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  1. The Aluminum frame bikes have a slightly longer throttle cable. I had to remove the lock nut (where you adjust slack at the top of the carb) to get a cable from my 2002 to work on my 2014. Otherwise whenever I turned the bars past 2:00 it would pull the slide up.
  2. The pilot jet is clogged, while your at it might as well take the bowl off and clean the power jet and all passages.
  3. If you have a hanging idle that won't go away with going to 1 turn out on the air screw go to a 48 pilot.
  4. Check your reeds first. Then the float height next check the fuel inlet needle. Sometimes the needles wear just enough to not leak fuel out of the carb but let too much fuel in the bowl.
  5. The 99-02's exhaust ports are a half mm lower than the 03 and newer (They made the change to increase top end) And they added length to the reed block to make up for the lost low end that came with the increased top end. However what all that means is actually very little in my experience you can easily make one shine over the other in whatever range you want. Get whatever bike is cleanest in your price range and you can make it whatever you want for very little money and all the research has already been done by other people.
  6. I usually race motocross but I would definitely put on a big tank and skid plate plus change my gearing just for this one race. I remember watching the Blackwater on VHS. It's been so long since I thought about it that I forgot I always wanted to go.
  7. Are the reeds in it for the correct year?
  8. I usually ride the bike throughout the process. So I don't lose much if any ride time. The longest I have ever had the bike out of comission was 2 weeks and that's always when it's 15° out and there is snow on the ground. Then again I have been told for as long as I can remember. "You are smart but, you do some dumb sh*t".
  9. Most people say they R doesn't make a difference but in my experience it does. My 02 ran like it was way rich at wot. The plug actually caused interference without the resistor.I haven't fouled a plug in years. I just change them when I realize it's been 40 or 50 hours since I put a new one in.
  10. Moto 186 without gear. Yes that spring
  11. I have searched this forum high and low for the answer to the above problems and tried pretty much every solution I found with some improvement but I could never get it where I was comfortable. I have sat on the tank elbows up, drug the front brake, went softer on fork springs, went up and down on the shock spring and sag, dropped the forks in triple clamps, raised to forks in the clamps, played with oil volume, changed front tires and the list goes on and on, I tried one last thing before I had it revalved (and if that didn't work I was going to 22.5 clamps) and it solved the problem. I put 1.7 springs in the inner chamber and now it turns like my RM used to (just without the headshake). The stock inner chamber springs are 2.2 Race Tech recommends that rate for a 240 pound rider. I weigh 186 so I went to 1.7 (I appreciate all the information Race Tech but the Factory Connection springs were closer to your recommendation for my weight and riding conditions then the 1.6 you offer. All the other springs came from you guys though!) The stock spring being too stiff coupled with the fact that the free piston mod allows the inner chamber pressure to increase even more than it is designed to (although there is some debate about that) makes changing these spring almost a necessity. I know many people feel like the YZ turns fine and I'm sure it does for a lot of guys it just did not suit my style at all. I love everything else about the YZ though so this is the second one I have owned in the last 6 years. I will have to ride them back to back to verify but I'm pretty sure my 2014 now turns better than my revalved steel frame 02. I'm just putting this info out there because there are quite a few threads about trying to get a YZ to turn and the inner chamber springs are rarely mentioned.
  12. Get a mityvac. I drove myself crazy trying to get my front brake caliper to pressurize. I tried every trick in the book and nothing. After spending $35.00 on the mityvac and it was problem solved in 10 minutes.
  13. I have never sent a cylinder to powerseal but, all the cylinders I have seen from them looked so good that even though I have had good experiences with others my next re-plate is going there.
  14. I have 2 bikes with 295 kits. One has .055 squish the other 0.52. The bike with .055 has 242 psi cold and the one with .052 has 230. I don't think compression is your issue. It's either fuel related or something else completely.
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