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  1. quailchaser

    Think it's worth it?

    Personal quad v. bike opinion aside. $300-$400 in running condition with title...you could be that guy. Donut man and having a ball.
  2. quailchaser

    Help! My DRZ won't start

    Stator. DRZ400E Did a 100 mile gnarly ST dual sport ride one day. Stopped and restarted probably 20 times. Next week went to fire it up after the changing the oil...lots o spin no fire. Pulled the cover and the stator and it was very visably burnt. New stator and she was back up.
  3. quailchaser


  4. quailchaser

    Yamaha launching an ebike

    The hiking, horse and mtb trails are the same width and the same repair as the ST that we ride. Poor elitist mtb have to fight to keep trails. Welcome to the club. Once again, I'm sure once you keep those pesky motorized peeps off all the trails, it will be all rainbows and unicorns. Maybe all the elite mtn bikers should band together and buy their own land and keep those hikers and horse and motorized peeps out.
  5. quailchaser

    Yamaha launching an ebike

    By throwing dirtbikes under the bus. Again, any gains made by disparaging another recreational group is surely the best way. Honestly, this will all stop when we can get motorized recreation removed. Land access will open up, unicorns will run free range, rainbows for everyone.
  6. quailchaser

    Yamaha launching an ebike

    Their concerns are "go away motorized cycles because you make land use issues bad for us." That will work until the dirt bikers are no more. Guess who the anti's will come after then!
  7. quailchaser

    Yamaha launching an ebike

    Ha ha ha. Read the comments from the MTN bike elitists. Motorbike be Kill in' our access man.
  8. Not sure what ad flipped the page But this is what happens. It says something different at the top each time and the page stays blank. I press the ThumperTalk button on top left and go back to the thread. It briefly shows like my second picture with no add visible and the goes right back to what I have as picture 3. Hmmm. It appears to open ads in Safari in this loop thing. I closed a bunch of pages and it dawned on me that these open from the above. I hadn't thought about what pages were open in Safari and taking a screen shot before I closed them all. Next time it happens, I'll pay more attention.
  9. That may be the case on the initial opening of the ad. Apparently, my "the title says it all" was premature. Often, when I click the ThumperTalk arrow at the top left, it will go back to the thread...then go back to the ad. Over and over. Eventually it will stop or I just shut the app. Seems to be happening more lately.
  10. quailchaser

    Cannot highlight text to copy/paste on iOS app.

    Cool. Not optimal, but elevates my spelling and memory issues!
  11. Lots of big words in TS and I am unable to highlight to copy and paste them to search the inter webs. The desk top version works fine.