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  1. doubledee

    Anyone riding Redbird Sunday Nov. 18th?

    I'm thinking of driving down from Illinois on Sat. to pick up and convince a friend from Indianapolis to head down to Redbird for a day of riding on Sunday and was looking for a riding group to meet up with. I've never rode in this area. Anyone riding there this weekend on Sunday 18th or Monday the 19th?
  2. doubledee

    Riding alone...

    Where in Illinois do you guy's live? I'm in Crystal Lake-NW suburbs of Chicago. I'm always looking for someone to ride with.
  3. doubledee

    Riding Sunday....

    Where and what is FVOR?
  4. doubledee

    No one makes 250 XCF-W parts!

    Try the KTM hard parts catalog or Utah sport cycle. They both offer one.
  5. I just bought a new 2006 450 EXC last Tuesday and the first thing I ordered was Flatland Radiator Guards. I had them on my WR and they were great. Protected the front from Mr. stabby trail branch and the side crushing "Hey I just tossed my bike down on some big rocks." The second item I ordered were Cycra Probends with the new solution mount because I could not order the side triple mount I had on the WR.
  6. doubledee

    Spark arrestor?

    It keeps the crunched up valves and motor parts from being ejected out of the exhaust on CRFs' after the motors destroy themselves. Hah! Seriously, the screen is designed to prevent any heated up/red hot "embers" from exiting the pipe and setting a forrest ablaze. Anything from excess build-up on the inside of the header to packing material etc. I know it seems rare that it could ever happen and all but I guess it's better to error on the side of safety especially considering how little space we have to ride left in the true outdoors w/o burning it up.
  7. doubledee

    front tire

    The Dunlop 739 front could possibly be the worst tire ever. Anyhow, if you truly run on a wide variety of terrain your solid choices are the Mich M12 and the Bridgestone 401. I used both, like them both a ton and now just prefer to NOT support the French if I can help it so I run the Bridgestone but admit that M12 front is a damn good tire.
  8. doubledee

    Head Work??

    I'm pretty sure Thumper Racing does work on quad motor to. Call Gary or e-mail him. I was satisfied with the head work they did on my WR250F. www.thumper-racing.net
  9. doubledee

    race gas

    Grayracer made a valid point I've supported for years. He hinted at the fact that while pump gas may show you 91,92,93 Octane at a pump Octane number (R-M/2). All well and good even now that we know what that means vs. a race fuels Octane measurement in (MON). But the point I'll stress is that you can never really be sure if the pump number is accurate. That number just represents a target range at production and then it's free to be tarnished and degraded by the time you actually use it. The safety in running race gas or at least a mix of 1/2 pump / 1/2 race is your ability to at least have quality fuel with a safe Octane number regardless if you target other benefits offered by race fuels. Great posts grayracer your info was rock solid.
  10. doubledee

    Octane and Jetting

    PP, No, the Octance rating of a fuel will not lean or richen your jetting. Octane numbers simply rate a fuels ability to resist detonation or preignition. Although true Octane numbers are deceptive if you use pump gas but thats another issue altogether. A particular fuels "cooling effect" which relates to the heat of vaporization which in turn when higher effects cooling the intake mixture will have an impact on jetting needs. Burn speed & energy value make a difference in what you feel at the throttle or wheel but only effect jetting needs minimally or so I understand. Yes, removing you GTY-R exhaust insert can result in the leaning things out a bit but keep it quiet unless your at the track. Not preaching but loud pipes do lose land. I know what your trying to accomplish. Here is what I'd recommend if you have the money. I've experimented with running some different race fuels in my WR that I commonly run in my roadrace bike for the exact reasons you mentioned (Leaning in high humidity/ high temp.) I'd try getting your hands on some VP U4 race fuel. You could use MR1 or MR9 but they cost more. U4 is about $50-60 for 5 gallons and it will lean things out for you. Yea, I've heard people complain about price but the crappy sunoco high octane people believe in is like 4.00+ a gallon and virtually worthless. It will also give you a real boost in power and protect your engine with a true MON octane figure. I'd try running a tank of 1/2 pump 93 and 1/2 VP U4. Just make sure you drain your tank or dilute the race gas mixture thoroughly and run it through the carb before you store your bike.
  11. doubledee

    Redbird crest

    Really? I'm not being a smart ass but how do you figure that. I mean in what terrain conditions etc. Thanks for the other info.
  12. doubledee

    WR450 - Good trail bike or too much?

    OK, don't everyone shoot me at once but I have to say most people responding here have "probably" (now I said probably) never spent much time on a 250. Because if they did I'd say it's a lot harder decision than a snap response. I'm in the middle if anything. I'd say yes it depends on your height or more importantly weight. If your 200lbs+ buy the 450. I also think terrain is a major factor. In tight and technical terrain big bikes have no advantage I've found. I have a 400 and 250 now a 280cc. At my 5'9 160lbs. the 250 is for me the most common ride. It feels a lot lighter and handles better than the 400/426/450/520s I've ridden. It carves without question better than any big bore bike. I have 3 450s a 426 and a KTM520 in my primary riding group and we switch bikes all the time. Yea, I love the fact that I can power up 3rd gear wheelies on the big bikes but I've never been in a situation where I've blown a run or hillclimb because my 250 was underpowered. It was my bad not the bikes fault. I'd say you'll have a great time on either. Now I did install a 280 kit, high flow head, full exhaust... ???
  13. doubledee

    Chain Help - Need Quick Answer

    You're fine. We interchange masterlinks of the SAME manufacturer all the time when needed. The clip type will work fine especially for a weekend if your still concerned. You can use the X-ring rings no problem. Motion pro has a nice chain breaker/ riveter kit. Under 100.00 if I remember.
  14. doubledee

    2000 wr 250f will not rev under load

    Nice call, good question.
  15. doubledee

    Post break-in maintenance?

    In addition to all the other good advice CatmanZ is right. It's never too early to begin to learn how to inspect your valve clearances. Wow! Five 2's in one sentence. I run an hour meter and check them about every 15 hours. I've seen valves tighten up quickly and others last almost forever. You never know unless your watching them. Oh yea, lube your chain and check you brake banjo bolts. I've had two loosen up on the trail.