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  1. jhteneyck

    Wow! New YOT graphics kit!!

    It is a DIRT BIKE!!! It is suposed to get scratched and beat up a bit. Or you could put the graphics on it and rub it with a daiper and make sure it looks good instead of RIDING IT. Just kidding. Never used the protectors.
  2. jhteneyck

    XR 400 vs WR 400

    Look at the suspension as well. Not everything is speed. the XR has JUNK suspension when compared tot he WR. I too have them both and have not ridden the XR since the WR showed up in my Garage. XR is a good rig...dont get me wrong. If I was buying a new bike today the XR would not even be a consideration. The WR is that good. Just my .02
  3. 187 is the code radio/cop code for murder. Get it?
  4. jhteneyck

    what bike

    Go BLUE!!
  5. jhteneyck

    XR 400 vs WR 400

    Get the WR. I have both and the WR is MUCH more bike than the XR ever will be. Weight - about even Power - WR blows doors on the XR all day long Relability - Both are VERY proven designs. XR is bullet proof but the WR is bullet proof as a liquid cooled bike can get. Get the blue bike. I have yet to ride my XR since buying my WR
  6. jhteneyck

    XR vs SXC?

    I own a WR450 and an XR400. Both are good bikes and both have strong points. XR - for sale Bullet proof design easy to maintain plenty of aftermarket goodies Not the quickest bike no e-start lacking suspension heavy WR quick bike good suspension good aftermarket parts bullet proof for a liquid cooled bike top heavy - matter of opinion a bit more maintenece - oil changes every 3 tanks of fuel. As I own both if I were to buy a bike today I would lean towards the Yamaha for its snappy throttle response and suspension. If a zero maintence bike is what you are looking for the XR may be the rig for you. Personally I prefer the WR in just about everything you can throw at it. The front end carries with a twist of the right wrist and nothing more. The WR is a proven design for a liquid cooled bike for sure but the XR does have advantages as well. Its your rig - good luck.
  7. jhteneyck

    2003 Xr400r For Sale

    I have a 2003 XR400R for sale in the great state of Wyoming. It has about 350 to 400 miles of trail on it. I have done the Gordon Mods and it does have a Utah Sports Cycle skid plate as well. The thing has only minor blemishes in the plastic- normal wear stuff. Seat is perfect!! Paint on the frame has not even worn yet. I am selling as I have an '04 WR450 that has become my primary ride and dont need the XR as well. Tires are good as is chain and sprokets. If interested please call or email me at 307-690-5061 or skicavjeff@yahoo.com. Low book value $2800 and high book is $3600. Will sell for $3200 plus shipping. The bike is at my dealer on consignment and he may be able to help arrange shipping through his service along with a crate. This is a sweet bike - treat yourself to a Christmas present and enjoy.
  8. jhteneyck

    Blew Out Exhaust Baffle, what now?

    I have a GTY-R insert I will sell you for $25. Works great but I prefer the no baffle option as no one cares how load your bike is here!!! Got to love living/riding here.
  9. jhteneyck

    ????electric Start????

    My 04 is flawless to this point. I have heard of people with weak batteries having similar issues. Maybe try a new battery.
  10. jhteneyck

    Which for tight woods race, XR400 or WR400

    Aint it the truth!! I have both an XR400 and a WR450 - I am faster on the 450 for sure!! I have also learned to stand up more, feather the clutch better and just trust both myself and the machine. It is all time in the saddle but the WR makes more power, it just comes down to getting the power to the ground and being able to handle it. Good luck in the race.
  11. jhteneyck

    run-in recommendations - valve clearances

    I am running Yamalube in my '04 WR450. My dealer told me to change the oil after every 3 to 4 tanks of fuel. My dealer also did the first service for free and told me to check the valves in the spring before riding season starts. We are in snow mode here right now. I know people who have NEVER been out of spec on there valves and ride the crap out of their rigs!! Got to love that Yami motor!!!!!
  12. jhteneyck

    Does anyone have a XR400 or 250 For Sale?

    I have a 2003 XR400 that is in SWEET shape. I bought it this last summer and ended up getting a WR450. I still have the XR and would LOVE to sell it. It is more or less stock except the Twin Air Filler and Gordon Mods. I will part with it for $3100. I will also deliver it to you if you are in the Rocky Mountain Region. Jeff
  13. jhteneyck

    Dumb Question

    Stand up!! This will put you in a "ready position" for when that root or rock jumps on to the trail and tried to buck you off your bike. Of course there are times to sit as well but I know from my experience if IU stand I am faster , smoother and lest fatigued at the end of the day. Oh yeah-- When in doubt grab a handful of throttle!!
  14. jhteneyck

    Yamaha GYTR exhaust???

    I have that insert as well and it does quiet the bike down but yes you will lose all the grunt the WR is famous for. Try a FMF Q- series pipe- may be just the ticket!!
  15. jhteneyck

    New to WR450

    kTM= WRENCHING. They are nice rides but tend to be a bit on the finicky side for my tastes. The red machine is supposed to be a goodie but my buddies with them have been doing valves more than riding. I have an 04 WR450 and the thing has been AWESOME!! No problems at all and I was coming from the relable world of XR's as well. If I were to buy a new bike today it would be a WR 450. I had the KTM MXC 450 and it just was not for me...lots of funny vibrations and too much work. Go blue