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  1. How does the ktm 505sx quad go of road is it enjoyable compeard to the 525xc because the 525 is hard to find we're I am but there is two 505sx quads availble to buy. So I would like to know wether it's worth waiting for a 525 to come for sale or get into it straight away with the 505sx im just looking for something to muck around on on the weekends not race on a track. And also what is the story with ktm making quads are they going to start making them brand new again or can't they sell enough to keep designing them.
  2. Ktm445

    banshee price?

    Thanks for the feedback guys
  3. i'm looking at a Yamaha banshee on the internet it is 2004 and in great condision but its labeled under trade or swap what do you guys think it is worth hears the link http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kings-meadows/motorcycles/yamaha-banshee/1017600840
  4. Ktm445

    Race Bike Mods

    Why is that suspension better than the stock ones.
  5. Ktm445

    Race Bike Mods

    When i'm at the enduro races I see all the bike there have all different types of mods on them and they look really good too. so I was thinking what would be the main mods that i would do to my bike to improve performance and trick it up a little to make it look unique from the others. I'm running a ktm 450exc 2009 that is stock standard apart from a bash plate and hand guards.
  6. When to you know when your clutch is starting to wear what are the signs.
  7. Does anyone know why they dont sell the ktm xc, xc-w, xc-f and xc-wf in Australia they are great all round bikes and they have the xc's in New Zealand so why not hear.
  8. dose anyone know the differences between the two xc-w and exc are they the same just one has no headlight or is there a big difference.
  9. Whats the go with importing bikes to Australia has anyone done it before. I'm looking at getting a KTM 300xc-w or 300xc (haven't decided yet) imported into Australia from new zeland because they don't sell the xc bikes hear its just exc which is like the xc-w with lights and the sx why I don't know. This bike wouldn't be getting road registed either so I don't know if that would make any differance in shipping it over. But if anyone has any experience or infomation on importing bikes the help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Ktm445

    KTM 300xc vs 300xc-w 2012

    What's the main difference between these bikes I know the w is for wide ratio gear box but what terrain suits it better and what is the better bike for tracks that arn't tight single track or really open tracks but some were in between
  11. Ktm445

    1st KTM help

    You will find that 2t's are much more easy and cheaper to work on. They will teach you how to ride as well
  12. Ktm445


    In Tasmania witch is a little island off of mainland Australia for those mainlanders (that's what we call you) that didn't know we're there. There is really good riding you can live in the city center and be in the bush in less than 15 minutes because the roads are no were near a crowded as the "mainland" roads. The city's are way smaller aswell. There's also a mix of riding right close together sand dunes to single track to fire roads plenty to chose from. Theres lots of mx tracks as well. Hear in tassie we don't worrie about recreational bush registration because the rules are a little bit more relaxed down hear and no one really checks it. Any thought I would remind the other Australians that were still down hear and you can come ride in this great state any time you like.
  13. Ktm445

    ktm 250sx racing

    thanks for your help rpt50
  14. Ktm445

    ktm 250sx racing

    3hunge what
  15. Ktm445

    ktm 250sx racing

    I'm looking at the ktm 250sx to race in grass track and enduro in the open class (450 4t & 250 2t). I have a 450exc at the moment but it is a hand full sometimes in tight stuff. I was wondering if it is a good bike to mix up for a bit off of grass track racing and enduro. I wouldn't get another exc due to the extra weight and I want a bike with a bit more track racing power. would it be good in enduro I know its not a problem on the track. the xc is sadly not available in Australia other wise that would be perfect for the job. I don't want to do many mods to make it better for the woods because then it wouldn't be as good for the track so is there any mods that will make it an all rounder like the xc but it still keeps its power and how would it go in enduro with little mods. Thanks.