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  1. nicki

    NorthWest ladies

    Taneum Junction has a great kids loop right in the camp area. One of our favorite places to go with the family has always been Goose Creek at Lake Wenatchee. There are a bunch of kid friendly trails through out the campground and the Lower Chiwawa is a lot of fun for the little ones as well. Part of the campground runs along the river with a nice little area for kids to splash around in as well. Towards the end of July, the upper trails open up to some great riding for us big kids. I highly recommend Lk. Wen. for anyone with kids.
  2. nicki

    NorthWest ladies

    Hi everyone! I ran into Kimi at Taneum and she told me about this post. It sure brings back memories. I hate to say it, but I haven't really been on TT for over a year (pregnant/new baby). Actually, last weekend was the 1st time I've ridden for a year. Boy it felt great to get out there again! Tim broke his wrist so I'll be doing all the riding for the next month or so while he stays back at camp with the little one. We'll be busy this weekend (Gearbunny's daughter's 1st b-day party), but I'm hoping to hit Lk. Wenatchee or Manastash next weekend (27th-29th). I might even take a weekday ride at Reiter in the next week or so:) Take Care.
  3. nicki

    Baby On the Way

    My best advice, ask your OB. Once you've gathered medical advice, follow your gut. Congrats!
  4. nicki

    Bike for my Short Wife

    I'm 5'1" so finding a bike short enough was quite difficult. I started on a CR80 that I borrowed, but didn't like it for the woods riding I do. I then went to a TTR125 which is the perfect height and weight. It truly is a great bike for the tight woods stuff, but seriously lacks power and the suspension was too soft for all the roots and rocks. I ended up doing a ton of BBR mods, shaved the flywheel, even added a headlight. I love my TTR, but needed MORE power. The answer, '05 Gas Gas Pampera 280. It's taller than the TTR, but with a little shaving of the seat I can touch the ground comfortably. It's light, it's plated, has a lighting kit, and it has the power. It's a 2 stroke, but has a modified trials motor so it has a smooth power band and plenty of torque for hill climbs. The earlier models had problems with frames cracking and wheels, but these problems have since been resolved. The only problems I've had are 1) didn't come with a spark arrestor (got a bolt on one) 2) I wear a childs sz 5 riding boot and cannot reach the rear brake lever without moving my foot forward. 3) Suspension is too soft for the rough stuff (I plan to get the stiffer shock and fork springs) 4) With small hands I had difficulty reaching the front brake lever so I replaced it with a Yamaha lever that I ground down to fit. I highly recommend checking one out.
  5. nicki

    Lake Wenatchee Ride Report 06-15-06 w/Pics

    The Pampera was VERY hard to kick for quite some time. It has gotten a bit easier so I'm able to kick it over ~50% of the time without having the kickstand down. If only she had electric start Suspension is way too soft and bottoms out over whoops. I plan to have it set up over the winter. After shaving the seat down, I can touch both toes to the ground. I love the torque and power. I also cannot reach the rear brake lever (my feet are too short) and the front hand lever doesn't have enough bend (can't reach it without a stuggle) so braking has posed some problems, but I replaced the front lever with a modified Yamaha lever and plan to have the rear lever shortened. Overall, I love the bike and it was a logical choice given my lack of height (5'2"). Plus, it's plated and I use it to cruise around town. Even has rear pegs for the little guy. Nicki
  6. nicki

    Lake Wenatchee Ride Report 06-15-06 w/Pics

    Yeah, that was the TTR. I had been staying at Goose Creek for a couple of weeks and the trails were getting pretty boring on the same bike over and over. That particular day was the TTR's turn. The Pampera and a EXC 450 also made their rounds. Plus, the right side of the Pampera seems to be strongly attracted to rocks A couple of weeks earlier she decided to get freindly with some rocks on Frost Mtn. I ended up leaving there with a minor fracture to the tip of my elbow. No cast needed and I'm able to ride and move it without any pain. Talk about a "lucky break." Nicki p.s. Tom, it was the Chikamin/Minnow loop. Just found out Kimi's knuckle is broke and she'll be in a cast for ~4wks.
  7. nicki

    Is there a TT Lake Wenatchee ride?

    You can count me in as soon as the upper trails open up.
  8. nicki

    3rd Annual Lake Wenatchee Ride 7/22-24

    Which hand? Cause if it's the left you can get an auto clutch, we could amputate and give you a hook, then you could ride I actually saw a gal up at Mad Lake riding with one mechanical arm. If it's the right, we could rig up a thumb throttle on the other side and I'm sure you could learn to live w/out the front brakes. Of course the fishing is pretty good at Fish Lake and the pontoon boat rentals are a fair price @ the Cove. Maybe you can build a half pipe for you and Brandon. He said he ran into you and Gearbunny at sk-8 camp.
  9. nicki

    3rd Annual Lake Wenatchee Ride 7/22-24

    We'll be over Friday night after work. BTW I was up at Mad Lake last weekend and the sqeeters weren't nearly as bad as usual. I probably would have survived with something less potent than 100% deet. However, the bees were starting to show at Goose Creek. I look forward to riding with the gals again. Any word from Tawnya or Kendra?
  10. I know this is really short notice, but Tim and I will be riding, camping, and wheelin' (got a new '85 straight axle Toyota for Valentine's Day) at Manastash for the weekend. We'll be staying at Manastash C.G. and plan on heading over Friday night after work. We'll be in a silver diesel Dodge w/ a camper on the back, a red Toyota P/U, a flat bed trailer w/ lt. blue Tacoma and of course, the bikes. Hope some of you can make it. ~Nicki & Tim
  11. nicki

    TT ride 7/16

    What's going on 7/16? I am so out of the loop I can't even remember the last time I was here. So, if Brandon is now living in potato country, does that mean Kendra is also gone? Tim and I were thinking about moto-camping at Mad Lake the 16th, but it would be great to see some TTers again. ~Nicki
  12. nicki

    Pnw Ride @ Taneum 3/19-3/20

    It rained and snowed, but the trails were clear. The new camper was a true blessing. I would have been wet, cold, and miserable without it. My knee was bothering me so I only rode Saturday, but I had a blast.
  13. nicki

    NW thumpette ride

    FC~ Count me in. We're planning on staying at Icewater CG so Brandon play around on the kids loop. We'll probably be in the back near the creek (silver Dodge w/ camper) We'll probably head over Friday night after work.
  14. nicki

    Pnw Ride @ Taneum 3/19-3/20

    I'll PM Tim's phone #
  15. nicki

    Taneum Junction CG 3/19-3/20

    Tell Pam, I insist she come. Icewater CG has some great beginner trails to practice on. Plus, we'll have the camper (w/ heat) if she wants to take a nice warm, comfy break. You just know the sun will come out if you end up staying home (of course it will probably rain if you do come)