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  1. coopou812


    The pass Mookie made on Bogle was one of the highlights of this season.
  2. coopou812


    After watching the Wild Magoo video, I'm reconsidering Mookie on a 450. I'm afraid he wouldn't close the throttle.
  3. coopou812

    Great Racing Story

    Good deal. I searched Magoo and didn't see it.
  4. coopou812


    I like the nickname "Mookie." Now "Booger" on the other hand....
  5. coopou812


    He's probably riding so much tail it's ridiculous.
  6. coopou812

    Motocross Great Racing Story

    This is a great watch on Danny "Magoo" Chandler. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii4KmR8P6o4
  7. coopou812

    Stewart god comment

    A hypothesis on the God comments at the races. Maybe there is a lottery on who's going to give the big ups to the G man at each event. I notice that only one rider per event makes a God comment. Maybe he (or a rep) sponsors the top riders and then taps one to give him some praise on tv.
  8. coopou812

    Stewart god comment

    What are the ties between the Pope and KFC...... the face of a saint will appear on a chicken piece at every KFC location and draw crowds, then sell it on ebay
  9. coopou812


    Maybe he needs some trail riding in his program.
  10. coopou812


    I was rooting for him. I like his style. I too, hope he can figure it out to run up front. Maybe a 450 is the solution.
  11. coopou812

    Stewart god comment

    I thought he might be poking fun at MA because the last couple of post race interviews MA has been thanking god. MA said something like, we praise him when we win and when we lose. Anyway, that's what came to mind when JS said it. The Kevin Harvey skit is funny.
  12. coopou812

    GPR v1

    70mm from center to center. I have my V1 off the bike and I measured with a caliper. Please click the "Like This" button if you found this helpful.
  13. coopou812

    Stuck linkage bolt

    I have had luck with bolts like this using heat and PB blaster. I'll heat the aluminum with a propane torch to the point where water will sizzle on it. While it's cooling, spray some PB blaster on it. Then before it fully cools down try and remove it. If it doesn't move, rinse lather, and repeat. Each time it's heated and cools, expansion and contraction, some of the bonds holding it together are broken. Try not to go ape shet on it. If it doesn't go today, come back tomorrow, and the next day, etc... It will go. Linky no worky
  14. coopou812

    Chemical Treatment - Cases?

    That subdued look made me think of a rust treatment I used on a frame. Apply it and leave it overnight, then primer. It turns the rust black (supposedly iron). So I tried it last night with and old clutch basket. The right side was treated and the left side was not. Notice some of the over spray on the left side. After the treatment I went back with a polishing wheel and cleaned up a small area at about the 3 o'clock position. So it's just a reaction with the surface and not affect the internal side. It's Phosphoric Acid. The stuff I have is from Ace called OSPHO by SKYCO. 32 oz for about $10.
  15. coopou812

    1995 cr250r motor in a bag

    ^ ^ ^ YUUUP!