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  1. Just going over all the options but one thing that is frustrating is I can not preview what the final product will look like. So who do you use for back grounds and how do you like them? If posible post a pic to give us an idea of what they look like and contact info of the company, turn around time, price, etc. Thanks P.S. This is for my 2008 XC 450.
  2. Just got rid of an RMZ for a KTM. Also had a KXF 250. I would say the KTM 450 SXF is an improvement over both. Verry smooth power, but not as heavy as the RMZ. Never had any problems with it, just feel better on the KTM.

    Gone Orange! 2008 450 XC-F

    I used the FMF Q4. Realy liked it.

    Who is the KTM 4-Stroke Expert?

    DO you have a cc limit. If not, you could build a 574 stroker out of the 525.

    '08 XCF505, Any Feedback???

    I am coming off a 450 SXF and am just about to pick up a XC next weekWhich I was lucky enough to test ride last month). I came off several Honda's including a CRF 450. I have to say I am staying with the KTM for several reasons. I love the E-button, and the suspension on the 08 XC is plusher than my friends 07 CRF. The gearing on the KTM is more user friendly and it doesnt eat valves(I know, major debate). The KTM has better hardware but the KTM is a tad more money so comes out 6's in the end. My dealer sells Honda and KTM so dealer is not an issue. The KTM has smoother power, but still has just as much or more than the other bikes. The motors are about bullet proof(at least mine has been). There are a few things I dont care for on the KTM like the number plates and the hard seat, but I put on a taller seat any way. I love the hydrolic clutch, I mean realy love it.Oh yah, and I like orange.

    2008 KTM pictures here !

    Yep. 530XCW as well.

    Who makes the longest riding pants?

    Yes, they make a tall. I am 6'3" and they are good on me, but cant say for 6'6". 208-552-7533

    new to KTM's

    Glad to hear you like the 450. I have 27 hrs on mine and love it. The bike can run hot with stock jetting as the factory sets them to lean for emisions reasons. If you jet up, that should cure the problem. zi run a 180 main at 4700FT with the needle in the 3rd from the top so you will need a bigger main and richer needle clip than me. Probably a 185. I have not lost any bolts, but I check them about every other ride. I have installed lock tight on the shifter bolt, sprocket bolts and sub frame bolts. I tried race fuel, with the stock jetting and it did cool it down a little, but didnt do much for the power. Once I re-jetted it, 91 octane seemd to be the best for overall running and power. The motor just doesnt have a high enough compresion ratio at my elevation(4700FT) to utilize race fuel. I did however like the oxiginated fuel(VP U4). I could definatly tell a diferance with this fuel, and had to jet up two sizes. The filter is only trick the first time. If you look at the filter frame one side has a lip that sticks out. When you install the filter you can butt the lip up against the back inside edge of the filter opening. Once you have The filter sucured with the holder, pull up and away on the edge of the filter with you fingers verry lightly and work your way all around the edge of the filter to see if the filter will seperate from the filter-to-air box seal. If it does not, than you have a good seal.If it does pull away, than you did not get the filter fram to drop into the opening. Hope this helps.

    2008 KTM pictures here !

    The xc 450 will be just as the 07 SXF 450 only with a 5 speed, lighting coil, 18' rear, and kick stand. I rode the 08 450 xc back to back with my 07 sxf 450 last week and the next morning I ordered the 2008 xc 450. I loved it. I do about 80% moto and 20% fast trail so the xc is perfect for me. The suspension was much more plush than the sxf, which I realy liked. I was a bit softer, but it handlesd the flat landings on the track great. I just cant beleive how flat the bike stayed in the rough stuff.no rear end kick like my sxf had when I first got it. KTM has a new 450 motor in 2008 going in the xc-w. The bottom end will be from the 07 SXF, only with a 5 speed, but the top end will be a version of the RFS motor, with the longer stoke than the SXF. All XC's and XC-W will be in the SXF chassis. I also was able to ride the 2008 200 XC and the 2008 KLX 450. Both bikes worked well. The KLX was suprisingly close to an EXC. I was impressed. I still prefer the KTM as it has a roomier cockpit and fits my tall stature better.
  10. Already did this. Nothing in the manual. I will look for the grey wire and try both options. Thank you.
  11. How do I hook it up? I know it has to do with switching a wire, but not sure how. Thanks.
  12. I just cant get over how much I love this bike. Coming off of a 2006 250 SXF and a 2006 CRF 450. I loved my Honda, but this KTM has a TON of touque! The thing is awsome in the corners and in the sand. Plus, it has the E-button. Works great. I loved My 250 SXF so I had to try the 450 SXF and am glad I did. The thing is a holeshot machine. Much easier to ride than my Honda was. The suspension was a bit trickier to dial, but I figured that out and it rides quit nice now. The bike is easy to service and turns on a dime.
  13. Thats to bad. Now that I have have my 450 SXF(07), I would not go back to my Honda. All you have to do is set it up right. It is not a Honda so don't try to set it up like it is.

    07 SX-F 450 Pipe

    Where are you getting 99? From a stock 450? White bro's checked the DB on the stock 450 and got 94.6. The only stock bike that was quiter was the YZ 450 at 94.3.