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  1. A pic of my 2017 KTM-690R I bought with 4,000 street miles. Outfitting it for the TAT next year.
  2. Almost loaded up. I have a few things to throw in tomorrow night with some clothes and food... then leave from work Thursday. Going to be a great weekend. :-)
  3. Wow... I think this booster is going to work great on the fringes. I have decent cell service at my house. I get 4G LTE about 3 bars inside (~-102dB). When I go inside the CTC, the service drops to 3G and is about ~-114dB. Also, the download is <1mB/S and upload data speed is .03Mb/S. When I turn the booster on, I go to -84DbM and back to 4G LTE service with downloads >1mB/S and upload at 1.2Mb/s. That is very nice. Also, the automatic gain control lights on on the repeater amplifier are blinking which means it is limiting the gain some.. On the fringes, it should run wide open. I am looking forward to testing this out in the forest next weekend. Here are some pics of the repeater mounted on the wall. This seemed like the best place....it is close to power and about mid ship.
  4. I am installing 3G/4G LTE cell phone booster for those times I am in fringe areas. The booster will help in any case with the external antenna. It is hard to receive anything inside with all the aluminum skin shielding the signal. Now I will have an amplified repeater inside the trailer. I built the Booster Antenna mast build out of an extendable paint roller pole. The antenna/pole is all hooked up and just slides into the PVC hanger I made and bolted onto the ladder. I cut a hole for the cable pass through. When I get to a campsite and if I need a Cell Phone boost, I'll just put the antenna up and push the cable through. The antenna can be stored in my truck bed when traveling. All the rest of the hardware will be inside. It should only take a few minutes to hook up. This is suppose to provide >50dB Gain. Now I'll go install the inside hardware and test it out. I was careful to put a drip loop in so water doesn't run down the cable and into the trailer.
  5. The new bike chock works great. The Kingpin fits perfect. I moved the bed up 6 inches for more clearance. It seems just right now for the bed loft and the functionality of the garage area below for loading and lounging around when the bike is out. I can still access the bed and use it with the bike in, and that was my goal even with the big bike in. Yay!.. Since the bed is on pins and a track, I can move it whenever I want in any case.
  6. Harbor Frieght had 25% off coupons today and they had their 1800 lb. capacity (overkill) Motor Cycle chock on sale, so I ended up getting this for $44.25 + tax. Great deal, I thought. I needed to get a better mount for my Victory Kingpin and I was going to drill holes for a removable mount since it is longer than my Vulcan was. The nice thing about this mount is that it does not need to be drilled in (can if you want to). It has a wide stance (bar up front plus 2 eye holes for straps on the chock) and locks the front wheel in for side to side forces . Then, the tie downs at all four points will keep it in place for forward and reverse directions. I may also put a tire wedge under the rear just for safe measure. In any case, it is adjustable and removable , so whatever bike I have in there, I'll need no new holes. The removable mounts I already have drilled in will work great for the dirt bikes. When the Kingpin comes out, this mount will just lift out and I can put it outside. I'll have the trailer in the driveway next weekend as I prepare for my camping trip to Ocala NF the following weekend. I'll test it out with the Kingpin and post some pics before I remove it and put in the KTM... but I believe this mount is a winner for how heavy duty it is and the price.
  7. FLboy

    Inexpensive Toy Hauler

    Build your own out of a Cargo Trailer. It will be better built, cost less, and be exactly what you want/need. I have built 2 now and really glad I did that over buying over priced junk. It is alot of work; however. Following is a link to my build thread. It may give you some ideas. https://www.thumpertalk.com/index.php?/topic/801433-Building-a-Toy-Hauler#entry13605554
  8. You can see the finished trailer and etc. on the following videos: I did make a bed on tracks. I have an electric winch motor to install yet... YouTube Videos of Finished Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FASF-x9ofMY - Interior https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb-pvBbyyBs - Exterior
  9. Bike is ride ready and loaded for the offroad ride event this weekendf. Just need to add food and clothes and I'm ready. I'll have water and power where I am going with a dump station on the way out. I just may need the Air Conditioner. :-)
  10. Packing up to head out tomorrow for an off-road dirt-bike event. I took the day off to pack up and etc.. So, I had time to put on the anti-sway bar today. It should help out with crosswinds and sway as large trucks pass by. I'll let you know how it works. With the load balancing hitch, sway is minimal now, but I like it rock steady. YouTube Videos of Finished Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FASF-x9ofMY - Interior https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb-pvBbyyBs - Exterior
  11. They make trailers that fold and collapse against a garage wall. If done right, it could hold 3 bikes, especially since two are small. Also can maneuver without tow vehicle. You can get better ones, but this gives you an idea. You can also mod this to make more heavy duty. http://m.harborfreight.com/1195-lb-capacity-48-in-x-96-in-heavy-duty-folding-trailer-62648.html?utm_referrer=direct%2Fnot%20provided
  12. My wife gave me a little lens to put on my cell phone camera that makes a wider angle view. I made two quick videos of the CTC from my cell phone. I thought you may like to see it a little closer up in a video instead of the still pictures. YouTube Videos of Finished Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FASF-x9ofMY - Interior https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb-pvBbyyBs - Exterior
  13. Thank you very much. I appreciate the comment.