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  1. GreggT

    DeadENgine Start

    On my Yz450R 03 my dead engine starts are pathetic. Russ Pearson on the same bike usually lines up next to me and I'm still kicking when he gets to the bomb. I need help! An good pointers. Gregg
  2. GreggT

    Hot Start

    YZ450F hot start button. The one that came on the bike seems useless. I replaced it with the one from ZIP Ty yesterday. Question: I know if you stall when the bike is hot it is supposed to help. What about dead engine starts? Do you warm the bike up good and use the Hot Start? Warm it good and not use the hot start? Have it semi cool and use the choke? OR WHAT??? Cold my bike starts easy, warm you just never know, hot can take 5 minutes. HELP me please, I've fallen and I can't get up. Gregg
  3. I have the RG. I think the biggest plus with it is the feeling of protection. I think I go faster because I feel safer. With a t-shirt under it and a vented jersey racing desert I have never felt "hot" even though the t-shirt was very wet after an event. We'll see come warm weather but in my opinion the saftey is worth a bit of warm.
  4. GreggT

    AUTO CLUTCH...revloc vs Rekluce

    I really like my Recluse/ I guess my only complaint is not being able to pop the clutch start after a stall.
  5. GreggT

    03 yz 450 exhaust question

    I have the FMF Q and am very happy with it.
  6. GreggT

    YZF450 handling

    I race desert D-37 on an 03 YZ450F. When I first got the bike I had the same problem. Number one: they don't turn the same way a 2 stroke does and it takes a while to get it. I pushed the forks down flush on top, set the sag at 1 inch and took all the compression out of the front with only 4 clicks in the back. That is after Acme made it as soft as he could. You need to get your body up over the front to lighten the rear and use the throttle to bring the back around. Don't give up it just takes some practice.
  7. GreggT


    I don't agree. It will build off road just as super cross has built up moto cross. Gregg Turk www.summitchurchwithoutwalls.org
  8. GreggT

    450F Air Screw

    Well, The URL you referred me to calls it an air screw. But Fuel or air what ever. If it run clean with the needle all the way in I suspect I need to go to a smaller jet.....right? Gregg
  9. I can turn the needle valve (Zip Ty) all the way in and all the way out (2.5 turns) with no appreciable difference, I'm thinking the jet is to big. Any help? I notice that jet is not part of your kit. I race desert. Thanks, Gregg
  10. GreggT

    450F Air Screw

    I can turn my air screw ALL the way in without much difference. What is it telling me? Is the jet too rich?
  11. Ty Davis, (my neighbor) told me they thought they had a fixed for o5. Any idea what is dfferent?
  12. What about stalling and Hot staarting?
  13. I read someone is doing an electric start conversion for the YZ anybody know anything about it?
  14. GreggT

    Setting Fuel needle on 450F

    Thank you, that is JUST what I needed.
  15. Everyone talks about setting the fuel needle but nobody is saying how. With the bike idling and you're turning the needle in and out, what are we looking for? Idle changing? What is the range 1 turn out to 3 turns out?