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  1. Flattrack_Jim

    Any other Trails in Michigan that compare to the Tomahawk in Wolverine?

    The most reroute is on C-loop on the east side of old 27. It's been 3 or more years, at first I thought it sucked, tight and no flow. Now that it's broke in I think it is fun. There is a few places on the west side of old 27 that some serpentine trail has been put in to break up some straighter sections. They are becoming more "natural" too.
  2. Flattrack_Jim

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    A riding buddy of mine rode Evart Sunday and a re-rout around a wet area had just been completed. It is probably the area that you are speaking of. I was told it was done to protect beaver habitat.
  3. Flattrack_Jim

    New, well newer trucks

    I had concerns about that too, but needed one for a 5th wheel toy hauler. Got a 16 a year-and-a-half ago, so far it hasn't been a problem, but then I only have 13k miles on it. I traded in an 04, the new one is improved, it's more powerful and gets better milage too. The same color as the last one, silver, because I live on a dirt road it it doesn't show the dust as much.
  4. Flattrack_Jim

    Chevy truck question

    If it is a tandem axel trailer it should have about 5000 GVWR and that is too much for the gas version. But for a diesel it is well in the 7600-7700 towing range.
  5. Flattrack_Jim

    DO NOT BUY, etrailer.com

    They probably know you are a highly skilled sniper and thought ignoring you was the best option. If it make you feel better go pound sand...
  6. Flattrack_Jim

    Cedar Creek Trail

    I didn't know that. How old do you have to be to get a motorcycle endorsement?
  7. If you use a GPS check out VV Mapping...well worth while for Michigan trails.
  8. Flattrack_Jim

    Camping North Missaukee

    The trail was well maintained. I think there was one fallen tree that I had to duck under, didn't notice many face slappers. There was probably a re-rout around a large fallen tree. We rode for four days, Monday Lincoln Hills, Tuesday Long Lake and then North Missaukee. I thought they were all maintained well. Lincoln Hills was the cleanest, but I know that it was worked on over the weekend.
  9. Flattrack_Jim

    Camping North Missaukee

    Thanks Jeramey! We camped at the 7 mile spot, it was awesome! The North Missaukee trail was great, if you like tight single track, the east side of 7 mile you better have bark busters! The west side was a little more open and was nice for the forth day of riding.
  10. Flattrack_Jim

    Michigan Camping North Missaukee

    Does anyone know of a good place to camp by the North Missaukee trails? I'm looking for either a campground or field camping on State land. It would need to be big enough for a good sized 5th wheel trailer. Thanks!
  11. Flattrack_Jim


    Yes, and an ORV sticker!
  12. Flattrack_Jim

    Early planning for B-day ride

    If we only knew of someone with leadership skills to coordinate such a fall event, like a sergeant or something!
  13. Flattrack_Jim

    Early planning for B-day ride

    So you haven't sold it yet! Yea, I know your leg sure trumped the little bit of hardware I got for my clavicle last summer! I've been back riding this year, even stress tested the shoulder. I can understand not wanting to risk another injury too. How's the leg doing?
  14. Flattrack_Jim

    Early planning for B-day ride

    So do ya have a birthday this year yathump?
  15. Flattrack_Jim

    ORV trail permit increase

    Let me see if I understand this right. You go out in the woods to ride and a branch or limb or even a tree has blown over in the trail. Then after taking the time to remove the offending appendage another tree has the audacity fall in the woods the next time you're out riding. This is on property that you do not own and can ride every weekend? How often do you realistically expect a crew to go out and do trail maintenance for the price we pay for permits? There are many clubs that help maintain the trails, I'm sure they would be glad to have someone with a good attitude like you to help them out.