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  1. Hi, does anyone know if OEM rings will fit a ProX piston? My proX piston has an A stamped on the top does that mean it is 100mm exactly?
  2. roj0000

    Home made oil sight tube designs?

    I guess you don't have an over size tank and steering damper, if you did you would understand, even if you have the stock tank and you use the bike every day on the road you would also understand why it is important.
  3. roj0000

    Home made oil sight tube designs?

    Good info!
  4. roj0000

    Home made oil sight tube designs?

    What type of tube did you use?
  5. I am looking for a service manual for my ohlins MX 2.1 steering damper, does anyone have one or details of how to change the oil/clean and know what oil to use? And how to pressurerise it?
  6. Does anyone sell spacers to addapt CRF X wheels to fit the xr650r? Or have the dimensions to make them?
  7. roj0000

    Ricky stator V Baja Designs stator XR650R

    Do you know for sure that your BD rewind actually makes 2 X 125w. I have had people tell me it's more like 2 X 100w.
  8. I need to upgrade my XR650R stator for street/ adventure riding. Am I best to go with the 200w Ricky stator or the Baja Designs 250w stator? I understand the Baja Designs is 125w AC + 125w DC but the Ricky stator is 200w DC. Can anyone recommend what the best one to go for would be and why?
  9. I am looking for a more comfortable seat for my BRP. I spend one 5 hours a week on it and the stock foam is not cutting it, and I am looking at doing some long adventure rides. most important of all it has to look good! Can anyone recommend a better seat?
  10. roj0000

    Xr650r Supermoto suspension set up

    So would you say shorting the shock would be worthwhile?
  11. I am setting my xr650r up for Street riding with 17's. What do I need to do to make the suspension work properly with the 17's? And what are the best tire profiles to use? I am guessing I need to lower the back?
  12. It is a 2010 husky wr250 48mm KYB open chamber, I have hear that they were stock on KX's in the early 2000's So if I want the forks to be stiffer at fast speed would I make shim adjustments to the mid valve? and adjustments to the base valve for lower speed?
  13. Hi I have a set of low hour KYB 48mm open chamber forks that I am maxed out on clickers and need the fork to be stiffer, I am looking to stiffen up the middle of the stroke, I am very happy with how they work going over roots and rocks and I do not want to change that part of how they work. I have gone one spring rate softer than stock to match my weight. I have a good understanding for how the base valve works but I do not understand what part the mid valve plays. should I be adjusting the mid valve or base valve or both?