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  1. RigaMortise

    Crf Off Idle Bog

    I never did get the bog out. It is not a problem during my normal riding only when I am screwing around doing stupid things.
  2. RigaMortise

    05 CRF250R dynos

    Example: crf250r Gen 1 Price: $301 Core charge: $130 So what part of my homework is not accurate, weld grinds or $300? $171 and my cam still adds up to $301. The performance of your cam might not suit me and then it would cost me a $135+shipping from Service Honda. Go SPAM somewhere else! You Tool!
  3. RigaMortise

    05 CRF250R dynos

    I didn't say the cam was the problem. I thought it might be the cheapest fix, cheaper than better valves, springs and seats. Wouldn't a less aggressive cam be easier on valves, springs and seats? RHC refered to the '05 cam as a turd. Perhaps I took it out of context.
  4. RigaMortise

    05 CRF250R dynos

    This is an ugly thread. I could care less if crower would like to sell some cams. I'm not paying $300+ for a weld job. However, I bet there is something 99% of us could have learned by picking his brain. Now for some irresponsible speculation on my part. Has Honda toned down the cam on the '05 as a the cheapest fix for valve problems? This would increase the potential performane boost from a well designed aftermarket cam.
  5. RigaMortise

    04 or 05 250f for mx

    This has already been asked. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=201014&parentpage=2 '04 and $1700
  6. RigaMortise

    05 Crf250

    Why is everyone so sensitive? Yami's got nice motors, personally I don't care for the rest of the bike but I sure could have a lot of fun on one. The cam on the '05 has changed, perhaps it will extend valve life. Six hours, has he checked the valves, if not do it now . It is extremely easy and there is a detailed post at the top of this forumn.
  7. RigaMortise

    05 CRF's worth the extra $$$?

    I hope things work out better for you with the '05. Modern bearings are very reliable and when properly used it is rare for them to fail. Bet you it was your left side bearing. Twice? You are either : full of it, the unluckiest person on the planet, or running your chain to tight.
  8. RigaMortise

    05 CRF's worth the extra $$$?

    If they are both brand new it is a no brainer. I could have more fun with an '04 and an extra $1000 in my pocket. Custom suspension and headwork, bye bye '05.
  9. RigaMortise

    Anyone with a 2005 have problems?

    Its too early. Not enough bikes out there and not enough hours on them. Honda changed the cam, maybee it will float less and seat more gently. Honda better have used valves with a more durable coating or the same problems are likely to occur.
  10. RigaMortise

    4-Stroke Market Survey

    You need to combine it with other products, like hair in a can or a food dehydrater.
  11. RigaMortise

    Do you carry when you ride?

    For those of you considering a handgun to defend yourselves against a bear make sure you file the front site completely off............That way it hurts less when the bear takes it from you and shoves it up your arse!
  12. RigaMortise

    What was your first bike

    Honda SL70 Can't believe I broke my leg riding it(crappy suspension). That thing set my motorcycle carrier back a decade , forced to ride three wheelers for the remainder of my adolescence.
  13. RigaMortise

    05 or 04 CrF250R better

    Whoops it to 11000 then gets out pulled by 1.4 hp? That is conflicting information with what others have posted. Was the '04 fresh and properly jetted? The '04 should have overtaken the '05 at 6500.
  14. RigaMortise

    the '05 head on the '04

    For sx/mx I would like more hp from 6500 on up but I would prefer not to give up much more low.( Dr.D cost me a little) I don't want a narrow peaked max hp. I would still like to keep a fairly broad power band that pulls harder and farther. As far as the '04 vs. '05 head I thought it might be more economical to purchase and flow the '05 than to fill and shape the '04. How about some specifics from the builder/tuners what effect would a extensive port job have on hp throughout the powerband?
  15. RigaMortise

    the '05 head on the '04

    So would it be less costly to buy an '05 head and have it ported or just have an '04 head ported. I'm talking about an extensive port job.