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    Another New 450L: a couple add-ons and discoveries

    did both fmf and yosh give you an ETA?

    2019 Honda CRF450X Owner Review

    forks are good, just need to hold up a little higher in the stroke. Shock needs more compression valving overall. Just my opinion. But, single track or trail riding, leave it alone if you are in the 175 lbs range. Desert riding/racing, send it in to your tuner.

    2019 Honda CRF450X Owner Review

    hey guys, thought I would share some initial thoughts on the new X. Picked mine up last week and left to Baja the next day. Didn't have time to do anything other than remove the snorkle from the top of the air box and backfire screen. Seemed to rev a little quicker. Anyway, loaded up and started day one just north of Santo Tomas and put in 70 mile of single track. Day two down the coast and over up to Mikes. Yesterday back up the coast. So, overall, amazing bike. Set the sag at 107 and didn't touch anything else. Anyone who had a 650 and wished Honda would make it 50 lbs lighter and give it electric start, this is your bike! It is super fast, so smooth and pulls forever it seems. Suspension is perfect for single track, but soft once you get moving over fast whoops. You can tell Johnny had a lot to do with it as everything is just right. I had a full built 2009 X, all the shit, this is better everywhere. Honda nailed it if you are a Baja guy. It seems to be made for it. As far as weight, just get over it. I never noticed it, not once. It chugs right up the rocky hills by Simpson ranch like nothing. No deflection, super straight. We did 350 miles, never fell, never deflected, always went straight. Only once got some major headshake at 70 mph, good times! here is what i am going to do, up one tooth on the rear. This will move the axle up a little as it is way back stock. Should help it turn a little better. ims tank, 3 gal stabilizer, better front tire, stock is lame mx52 nittro moose suspension, Precision Concepts definitely getting the "L" radiator fan, spit out coolant a couple times, spiderman trail! exhaust, not really needed but just what I do then all the basic personal crap. You can ride it stock all day long and be good to go!
  4. dealer just called, picking up today and leaving to baja tomorrow night. Geez, that was cutting it close!

    17 handling issues

    yes, right in the middle

    17 handling issues

    I drilled my engine hangers, I think it was 5mm? A Honda race team mechanic told me to torque the swing arm and engine hangers 5 ft lbs less than the manual calls out. Just frees up the chassis. These are little tricks that these guys learn testing while we are at work all day!

    17 handling issues

    from the people I know who have tried longer links do not run them. just fyi. Not saying they don't work for anyone, just didn't for them at the pro level in off road racing

    17 handling issues

    I run an IMS tank, so cant say for sure. I know they use a rubber band sort of thing on the HRC bikes. You could fab your own. No, I am not saying to use a regular rubber band!

    17 handling issues

    it's set up, simple. This years bike is very very sensitive to chassis balance. No way to diagnose on the internet. See if you can get your suspension tuner to meet you at the track. I also have fought handling on this bike. Fist thing to do is take out the bolts that hold the mid pipe on, next to the lower subframe bolts. I told guys to do this months ago when the bikes first came out and was laughed at. now, not only have I read online test who say to do the same, the new MXA mag also says to remove them. Lighten up the swing arm pivot bolt torque by 5 ft lbs as well as engine hangers. If you have the R you can remove the lower tank bolts. All this is to relax the chassis. Once you do this you can work on balance. Don't forget to use the high speed on the shock. Even a 1/8" can make a difference. The bike wants 107/108 mm sag. Set it and go to work on clickers is my advice.
  10. DEGBTI

    2017 CRF450 Throttle Issue

    looking forward to a ride report, thanks
  11. DEGBTI

    Crf450rx 2017

    call Baja Designs or Trail Tech, simple
  12. DEGBTI

    17 judder spring?

    took mine out, it helped. But, putting in a rekluse tomorrow. Done with stalling
  13. DEGBTI

    2017 CRF450R :)

    my bike kicks effortlessly, no kidding. I don't even have to stand up, just kick while sitting most of the time. I was gung-ho to buy ES before I bought my bike. it starts so easy I am in no hurry. But, I still will get it.
  14. DEGBTI

    2017 CRF450RX first ride review

    its the subframe exhaust bolts, each side
  15. DEGBTI

    2017 CRF450RX first ride review

    not going to get into a big debate about this. Chassis set up is more important in some cases than suspension. You can not set up suspension without proper chassis set up. Why do you hear MXA talk about the Husky subframe vrs the KTM all the time. Both give a different feel and bike set up is different. When Honda adds an extra mounting point to the subframe, it is triangulated, thus firmed up and stiff. By removing those two bolts you allow the subframe to flex and settle. Just like engine mounts. The RX mounts are thinner, allowing the chassis to flex giving the RX a different feel than the R. Those of you who feel your R or even your RX has a little stiffness to it, try the trick and remove those bolts. Just trying to help.