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  1. fershy

    upgraded stator on 99WR400

    The rotor is fine and does not need to be replaced. Buy the stator and consider upgrading to the 2000 regulator to handle the higher 130 W capacity. fershy
  2. fershy

    Can I repack an FMF Q?

    Hey VeloCT great follow up, thanks for that. It looks like FMF have evolved their packing systems. I noticed when I took mine apart there was a stainless steel wool blanket protecting the fibreglass packing. Makes sense, I am sure it lasts alot longer than previous packings. fershy
  3. Does anyone have a link to a 2007 WR450 Microfiche online yet? I have tried all my bookmarked sites but no luck. fershy
  4. fershy

    HELP Yoshimura Tri Oval

    Mount locations will be off. You'll need to modify the mounts on the midpipe and cannister. fershy
  5. fershy

    WR426 fuel tank on a YZ

    WR tanks are a time a dozen on Ebay. If you have ever riden a WR with that tank you would know why they can be had for a song. Better advise.... get yourself an IMS or Acerbis oversize tank and keep that YZ seat. The ergonomics are night and day better. fershy
  6. fershy

    Considering a rebuild-TI or SS valves?

    Just a quick piece of succinct advise before you unload your cash. "If it aint broke don't fix it." fershy
  7. fershy

    98 or 99 wr400?

    The 98 had a black hot start button on the carb the 99, a red one on the 99. Not a fool proof id, but a quick way to check. fershy
  8. fershy

    oem engine parts best prices

    A word from the wise....Make sure you have them sent via US Postal service and insure it for the full amount. If you sent the parts via UPS you can kiss away all your savings because of their outrageous brokerage prep fees. fershy
  9. fershy

    2007 WR Headlight

    I would be interested in getting some feedback from those of you that have a 2007 in regards to the headlight as compared to the older style. I think the headlight remained unchanged from 2006-1998. Perhaps they used different wattage bulbs throughout its history, I am not sure. I really like the looks of the 2007 headlight and wonder if the optics are better than the previous? I have been trying to get a price online but no one seems to have the fiche available for the 07 WR450 yet. Those of you that have experience with both care to comment? thanks, fershy
  10. Me too, I'd like to adapt it to my WR400f. Anyone have a part # for the Euro spec light? What is the 07 headlight worth? I have tried to find a price on the US model headlight but no one seems to have a parts fiche for the 2007 WR online. fershy http://www.rsracing.cz/15.1.2007_YAMAHA_WR_2007/slides/93.html
  11. fershy

    How about it, best pipe for 2001 wr426f

    I have tested the Big Gun system, OEM YZ pipe and the Power Core IV on my WR400f. I now have a FMF quiet Core but have not tested yet. Most top end from the FMF, (also the loudest.) Best bang for the buck, the stock YZ silencer. fershy
  12. fershy

    WR450 assault on Dakar

    It is my understanding that this is actually a mandated provision for potable water. Minumum 3L on board the motorcycle for safety reasons. fershy
  13. Check Ebay, I have seen a fella trying to unload his DSP box without too much success. http://cgi.ebay.com/DSP-carbon-airbox-power-now-WR426-WR-YZ-426-400-250_W0QQitemZ140061924105QQihZ004QQcategoryZ122304QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem fershy ps enter Item number: 140061924105 in the ebay search
  14. fershy

    24 hr race on a WR?

    130 watts on the 2000 WR. fershy
  15. fershy

    Help Me Mount My New Vapor

    Steve like the setup. I am using RG3 clamps that have the allen heads flush mounted in the clamps. Not sure how this would work with this setup though. Anyone with a similar setup care to comment? fershy