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  1. Personally like them, been using on a 2010 Husaberg FE570 since almost new and never had a seal leak. I was constantly cleaning the seals and on my grandson Ktm 105, put a set on them and no more leaks. I use the short sets and only put about an 1" below the seal. Also I did not remove the fork covers. I have read were they hold debris and it cuts into the fork, but I never experienced that.
  2. katoomed00

    2004 300exc spooge

    Bike running way to rich, wrong or wore out jets, needle/nozzle. Is your bike leaking gas with the engine shut off? If so it's your float needle and seat out of adjustment or wore out, leaking excessive gas in the cylinder while running. ( you may have noticed your fuel consumption has got worse). A buddy of mine after fighting with trying to set the carb on his KTM 200 ended up changing it because it was wore out. Also something to think about might be the crank seal sucking in transmission oil. Silencer packing won't cause this, but will need to be changed after you resolve the issue.
  3. katoomed00

    cooling issue on FC450

    All the KTMs and Husqvarnas and Husabergs 4 strokes hate to be at idle, they will get hot if you let idle without a fan. I ran the Evans coolant in my Husaberg, it would allow the engine to get hotter before boiling over, but for me it was to hot. My Husqvarna boiled over the other day slow trail riding then idled for about a minute. I have since installed a cheap Ebay fan and toggle switch with a Tusk radiator cap that has the temp gauge on it. no problems since. Trail Tech and KTM sell nice fan and automatic switch with temp gauge, but I'm to cheap, LOL
  4. katoomed00

    2009 Fe450 randomly shut off. Pls help

    Did you every solve the problem? For me it was the fuel pump cutting out then wait a few minutes and it would fire back off. The gas in the tank was getting to hot and caused the pump to go out prematurely. Ended up changing the pump and installing a tank heat shield cover.
  5. katoomed00

    Rear fender mounted gear bag

    Used rear fender bags for years, now using the Holeshot number plate bag and like it much better.
  6. Went from a 2010 Husaberg 570 to a 2016 Husqvarna 250FC, made a few adjustments and wow, not near as wore out, so light and nimble with sharp turning and plenty power. Had several Hondas and KTMs and this is the one I'm going to stick with for a while. Tried the FE and glad I purchased the FC just because of the motor. My riding buddies used to wear me out, now I'm kicking their a$$ at the end of the day.
  7. Using this unit. https://www.thegpsstore.com/Magellan-TR5-Off-Road-GPS-P5561.aspx with this bar mount case. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Garmin-Nuvi-40-42-44-45-50-52-54-55-56-57-58-LMT-GPS-WATER-RESISTANCE-Bike-Mount/382287516592?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  8. katoomed00

    Anyone using a 250fc for the woods?

    Using mine strictly for trail riding (2016 FC250). Biggest problem is the on off throttle, solve it with a G2 Ergonomics throttle (dirt) tamer throttle tube, well it won't completely solve the issue but sure makes it a lot more compliant at slows speeds. Next is the suspension, the shocks high speed adjusted all the way out is still a bit to harsh when hitting rock or roots. Actually you should send off the forks and shock to be re-valved and sprung for your weight., Some folks feel that you need the 18" rear wheel, I say save your money the 19" works just fine. Coming off several different Hondas, KTMs and a 570 Husaberg, this bike is a delight to ride, light, sharp turning and plenty of torque. I love riding it in tight technical areas where it shines the most and I'm not near as tired at the end of the day. I rode a buddy's 2016 FE250 and it had a smoother ride but, didn't excite me as much as the FC motor. I tried different Map setting and didn't really noticed any difference, pretty much the same feeling I had on the Husaberg. I thought about an auto clutch but don't have much of an issue with stalling, plus the electric start is nice, just wished it came with a kick starter for back up. I did boil it over once, since then I added a cheap ebay fan and a toggle switch, also added a Tusk radiator cap that has a temperature gauge on it which is awesome to have while riding in slow technical stuff. I know Trail Tech sells all sorts of cool stuff to monitor the bikes engine, but I'm cheap. I'm running a 52 tooth sprocket which seems a bit to tall, I just purchased a 49 tooth and will be trying it out on my next ride. So far It's been a great ride. As far as mileage, I get 38-40 mpg, it holds 1.85 gallons so 60-65 miles out a tank would be safe.
  9. katoomed00

    2015 FC 250 WP Fork Service - Oil Level?

    Got mine @ 5" from the top, fork collapsed and spring removed. I ride mostly single track trails with no big jumps. It is still a bit harsher than I would like, but it handles so well that I can live with it.
  10. Best thing I found is a hand full of Go Joe hand cleaner and just rinse it with well with water, either use a Ziploc bag or a pair of disposable latex gloves and work it into the filter. Cheap and quick.
  11. katoomed00

    Revloc Dyna Ring or Rekluse Trail

    if you own a new Husaberg , (no kicker) you'ld understand why you would need to be able to bump start, that's why the Dyna Ring is the only one I'm considering
  12. katoomed00

    new FE570

    I think you'll bend them because they don't give like others, I can never keep the Cyrus or Probends from slipping in the handle bar
  13. katoomed00

    new FE570

    Problem is not how many times I started it in a day, but how many times I started it like in a hour while going very slow, you won't get very many tries. Also you can't let it idle for more than a few seconds, especially if you been riding it tight slow trails
  14. katoomed00

    new FE570

    I can't say the silencer is the problem, since I have the FMF as well, when I installed the tank shield is when it made the difference, it looks to me that most of the heat off the radiators is where the main heat is coming from, with the combination of everything that heat is coming from, the poor plastic doesn't tank stand a chance,lol
  15. katoomed00

    new FE570

    Aytheist1 Why would you call the Highway guards junk, I have the Cycrus on my 450exc and the Probends on my 400exc and I would have to say the Highway is far superior to the others thanks again Tahoeacr, for the 50 bucks more I gonna go with the 10AH, just need to convince my wife now,lol