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  1. bigbully

    Setting Accelerator pump adjustment screw

    Yes. The slide controls how much air you let into the motor. You can see it clearly when you look into the carb where the airbox attaches to it.
  2. bigbully

    California DMV Fees

    I did some checking into this... the license fee is what's doubling. This is only a portion of the total registration fee. It's a big portion, but for most it will translate to about a 50% increase in the total registration and not double. Also, the license fee is the portion you can deduct on your tax return every year. Don't get me wrong, it still sucks!
  3. bigbully

    California City To primm.......for steak!!!!!

    I can't wait to see the pics.
  4. bigbully

    Red sticker

    I believe you have to get a visitor's sticker which has different restrictions. Try a search for visitor sticker maybe.
  5. bigbully

    California City To primm.......for steak!!!!!

    To everyone who's making this ride. Good luck, have fun, be safe.
  6. bigbully

    Setting Accelerator pump adjustment screw

    105 is huge! 60 will help, but you should try to get the 40 if you can. Stock LJ is 70 (I think) i put on a 50 at first and had much better luck with the 40.
  7. bigbully

    Setting Accelerator pump adjustment screw

    The "play" JD is talking about is when you lift the slide up to the point where the squirt would just miss it. The best way to do this is to stick an allen wrench next to the tube that squirts the fuel. The thickness of the wrench should hold the slide at the top edge of the tube. Now remove the "play" on the AP screw by tightening it. Once you're done, the squirt should just miss the slide when you wack the throttle. Now you need to have the squirt long enough to prevent bog. You can adjust this by using smaller leak jets or changing diaphragms. The #40 leak jet is usually perfect for the 250s. Part #s are located at thumperfaq.com
  8. bigbully

    Camping Just North of Dove Springs

    I hear ya. I got tough skin and wasn't thinking you came on strong. Don't sweat it. I got a kid on the way myself and am wondering where she's going to be able to ride when the time comes. Seems like Cal City is really the only kid friendly area these days.
  9. bigbully

    Camping Just North of Dove Springs

    I completely agree, but I just wanted to make sure that he had all of the info.
  10. bigbully

    Camping Just North of Dove Springs

    That's not completely accurate. You CAN ride around camp, but only in the "open" riding areas. If you camp beyond those areas, then you are restricted.
  11. bigbully

    What is a BRAND NEW 2006 WR250F worth?

    i bought mine new in late 06 for $5300 OTD and a buddy just bought an 08 WR450 for $4999 OTD. I'd say no more than $4000-4300 OTD.
  12. bigbully

    Huge Sale on Yamahas

    That is good. I paid more than that for my '06 WR250 in late '06
  13. bigbully

    Huge Sale on Yamahas

    what are the OTD prices?
  14. bigbully

    Oil Won't Drain

    that's definitely out of the ordinary. i don't get anything out of the frame unless i warm it up. I'd say if nothing comes out on the bottom after warming it up, you need to take it to a shop that can flush it. You might have sludge or something if the bike has been sitting or you don't ride that often.