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  1. jct404

    Sunday at Kahoka

    I thought I would resurrect this thread for those in the surrounding area who might be interested. Kahoka is have their first race in 6 or 7 years this Sunday 8/27 and practice on Saturday 8/26. Info on the race can be found at Missouri State MX...mostatemx Kahoka also has a FB page, search Kahoka MX and you should find it. Google coordinates for the track location: 40.390644,-91.805686 There will be some great racing and big turn out....always was.
  2. jct404

    Riding spots in IA

    Located in western Illinois there is DCMX, a lot of Iowa guys travel here to ride.
  3. jct404

    Busted case. How does this one happen?

    I remember sometime back reading about a few instances of this happening
  4. I ran this pipe on my X, the only issue I had was I twisted one of the end cap bolts off, ended up have to drill ot out and threaded a larger bolt in its place. Other than that it bolted up nice and sounded good, I also ran the smaller tip after a while.
  5. jct404

    2013 CRF450 or 2013 KTM 450 Dungey Edition?

    LOL, I can relate to this!
  6. jct404

    2013 150sx Top End Smoked

    I'll agree with leaning out, the bottom of the piston says it all. The intake side & top of piston and head would show small signs of damage if there were any debris/water entering the motor. As to why it leaned out??? The culprit could still possibly be in the carb.
  7. jct404

    150r valvetrain questions

    The intakes are in a bucket under the cam and the exhaust run of a rocker arm but they both have the shim pill.
  8. jct404

    CRF150R vs RB peg to seat height

    Beware when lowering pegs on the frame, the kick start lever will hit the case and not the foot peg as it would in it original position, I did this as well and it allowed us to finish the year, but I was always on my kid to be careful when kicking. We never cracked the case but it is very possible especially when sitting on the bike stand, that where I noticed what "could" happen.
  9. jct404

    Airfork EZ fill / equalizer

    Ignorance is the parent of fear.
  10. jct404

    Airfork EZ fill / equalizer

    Same goes for a flat tire.
  11. jct404

    Airfork EZ fill / equalizer

    Please explain your worries on seal failures with these air forks....
  12. jct404

    Another jetting problem

    I had this issue up until this weekend when I decided to reshim the valves to spec, cleaned the carb and installed a new TPS. When I first bought the bike I jetted and wired the AP, the bike ran great but over time the high idle started and got worse....and eventually became hard to start, I'll admit I was in denial with the valves. So this past saturday I spent most of the day tearing it down and reassembling cause the SOB woudn't start....thinking all along I had the timing off, and it ended up being a plugged AP. So what have I learned from this.... nothing really besides how to tear the top end down in about 5 minutes AND sometimes what you think is the problem really isn't and when you find the real problem and fix it sometimes other problems develop and it makes you think to yourself "do I know what the hell I'm doing?????" After all of that the bike now starts, runs and idles perfect.
  13. jct404

    Breaking in a 2013

    Do the hair scramble, it's not going to hurt it. You might want to tride it around this evening a little bit to get the clutch cable adjusted to your likings.
  14. jct404

    Radiator Overflow Tank

    I started doing this a few years ago, its not out of site but what I liked about it is you could see how much it had puked out. Never any problems with it, always drawed the fluid back in. I do it to every bike I have, it works great in the mini 50 & 65's.
  15. jct404

    09-13 250 and 450 clutch pull solution!

    I think I see what you are talking about but how do you position the arm that the cable is hooked to in order to run it in the direction, BTW Honda of Troy always has a kick ass graphic design.