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  1. That's great. I put another 80 miles on mine this week with no more issues. Hopefully it was a fluke thing...
  2. Here is my 19 Husky 701. I like it so far. Changed the exhaust with a Leo Vince, added a reserve gas tank (Garage) a rear bracket for storage, air filter mod (Garage), license plate mod, visor, Seat Concepts, etc.. I have Cycra handguards coming too. All in all, the changes have been better so far.
  3. GIV523

    Can a ktm 690 Enduro R do single track?

    For those of you in the Florida area (I'm in Venice), where do you go riding? I'd like to put some miles on mine before my 2500 mile TAT trek this October. I just want to make sure there aren't any surprises with the bike... Thanks!
  4. Ok thanks. I'm a mx guy so I understand, just wondering.
  5. Is there a tach on either KTM or Husky? Did not see it while scrolling through the menu...
  6. Good advise Kwota. My concern is the amber engine light coming on at the same time the fan did... I'll see if it does it again.
  7. Thanks, I didn’t think it would be related. I’ll ride it tomorrow and see if it happens again. If it does, I’ll call my dealer and see what the say...
  8. Did the engine malfunction light come on when it overheated? I have a 2019 Husky 701 with 60 miles on it and after I got done ridding it today (10 miles or so), the fan came on as I pulled in my garage along with the engine light? Not sure whether those two issues are related, light and fan coming on...
  9. GIV523

    2019 KTM 690 Vs Husky 701

    Thanks. I’m coming from a left elbow injury that has my arm weak so was thinking of protecting myself just in case of a tank slap or something of that nature.
  10. GIV523

    2019 KTM 690 Vs Husky 701

    Has anyone used the Husky Stabilizer? It’s almost $200 cheaper than the Scotts...
  11. GIV523

    2019 KTM 690 Vs Husky 701

    Thanks guys. I went to the shop intending to buy the KTM and walked out with the Husky. They were and still are, offering a $1200 promo package with the bike. Helmet (Bell 9), jacket, pants, goggles and gloves. Couldn't pass that up. The bike is tall and I am 6 foot tall...
  12. Are the engine upgrades to the 2019 KTM 690 the same on the 2019 Husky 701 E? I just bought the Husky and I'm wondering if it has the same counter-balancers and performance upgrades... It seems to vibrate some and a lot of the Husky guys recommend the Fasst Flexx Bars. Thanks!
  13. Hey Guys, I just bought a 2019 Husky 701 Enduro. Nice bike and smooth. I find it a little corked though so I ordered an Evo 1 pipe, tank and air filter kit from Radegarage along with a Concept Seats. I have a few other things coming. Is there a way to make this bark other than what I have coming? I feel like its geared kind of low, but that might just be me. Thinking of going a tooth higher on the counter sprocket... Thanks in advance!
  14. GIV523

    Air Filter Screen 450SX

    Thanks for your response. Is it easy to install and/or use? Does it work like a Vortex map unit? Thanks again.
  15. Has anyone taken the metal screen off their 2016 KTM 450? I did and it seems to give it some more bark, but it runs rougher or leaner (I guess). I did this at the same time I put a TI 6 pipe on the bike. I can tell the difference in power, more off the bottom, mid and some on top. But it started running rough when I did the screen removal a week later. Any inputs on how make it run better other than buying a new screen... Thanks in advance, Ted