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  1. motoimpaired

    Grip Tape?

    The Stomp stuff is cool. What I do with it and all my graphics is buy some superglue gel. Take it and run a small bead all around all you graphics and numberplate backgrounds. It will hold them on and seal them from getting dirt or water behind them. My stuff has been on a year and isnt even peeling up on the edges. You might have to touch up some spots as time goes by but it works awesome....
  2. The CRF 50 has a throttle limiter, Use it to limit the amount of throttle he can use. Also use second gear, its less jerky.. Explain over and over the brakes.. When my girls learned to ride, as they were just getting going I would yell hit the brakes now! Just to see if they would be able to react in a instant.. Thats very important, because alot of first timerswill panic and get wrist lock until they run into something... Good luck
  3. motoimpaired

    XR fidy. What you guys think?

    I'm prolly going the SDG route.. I have ridden them and they are awesome. Well worth the money and way beter than those knock offimport jobs.. Take a look at the quality of the two and see for yourself.. http://www.sdgusa.com/layout.php?m=mini&id=mini Compared to: http://www.sugarpacketcreations.com/
  4. motoimpaired

    Not a Honda But Very Sick!!

  5. Does anyone have some good links for doing this?? I would like to do the same myself.. Please keep us posted on your progress and maybe some pictures aswell.....
  6. motoimpaired

    Scooter Manufacturers??

    I have a Derbi scooter. Its Italian and very trick. Liquid cooled,front and rear disc's upside down showa forks and more.. I also have a stock 2004 Yamaha Zuma,and the Derbi will eat it for lunch.........
  7. motoimpaired

    Tire Wear...

    No... drop the crack pipe buddy. YES, It makes as much sense as your dumb question............
  8. motoimpaired

    James Stewart shoulder surgery

    The 18th birthday was Insane!!!! Better than anything you could imagine and more.... Wait until the big 21... Now that will be a blow out!!!!!!!!!
  9. motoimpaired

    No-Toil Users

    I use No Toil and love it. Your filters look like new after every wash and your garage and house never stink like gas. I have 6 tubes of their grease,never use it. like above, I have a PC Seal and never have a problem.......
  10. motoimpaired

    Tech 6 or Forma pro?

    I had Tech 8's but with the help from FOX got a pair of Forma Pro's and man they are sweet! Although it may sound biased,I do suggest Formas for sure........
  11. motoimpaired

    James Stewart shoulder surgery

    You mean this track. Ive gotten the chance to ride there and it is so awesome.. But very intimidating. Not sure on the surgery story, but I will make a call and find out. I do know he just rode at Dade for a round of the Gold Cup here in florida on Sunday...
  12. motoimpaired

    2005 crf450.. yahoo!!! moly or no moly im confused???

    As stated in another post by Dovii... Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Honda HP Trans Oil (SAE 80W/85W w/Anti Friction Additives ) Note: The container sez for 2 Strokes only all over it. Dealer said the 450 is the only 4-stroke that can use this oil? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes you can use that in your transmission only. HP Trans is what I run in my bike and is one of the oils recommended in your manual. Your dealer is correct when he says the CRF is the only 4-stroke that can use HP Trans. Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMSOIL Synthetic 0W-40 No Friction Modifiers Note: Any concerns on the synthetic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes you can run this in your engine. You can even run an oil containing friction modifiers in your engine side (such as Honda's HP4M w/ Moly). Modifiers such as moly reduce friction (reducing wear and increasing HP). They cannot be used in your transmission side, because they can cause your clutch to slip. Synthetic oils are great! They are far better than petroleum based oils. Be sure to break your bike in
  13. Like said above. The holes only line up one way........
  14. motoimpaired


    You might not have but I did...
  15. motoimpaired

    my tranny oil looks terrible

    Its hard to say,but I would be willing to guess that your clutch is starting to slip. Its easy to pull the clutch out, so I would start there. If you replace the clutch,also replace the springs. Also check the basket for grooves,when a basket grooves the plates hang up in the basket and will wear out premature...