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  1. JakeAcab

    remove a modification?

    A chain isnt a mod, thats just something that makes the bike work!
  2. JakeAcab

    Supercross the movie.

    You seriously thought it was gonna be good?
  3. JakeAcab

    Anyone tried alloy gear ???

    Its baggy around the knees for knee braces you know that right
  4. JakeAcab

    a couple of my racing pics

    Ew mud racing sucks. Cool pics though
  5. JakeAcab

    random pic

    Are you hloding hands in the last one?
  6. I was being sarcastic, sitting is alot more slower and trust me the pros are standing up alot, its the tracks. They are putting in alot mor turns and not as much high speed stuff like they used to.
  7. Yeah sitting makes you faster waaaaaaaaaaaaay faster
  8. JakeAcab

    how to level the bike out in the air

    Or you can just level your bike out wuith yoru muscles in your body?
  9. JakeAcab

    Highpoint Predictions

    I LOVE how people forget how bad ricky did his first season of 250 sx. Just give bubba time.
  10. JakeAcab

    Lets see your photochopped pics

    anyone see winner takes all? looks exactly like the one bike in the end.
  11. JakeAcab

    **official Pic** 2006 Yz250

    Doesnt look like anything new on the outside which is a good thing. Why mess with perfection
  12. JakeAcab

    Langston and Alessi Video

    Yeah Ive been hearing how dirty it was but man, that looked like a clean move.
  13. JakeAcab

    Watch that drop off!

    Ha exactly what I was thing. Man what a retard.
  14. JakeAcab

    A Few Things About Bubba

    With what happened to magoo, I think its smart for a person to pull off at that speed if they feel they are in danger.