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  1. KLX Fan

    KLX 450R Regulator Rectifier Wiring

    right sorry. should have re-worded that. thx for clarifying.
  2. KLX Fan

    KLX 450R Regulator Rectifier Wiring

    Now that I have had a better look at your schematic. It is way more involved than any of the KLX's that came up to North America. I wouldn't be surprised if Kawasaki design a stator for that bike with more output than what they sent to us up here in Canada. Good luck
  3. KLX Fan

    KLX 450R Regulator Rectifier Wiring

    I was having similar issues and decided that the charging system just simply wasn't good enough. So I set the stator away for a DC winding and replace the regulator rectifier the more common unit used on newer bikes. Haven't had a single charging issue since. Sorry this doesn't help you with your exact request but it's my advice not to worry about it and spend your money in time and getting a better charging system put on the bike. I sent mine to Ricky Staters in California but Trail Tech also does a good job as well. I'm sure there's someone in Australia that rewinds those Staters.
  4. Hey guys. So now the KLX450r has been around for quite some time and hasn't rally changed at all.... How are the guys making out that did a head swap with a 08 KX? Did you find a massive power increase? Did it result in any issues down the road? Did anyone go back the the KLX head and why?
  5. KLX Fan

    What to do with the green bike.

    Works great as a snow bike.
  6. KLX Fan

    klx450r charging issues

    I personally sent my stator in to get rewound from "Ricky Staters" to punch out more powerful voltage witch converted the whole bike over to a 12-volt DC system. Works great, it's been Flawless for 5 years. I run high powered LED lighting, GPS and cell phone charger off my bike sometimes. Electric start works all day long especially when I'm arrowing an Enduro event where the bike is turning on and off every 50 to 60 ft for 14 km. I also ditched that heavy lead acid battery and put on Earth X lithium one in which is also been a great upgrade. Do this and your bike electrical system will never fail you
  7. KLX Fan

    KLX 450 Snow bikes

    More KLX450 Snow Bike porn from the great white north
  8. KLX Fan

    who's stoked for the 2019 Kx450

    Looks like we'll finally have a viable option as Enduro Riders to get a KX that's close to our beloved KLX450. I've been looking at the leaked photos and not only is it coming with electric start but it looks like it has a hydraulic clutch as well. It'll be interesting to see what kind of output the stator has for running headlights and tail lights to be added on. And wondering what the gear ratio on the transmission will be like for Enduro riding. None the less, it would be great if Kawasaki takes advantage and creates a KLX 450 again based on this new KX.
  9. KLX Fan

    KLX 450 Snow bikes

    I basically jetted the bike for the colder weather and put on a two brothers high performance exhaust muffler. Then the last thing I did was install a thermostat to keep the engine temperature operating normally. What I will probably do is create an engine blanket because my throttle cable seems to be freezing up easily when that area packs with snow. That's it everything else is bone stock. Oh yeah the emissions have been removed from the bike as well.
  10. KLX Fan

    KLX 450 Snow bikes

    2008 KLX450r with a Yeti SMX120 works great. Torque monster...
  11. I can expand on that. Any of the North American models had really weak stator output. Most of the system was AC with a small little DC charging system for the battery, trip computer and rear LED tail light. On almost every trail ride I would get maybe four to five starts from the e start and then the battery would go dead. Tried multiple batteries and still the same problem. Once I got the stator rewind for DC output from Ricky stators the electrical system has been incredible. I can practically put any accessory on the bike and still have plenty of juice left to run the charging system efficiently. I'm only guessing that you didn't have any issues because you might have a European model. I don't know for sure but I would assume that the street legal models with the extra lighting and ignition system would have a better charging output.
  12. I'm making mine into a yeti snow bike. Can you share any other issues you had with your KLX450 as a snow bike?
  13. Great write up. I'm in the exact same boat as you. Just came back from H&M. Don't know where you are from but is you ever get a chance to ride in southern Ontario Canada give me a ring.
  14. KLX Fan

    No spark any suggestions

    Hey guys thanks for the quick reply. I got it sorted out. Good tip on the gray connector but I was already aware of that. Learned that one the hard way on the trail a few years ago. The ignition coil was brand new. I figured the problem out was the main wire coming off my stator for the ignition signal had broke. Got it reconnected and bikes running excellent. Happy rider.
  15. KLX Fan

    No spark any suggestions

    Today while riding in single track the bike quit. No sputtering and no power hesitation. Just suddenly died.Tryed both electric start and kicking. Nothing... After more testing once I got the bike back home, I now know I have no spark at all. Replaced coil, and new spark plug. Still nothing. Tested continuity of the orange coil wire from the CDI to the coil and it's good. I have a feeling the CDI might be damaged. Possibly the stator might have failed and caused bad voltage to the CDI. Any thoughts or Testing suggestions?