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  1. billyxcooper

    valves hitting piston in 04 TE 250

    Brad, The bike is an 05.
  2. billyxcooper

    05 TE250 Crank

    Taken apart to replace piston, rings, gasket. Everything looks ok, will replace anyway if I ever get the parts from dealer. I have been waiting two weeks and the best I can get is an "I dont know' from the dealer. How do I know if i need a new crank ? Play ? Up/Down ? Side to side ? If I was gonna keep it I would replace but I just want to sell it in good condition. Any reply appreciated
  3. http://www.vholdr.com/ Is this just another toy helmetcam or a good quality unit ? specs: Camera Sensor type: CMOS Minimum illumination: 0.04 Lux @f/1.2 High sensitivity for low-light operation Low fixed pattern noise, anti-blooming, zero smearing Low power consumption Mic:Sensitivity (0dB=1V/Pa, 1 KHz): -44±2dB Direction: Omni-directional Frequency Range: 100-10,000Hz Had a HCAM, but sold it. Too many wires and such to deal deal with. This looks like it would be pretty simple operation. The oregen scientific versions sound *rapidly creates a vaccum* and the picture is marginal at best. Is this any better ?
  4. billyxcooper

    dirt bike tv ..... NJ pine barrens

    Scott, Bill here form OCCR, that was guys in our club in our state forest. We are holding our Enduro on September 23rd. Get your entry in or post enter. You will be riding the trails you saw there..and much better. For entry; http://www.occr.net/entry_scrub_pine_final_7_6_07.pdf
  5. Found a nice website that does adhesive back vinyl and reflective lettering in all types of fonts and sizez. www.doityourselflettering.com I have used them and it is a great product with fast shipping. I have no affiliation, just a good product recommend.
  6. billyxcooper

    Hidraulic cluth loses pressure

    Rob, I have it, new in packaging never used. I bought two in hopes that one would make it to my house before Greenbriar 8000 99928
  7. billyxcooper

    Your Best Husky Pic From 07!!!

    Greenbriar National Enduro E-Cross section
  8. billyxcooper

    atc 2k wireless action cam

    I used velcro heavy duty velcro on top of helmet, then west marine thumb locks to strap over camera http://www.nextag.com/Thumb-Lock-TV-Grips-82802442/prices-html?nxtg=34ab0a1c0531-B69CB5D3730426DF I bombed through baja for four days and that thing aint comin off
  9. billyxcooper

    atc 2k wireless action cam

    Here is a short clip taken in Baja this weekend using the ATC2K Video is better before put up on the web: http://media.putfile.com/baja-dirtbike-offroad-
  10. billyxcooper

    bar end inserts?

    Heres what your looking for I have them on my last two bikes and there rock solid, no loosening up. atekracing add www. before and .com after and your in business. It wont let post the actual link
  11. billyxcooper

    What songs get you PUMPED!!!

    Disturbed Pantera Metallica AC/DC Godsmack
  12. billyxcooper

    Compact Helmet Cam

    Does the quality of the 2 Gig SD card effect video quality at all ?
  13. billyxcooper

    January 07 Dirt Bike

    Great well written e-mail without bashing. I'm sure Lewis will have a smart ass reply
  14. billyxcooper

    TE250 Readyfilter

    Does anyone know if there is a Readyfilter that fits an 05 TE 250 ? I have e-mailed then 6 times on their website and noone has ever bothered to reply. They might not make a filter specific to the 05 TE 250 but theres gotta be one for the other bikes that fits ? An 06 CRF250 ready filter is close... a little big.