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  1. atc250r18

    Lectron Tuning questions/expectations

    Looks like I'm right in-line with the adjustments made, I'll verify the length as I'm running the 4-1 metering rod. The bike is very crisp and clean right now.
  2. atc250r18

    Lectron Tuning questions/expectations

    Solid point, I forgot to mention that I've opened up the air box, airbox mods weren't listed in the variables.
  3. This isn't a question about Mikuni or Keihin, I have my Mikuni running perfect, no need to buy a Keihin. I bought a Lectron 38HV from Slavens to help with fuel economy. Bike: 2107 TX300, stock pipe, FMF TC2 silencer and V Force reeds S3 head at sea level. Install: The bike was extremely lean from closed through mid throttle after the carb install aka, pinging at roll on and at throttle closing with a distinct lag off idle. After watching a few video's about Lecron adjustments I started adjusting the metering rod. I ended up settling on 2 1/4 richer from the arrived setting. Bike runs great now, not quite as snappy as the Mikuni but very clean from bottom to top. The real question... Lecron recommends 1/4 turn adjustments, Slavens recommends 1/2 turn adjustments. I feel like 2 1/4 turns is a lot of change. Is this a product of the reed cage and/or head or is this just a normal scenario for a new Lectron? From what I've heard they are ready to run with minimal adjustments.
  4. atc250r18

    MX Tech AER leaf spring mid valve

    It's hard to open an AER thread and not have someone chime in about how good the MX Tech leaf is. It's night and day better then my big name suspension company revalve was. Super plush yet still holds up in the stroke good enough to throw the ol' TX300 around on the MX track with complete confidence.
  5. atc250r18

    Cr250 polisport conversion

    Yes the "newer" forks will fit, you just have to get a set of triples off of the 48/49mm bikes and the appropriate caliper bracket depending on the year and disc size. I would agree with cmjb, there is no awe inspiring visual difference between the 47 and 48mm Showas (or KYB's).
  6. atc250r18

    Stock 19 CRF450R exhaust?

    I feel mine is quite loud, for sure louder than my 15 was. I've been thinking about a set of Yoshi's, apparently they're like 3 db quieter.
  7. atc250r18

    Hard to cold start

    Have you checked your valve clearance? 90% of the time if a CRF won't start cold it's intake valves being too tight.
  8. atc250r18

    Intermittent rear brake failure

    Sounds like like the Master Cylinder needs rebuilt. I've had a few fail over the years.
  9. atc250r18

    cross threaded bottom bolt

    Did you use one of these for the jam nut?
  10. atc250r18

    Namura Piston after 10 hours

    This! Make sure you have lubrication holes located where your exhaust bridge is. Wiesco piston directions are very clear on how to do this.
  11. atc250r18

    CRF Wheels on CR

    All CRF250/450 front wheels will fit 3rd gen CR's.
  12. atc250r18

    First start!! Header glowing in 45 seconds!

    All four strokes will glow a header in the garage. My 19' does it.
  13. atc250r18

    2014 plastics on 2012 crf450r

    I feel like the 09-12 CRF450R's are the best looking bikes Honda has ever made. A nice graphics kit is all that's needed. DK's right about the side panels on the 13-16's, they suck to mount graphics on.
  14. atc250r18

    Who's got the tricks for AER48?

    I don't usually jump on trains this easy butt....BUY THE MX TECH LEAF VALVE KIT! Overall I liked the fork okay stock, it was just too harsh on small chop and roots, it was also soft on big G-outs. I sent the suspension to a big name suspension shop, they fixed the G-out issue but the plushness on the chop still wasn't there. I installed the leaf kit at home, I made the holders out of oak with a drill press and purchased the WP cartridge tool from Rocky Mountain. I have less money in the MX tech updated re-valve then I would have in a big name rebuild. Best modification I've made to my TX.
  15. atc250r18

    19 CRF450R Questions..

    The fork guards fit...I have 18's on my 19.