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  1. aussiethumper

    CR500 top end on a WR400 bottom end?

    The good book say the 400 has the following; Std p/n 16 14 578-01 82.50mm 1st p/n 16 14 578-02 83.00mm 2nd p/n 16 14 578-03 83.50mm Hope that helps.
  2. aussiethumper

    CR500 top end on a WR400 bottom end?

    No, very different. I just had a look at the parts book and they have different barrels, bores, stroke & crank length. CR gearbox is 4 speed, all looks the same but CR has diff part nos to WR & XC so must be diff as well.
  3. aussiethumper

    Help with 430 auto trans

    Any luck with the Auto? (I have the exact same bike and am keen to know how you have got on). BTW - are you still running univis?
  4. aussiethumper

    Glen Helen AMA National MX,,big news fans!

    At last !
  5. aussiethumper

    08 Dirt Action 450cc Enduro shootout

    Hey guys, just cruise on over to the Aussie Husky importers website; Here is the link. http://www.husqvarnamotorcycles.com.au/pdf/2008/Test_TE450_DirtAction_2.pdf You can read it online, along with the ADB test. Both magazines are giving heaps of respect to the news Husky's.
  6. aussiethumper

    Easton EXP bars mounted.

    What bar will pad fit? (mandatory in Aussie MX)
  7. aussiethumper

    Husqvarna in MX1

    About time. Lets hope BMW chip in some money for an MX1 team. If Aprilia & TM can do it?
  8. aussiethumper

    Tom Cruise rides a Husky!

    Before everyone decides to sink the boot into TC, remember the quote, "....every now and then when I think the world is a bad place, then I see people out having fun riding dirt bike, and think that the world is not such a bad place after all..." something like that, spoken by that other famous Hollywood actor / Husky rider. That movie started all this for me - Go figure.....
  9. aussiethumper

    Fork Braces/Blocks??

    I've just started using them. The diferrence they make to ensuring my bike is rock steady in my trailer is unreal. It stops the front end from bouncing around and the front wheel slipping out, the alternative is to crank the straps down really tight which can't be good for your seals or you tripple clamps/fork alignment. I won't ever tie my bike down without one in the future.
  10. aussiethumper

    Tc 450 rear suspension

    What year TC? Standard or modded suspension?
  11. aussiethumper

    ADB 450 enduro shootout

    Hey dudes, don't despair. Read all the aussie magazine reviews on the Aussie Husky website. http://www.husqvarnamotorcycles.com.au/news_show.php?nr=36&bez=Shootout%20TE%20250 Interesting to read how well the new TE250 rated against the others, came second behind the WRF250.
  12. aussiethumper

    '87 Husky 510TX lighting???

    I have a aircooled 1983 TE510 and I installed an ignition system & wiring harness, switches etc from a wrecked 1993 TE610 husky (Ducati Electronica I think? - or whatever it is that comes on the 93 models). Fitted straight on, flywheel shaft & taper the same. Couldn't beileve my luck. I'd suspect all swedish derived husky 4 strokes from 83 all the way through to the current 610's to be the same.
  13. aussiethumper

    Te 250 Blow Up

    Hi Dave, Learning from your experiences, your recomendation is "...use the 05 guides and turn the OD of those intakes guides to the same as the 04." So what you are saying is to turn the intake guides down to the same dia as the 04's, do you think there is there enough meat on the guides for this? I assume you then use stock husky '05 valves, seals, seats - what else do you need to change over from '04 to '05? Cheers Paul
  14. aussiethumper

    Athena 300kit in a TE250 *2008* ?

    I wonder if you can fit the 300 kit to a TC450, ie downgrade?
  15. aussiethumper

    The Baja 1000 and Mike Kay

    Why doesn't MK rejoin as "Ekim Yak", we all know who it is, right? That Swedish guy who rides Huskies....