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  1. Kdxyardsale is right. $10 dollar socket set not good for anything.
  2. cabledog

    Yz 85 powerband Trouble- please help!

    No power valve on that one. Assume he's lying about rebuild. Pay him $400 for it and fix it or keep looking.
  3. cabledog

    Yz 85 powerband Trouble- please help!

    What year? I think only newer yz85s have a power valve.
  4. cabledog

    Sidi Knock-Offs

    Let us know what happens, I looked at their feedback. Looks suspicious with generic repeated feedback responses on key chains.
  5. cabledog

    Yamaha ttr125

    Its a 2008 and i paid $50 Awesome deal
  6. This topic could be a lot of fun to follow. Moderators, please move this back to general discussion.it'll be great
  7. cabledog

    Yamaha ttr125

    I don't have any pics right now. Let us know if you get it running. You need clutch perch,lever,cable,throttle and cable.who knows what else. Choke and choke cable. What did you pay for it? What year is it? I tried swapping my rear sprockets once and found bolt pattern configuration was different on each bike.
  8. cabledog

    Yamaha ttr125

    Those are good bikes. I have two. Hope you have the rear wheel.
  9. cabledog

    Ttr125L won't start after rebuild

    Did you have cam Sprocket cover off to make sure you're at TDC?
  10. cabledog

    400ex won’t start

    A little history please. Did it run last week? Did you just buy it? Been sitting for a year?
  11. cabledog

    Gearbox problem

    Partzilla.com has oem that shows what other years use same part numbers
  12. I'll assume you're mixing oil with your gas, what kind? Hard to tell on that pic, but yeah, piston looks "ruff". May need a replate and new piston. I agree with previous reply that torn intake caused lean condition. Check for crank up down play when you pull that cylinder off and spins around without binding.
  13. cabledog

    Honda 300 fourtrax

    Is your cdi an oem or Chinese knock off?
  14. cabledog

    2009 RMZ 450 shuts off after 2-5 mins of running

    Does it start right back up, or do you have to wait awhile? Sounds electrical, high open in plug wire or coil that goes out after it warms up? Testing with meter might and might not find your problem. Rmatv has YouTube videos on testing different parts. Someone with more knowledge than me will chime in soon I'm sure.