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  1. hayshaker

    What is currently open in WA?

    Old Vantage Hwy at the old Pumphouse Road about 1/4 mile in from pavement. This is down the hill from the "Corrals" if you know the area. TONY
  2. hayshaker

    What is currently open in WA?

    I am doing a Green Dot Ride out of Vantage May 6th if anyone wants to tag along. Must like rocks and have 100 mile fuel range. TONY
  3. hayshaker

    Wenatchee Area Riding

    Yep. Vantage to Quillomene run May 6th. TONY
  4. hayshaker

    Wenatchee Area Riding

    Only thing NOT mentioned yet are the Green Dot roads out of Vantage. Most of that opens MAY 1 and should be a wonderful ride this time of year. TONY
  5. hayshaker

    Enjoying the Wildlife on a Green Dot Ride

    HA, glad to see you out enjoying the outdoors. TONY
  6. hayshaker

    Enjoying the Wildlife on a Green Dot Ride

    Next time I'll have you pick up my fuel cache near West Bar. TONY
  7. hayshaker

    Mel's Hole: Someone please explain

    Never been in Mel's Hole but did the old missile silos in Grant County several times. TONY
  8. hayshaker

    Lower Crab Creek ORV/Saddle Mtn Fire

    Negative, not my video.
  9. This video will give some idea of the impact of the fire over the weekend. I do not know how much of it got into the Saddle Mtn ORV area on the South slope of the hill but it ripped through Beverly ORV which is still closed. TONY
  10. hayshaker

    Little Naches: You can't handle the truth

    I prefer the "Mel's Hole" legends myself.
  11. hayshaker

    Mattawa open invite Thursday & Friday July 7th & 8th

    Guess I will have to tag along for the entertainment and show the good stuff next time. TONY
  12. hayshaker

    Naches trails update 7-11

    Excellent work and this project cleaned up an ugly mud hole. It is a good feeling to give back to the trails systems we ride even though I am sore from the long work day. I had fun! TONY
  13. hayshaker

    Naches Poker run this Sunday the 26th

    Thanks to the Dust Dodgers and those who helped with trail work this year. Good job with the event and glad to see Nile/Cliffdell Fire Rescue on standby as always.
  14. hayshaker

    Any ride reports from the Green Dots yet?

    You missed the Army road cut off to the North. That would take you to Quilomene or Parke Creek. That piece of road does not show on your Trails mapping which may be using incomplete info. You were close ..
  15. hayshaker

    Any ride reports from the Green Dots yet?

    Nice little loop.