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  1. Heys guys i'm going against my husband and others in this consest on this who has the best graphic's . I need some help to win . If you could please like my graphic's on my KTM that's all I'd need . It's the round 3 entry . My husband says I have a better chance if I share a video so heres my last ride on video in December . Thank you all who can help ​
  2. angel4no1

    MX "Graphics for Life" Round 3 Winner Announced!

    I still cannot believe how much these colors pop! best graphics kit EVER!!!
  3. angel4no1

    Asking friends to help my wife out today

    just wanted to show my husbands bike next to mine. they both look so sweet. MotoFXgraphics makes the sweetest kit around!!
  4. angel4no1

    MotoFX Graphics Custom MX Graphics

    This is the nicest kit i've seen. Comes in a perfect template. And the applicators make it so easy to install! The colors absolutely just pop! I am so happy with this kit!
  5. angel4no1

    Asking friends to help my wife out today

    Thanks for all the support in Round 3 of MotoFXGraphics Contest the kit came in and looks great !!!
  6. angel4no1

    MX "Graphics for Life" Round 3 Winner Announced!

    Thanks to everyone who voted for me . The graphics kit looks awesome
  7. want to thank all the riders that voted for me..especially rmzpegger!! i truly appreciate your vote and your support! thank you so much for helping me get some new graphics! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
  8. angel4no1

    Asking friends to help my wife out today

    I want to thank everyone who voted for my bike!!! you guys are so awesome in coming together to help a friend out!! THE BIGGEST THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME WIN!! YOU GUYS ALL ROCK!!!!! pictures are coming as soon as the graphics kit comes in!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
  9. Thanks !!! My husband put a lowering link in and raised the forks" I think "to lower my bike . It feels faster but not really lower . He wants to lower my seat but I think that will change the way it feels when I'm sitting and I like the way it feels as is .
  10. I entered the motofxgraphics contest last month and lost it to my husband . I'm proud of him but now round 3 is here and i have another chance . So I'm asking my fellow KTM Riders to help me win this sucker this month . All i need is "likes" on my design I summited . here is a picture of it . So if you could please go to the Graphics for life topic in the general dirt bike discussion and click like on my design post#10 I would be super thankful here is a link to help get you there http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1135840-motocross-graphics-for-life-contest-round-3/ On another note I'd like to share a video my hubby made of my adventure i had last Sunday . I've been riding a dirt bike almost a year and am having the best time . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT5gNIYrDZ8
  11. angel4no1

    Which 450 for desert?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkqEfRT9MF0 Desert racing...high top banshee!!! GIVE IT UP!!!
  12. angel4no1

    Which 450 for desert?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITr2mSd81dI so at the motocross track..totally awesome but not better than montessa!!
  13. angel4no1

    Which 450 for desert?

    I'm with these guys. My banshee is faster than anything in the dirt. Even sand rails shiver in the plight of my banshee. So people think she's a dinosaur. Very few have the balls to ride a T. rex. Get it on
  14. angel4no1

    banshee price?

    Just to let you know. The price beyond 4k may not be worth it. But I love my banshee. She speaks the same language I do. And that is worth the extra 1k put into building her into a 400. Be proud to have a banshee. It's not everyday you get to ride A trex and blow your own and everyone else's mind. Proud to ride a banshee. Mines 2003