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    2018 TX300 Rear Spring

    Have a '17 FC350 and went with Factory Connection. Believe they spec'd a 5.8 for my 235lb wt. Race Tech was different, Install is a major pain on 4 strokes b/c of the pipe. Assume its easier on the 2 strokes. I followed this link and it worked well. https://motocrossactionmag.com/ask-the-mxperts-how-to-remove-a-2016-ktm-shock/

    2017 Tc250 Jetting

    Looking to pick up a TX300 or KTM250XC in the next week. The best advice I have from guys with those bikes is to follow the manual and run 60:1 premix. Jet for your elevation per the manual, check float height. Guy with the 300 was running 40:1, with a JD kit and opened up airbag was still struggling with jetting. Switching to 60:1 and was able to jet with stock brass. Also, check the reeds and block. I plan to install Boyesen reeds from the get go.

    BETA 300RR TO TX300

    Look forward to your report. Have located a "17 and trying to work a good left over deal. Plan to use for trail and MX (grass tracks ). Etc.

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    Strongly considering the TX300 after many years on YZ's. So to clarify, if you open up the air box and sand the reed block, can you jet properly without the JD jetting kit? I am in the southeast PA area and close to sea level. Appreciate your responses

    New 11 YZ 125?

    Sweet rides. Thanks for sharing. Is it me or is Broome a shadow of its old self? I had a chance to watch a buddies GoPro video from that race (assume it was the ACRMX) and I couldn't believe how smooth and dusty the track is now! I started racing there back in the late 70's and early 80's and it was alway rutty, rocky etc. Still looked like a blast, just not the same.

    Scotts sub mount

    Check your PM's

    need help picking a new bar!!!!

    I go 6'3" and run the Windham PT's with Applied +10mm clamps on the stock YZ top clamp (also have the Fastway LowBoy Footpegs) on my '07 250. The Factory Suzuki (RM) is a good bend for taller riders as well. Also, Henry/Reed is not a stock YZ bend. The stock PT's are fine if you are 5'9" or shorter.

    price on an 06 250

    Agreed. Cash is always king! I have seen decent '06s going for high teens/low $2K's around here. If it is pristine (less than 10 hours) that price is OK. If not ,offer 23 $100 bills. I bet he/she will accept. As good as we all know it is, it is still a 4 year old mc. There is a nice looking '07 in the Classifieds for $3300. Bet you could get it for high $2K's

    2011 350 SXF real pics...

    In order for Alessi to race it in the outdoors, I believe they have to homologate (sp) this model.

    TM Designworks no leak collar for YZ250

    TM design works makes great stuff. I use the chain guide and slider on all my bikes. Very functional and wear like iron. However, I find some hi-temp silicone at the joint eliminates any drip or spooge. The no-leak collar is really not necessary unless the stocker needs replacing.

    Price for 08 YZ250

    Unfortunately, in Cali that is not a bad price, though I would show up w/$5300 cash and see if you can get out the door. I have seen them in and around SE PA in the $5500 range. Can get an '09 450F for $4999 OTD or less, but not much wiggle room on the 2T's. The real shame is once you take it home it is worth $3500 - $4000 tops on the open market.
  12. Agreed. I have never titled a dirt bike in over 30 years of buying them! In the future be wary of purchasing a bike w/no paperwork or #'s. Hate to have it show as stolen after you drop your hard earned$.

    Ultimate YZ transmission failure :(

    Wow! Have you replaced the entire tranny each time (or just the broken worn parts)? I have had YZ250's going back to the early 80's and the only tranny problem I had was on my '97 250 (knock-on-wood). It broke the 3rd wheel gear (which was a common problem on low hour YZ250's that model year) and pretty much chewed up the gear box. I learned the hard way as I initially tried to just replace the broken/bent/worn parts (against the advice of a trusted mechanic). Tranny lasted two rides before giving up the ghost again. Replaced pretty much everything and the bike ran another season for me and two more for my buddy who Hare-Scrambled it. Point is that if you ride and grenade a tranny, more than likely more than just the mating gears/shaftsetc may need to be replaced. The stress carries throughout the gearbox. If you catch it early w/say a Mag drain plug you may be able to avoid the doing whole thing. As far as oil, I only ran Spectro gear oil up until the late 90's and now run Silkolene Comp gear. I would rather run 10W30 than ATF.

    Looking for lowboy footpegs for 06 YZ250

    The kit for the F bikes works on the alum framed YZ 2T's. Have been using this setup on my '07 since I bought it new. Getting the torx bolt out was a pain if I recall.
  15. I reccomend PowerSeal USA. They did a great job on my '07 when I did the top end over the winter. Great customer service, price and turnaround!