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  1. sharpie1

    Kennedy Meadows question

    Perfect, thanks. I sure dont wont haul water up there coming from 395.
  2. sharpie1

    California Kennedy Meadows question

    Is there somewhere up there to fill a toy hauler up with water?
  3. sharpie1

    Going to Sand Mountain this weekend.

    I hope you like crowds and quads.
  4. sharpie1

    Dealer Rant: Michael's PowerSports Reno

    When I had my Suzuki I used to have to get parts from them and they stocked nothing, plus it took forever to get parts. I do buy oil from them only because they are close to my house. I thought they where bad until I tried getting Husky parts from Cycles and Gear, completely worthless shop unless your want anything Polaris or Victory, they really dont support the brand, I cant even get an oil filter for my TE450. I sure would like to support local business but if they cant deliver than I must go elsewhere. I now support MotoXotica for all my parts and my last and next bike, I can order from them and they usually have what I need the next day. It seems like the only good dirtbike shop (that sells bikes and stocks parts) in Reno is NMS but I dont ride a KTM.
  5. sharpie1

    Riding near Reno?

    Where we stage for the Pinenuts is about 40 minutes south of Reno, my favorite area around here is Downieville which is a little over an hour to drive to where we stage. We also do a little riding right out of the house and head up towards Truckee, there is some good trails in the area but you have to ride with someone that knows the area to find most of them.
  6. sharpie1

    Riding near Reno?

    It depends on what type of riding you do, I live in Reno but rarely ride here except in the winter, I would consider myself a woods rider and travel to the Sierras to ride the mountains or south to the Pinenuts for some trees and singletrack.
  7. When I got my bike converted I was also told Nevada does require front and rear brake light switches along with other things I would consider trivial. The funny thing is the only thing they looked for at the DMV when they did my VIN inspection was DOT tires. It seems the dealer inspections, at least the one I got, was pretty strict, they had a checklist of everything that was required.
  8. sharpie1

    starting 09 te450 in gear

    No safety switch that I know of, mine will start in gear, it's just a bit tougher, these bikes have a bit of clutch drag that makes it harder to start. I figure you already disconnected the clutch switch and the tip sensor?
  9. sharpie1

    Riding around reno

    I have to work the 8th but I could probably do the 9th. You need a plate for that loop and it would be 80 to 100 miles and most of the day with a mix of 2 track and single track and rocky crap with minimal pavement.
  10. sharpie1

    Riding around reno

    I know those routes well, if someone wants to do a ride like this in the near future I'd be in.
  11. sharpie1

    Camping off the bikes in NorCal Part II

    Now that you are getting new gear, are you planning our next trip? A Nevada trip? Lets go, I'm ready.
  12. sharpie1

    Need a little camping advice

    Best water filter I've used MSR Hyperflow. http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&xhr=t&q=msr+filter&cp=7&rlz=1R2ADRA_enUS366&biw=1280&bih=558&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&wrapid=tljp130953023747306&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=2098237764461131741&sa=X&ei=g9gNTpubII24sQPE0LD6DQ&sqi=2&ved=0CGwQ8wIwAw#
  13. I have the Trailtech X2 on both my Huskys, great light output and no need to upgrade stator. I ride home in the dark after work on my SM with it every night.
  14. sharpie1

    Is anyone from AA?

    I heard those guys quit riding motorcycles and took up golf.