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  1. ScottyR

    2019 EC/XC 200's

    The Gas Gas 200 in EC/XC and Ranger trim has been delayed/cancelled for MY19. My local dealer was told this directly from GGNA.
  2. ScottyR

    Ride reports on 2019 Sherco motorcycles?

    Interesting. I rode a 2015 SEF450 for a weekend and loved the bike. I ended up buying a 300 2T that I never really got along with. I wish I bought the 450 over the 300.
  3. ScottyR

    2019 Electric Motion Launched

    Looks as though the North American Dist has packed it in. Same as he did with Ossa, Xispa, Sherco and now EM.
  4. ScottyR

    2019 Electric Motion Launched

    Are you still importing the EMs?
  5. ScottyR

    Is Yamaha discontinuing the wr450f for 2019?

    I think the street legal CRF450L has caught Yamaha off guard. There is a 2019 WR250 and 450 with BNGs but the 2020 will be in Dual Sport trim according to my buddy who is connected with Yamaha Canada.
  6. ScottyR

    Max hours on a 70 degree motor

    Generally it is the rod bearing that is the first thing to go. If you replace it before it lets go, you will be surprised how good your motor will look inside.
  7. ScottyR

    1 out of 3 is really good!

    Getting a new one?
  8. ScottyR

    How to become a Sherco Canada Importer

    Sounds like a deal has been struck for a new CDN Sherco Importer. Press releases coming very soon.
  9. ScottyR

    2019 Yamaha WR250F?

    Is there going to be a 2019 WR250F? Yamaha has released its full line up online but there is no sign of a 19 WR250/450F?
  10. ScottyR

    Uhu my Sherco’s forks scrwed me

    After skimming through that video I have no clue what the issue is?
  11. ScottyR

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    Not happening. A friend of mine is a big wig at Yamaha Canada and he says all development has ended on 2 strokes. I asked him how long they would keep selling YZs and he said they will keep building them until they stop selling but was very clear there was no "new" 2 stroke bikes coming.
  12. ScottyR

    Anyone in Canada know a good GasGas parts source?!?!?

    Give Rob a call. He knows more about Gas Gas bikes and stocks more parts than the local "official dealers" do.
  13. ScottyR

    Sherco 450 sef-r

    I have spent a bit of time on a 15 450SEF Factory and I really liked the bike. Very nimble for a 450. Good power. Not a rocket ship, but has enough motor for sure. It is a better bike than a 15-16 KTM 450XCW for sure. I havent ridden a 17 KTM/Husky 4 stroke, but all reports are they are very good bikes.
  14. I have a 17 TE250 and the XPLOR fork is really good. In fact, I just told my dealer to set aside an FE501S for me as well.
  15. ScottyR

    2017 TE 250

    I am at 1000 ft asl. I am using the stock needle leaned 1 clip and down 2 sizes in pilot and 1 main. Mine runs good.