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  1. Rooster72

    How far can you go?

    The more the merrier I say, but prob right.
  2. Rooster72

    How far can you go?

    The more the merrier I say, but prob right.
  3. Rooster72

    Looking to hear from some MOAB riders

    Depends on equipment and ability. There's everything from super gnarly to easy stuff like the 100 mile White Rim trail, which btw is a must do IMO for a leisurely family ride day. Ride Grand Junction behind the airport off 27-1/4 road, your welcome!
  4. Rooster72

    Hammerhead soliciting for reviews?

    What a bunch of Hammerheads!
  5. Rooster72

    How far can you go?

    Do yourself a favor and buy an oversized clear tank to extend your ride and just use your head. For example: if you're riding steadily away from home base and you've used half your fuel.... turn around and head back.
  6. I have different cans and use my photographic memory as my guide.
  7. Rooster72

    heavy motocross boots

    Boots aren't something that you want to sacrifice safety with a little weight savings. I'm in tech 10's and don't see myself dropping beneath a 7 no matter what type of riding I'm doing.
  8. Rooster72

    Looking at a New Africa Twin.

    either one of those bikes will chew up 400 miles like nothing and fit a great trail ride in to boot!
  9. Rooster72

    Looking at a New Africa Twin.

    First off a AT is not a dual sport.. I ride a KTM 990 for Adv and trail rigged CRF 450r for the rest. They feel totally different off-road and yep you will crash it and damage it if you push it. Oh yeah, tires LOL you will destroy them at a rate you've never seen before and you should plan to spend a couple grand just on gear and a few more k for bike upgrades (i.e. panniers, lights, and some other protective items). Have fun and welcome to the washed up mx'r club!!
  10. Greetings from Colorado! We're in our Artic months right now so here I sit surfing through TT. The pictures of Cleveland off-road look pretty cool, I'd of never thought about good riding there. I'd kill for an overnight ride right now!!
  11. Rooster72

    Early mid-life crisis?

    Welcome to the club, that is almost a carbon copy story from many of us!!
  12. I lived in Orlando my entire life with the exception of the last 2 years in Colorado. Yep winter sucks out here for bikes, but the riding is so damn good when you can go it's worth the wait for me. Yeah I know, I do some skiing and snow machines are fun but it's not dirt biking!
  13. I guess if I have to I'll go Honda for mx, my KTM is a 990
  14. I guess if I have to I'll go Honda for mx, my KTM is a 990