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  1. NWOffroader

    looking to get a new front disc for my drz400 sm

    Most of the cheap rotors on flea-bay are cheap Chinese crap
  2. NWOffroader

    work parties this spring at Taenum

    I'm in
  3. NWOffroader

    st90 engine in a ct70

    The ST90s had a frame just like the CT70s but unlike the CT90/110 motors they had a 3 speed with weird gear ratios and no high/low range. Don't know if they are interchangable or not. I still have a 74 ST90 that has been sitting for a while , they make great pit bikes.
  4. NWOffroader

    Seattle Motorcycle Convention

    Those are the dealer shows, I used to go to them too when I lived and worked in the bike shops in So Cal. Hot ticket was the dealers got in a day early before the general public and if you had a buyer badge you ended up walking out with all kinds of cool stuff
  5. NWOffroader

    So, who still rides an XR600?

    I still have an 86 600 that is 628 w/ cam, upside downs and a rear disc. It is mainly a dual sporter now and I'm finally having to freshen up the top end but once I upgraded the ign stator it has been dead reliable.
  6. NWOffroader

    honda digital speedo off XR600rf

    Ok here is a link, click on a thumbnail for the pages. Some of the files are a little big but you can pick and choose what pages you need. http://www.offroad-nw.com/xrmanual/manual.htm Cheers - Rick
  7. NWOffroader

    looking for Carburetor help on 83 XR500R

    If you have gas coming out the overflows too, sounds like you have a float/needle & seat issue also. Hook up the fuel line from the tank with the bowls off, turn on the gas and make sure the needles & seats are working. Check bottom of carb and top of bowls with a straight edge.
  8. NWOffroader

    looking for Carburetor help on 83 XR500R

    With good orings on the float bowls it should not need rtv. If rtv was put there and then the bowl screws were over tightened it may have warped the bowls. I would check and see if they are warped and make sure the orings are good. RTV is a bandaid for fixing something that is wrong.
  9. NWOffroader

    honda digital speedo off XR600rf

    Yep, I've still got those pages out of the manual in the file at home. I'll get them scanned and post them for ya Cheers - Rick
  10. NWOffroader

    Help me put my XL 350 back on the road

    Electrical Discharge Machine - Kinda like arc gouging but alot more accurate http://www.engineersedge.com/edm.shtml
  11. NWOffroader

    Help me put my XL 350 back on the road

    Find a place that can do EDM burnouts, If the aluminum around the hole is to messed up have it welded up then drill and retap
  12. NWOffroader

    Lat/Long for Manastash Campground

    Roughly 120.95118 W 47.03652 N WGS84 That would be the Manastash Camp/Riders Camp area
  13. NWOffroader

    Who's Riding Memorial Day Weekend and Where?

    Taneum/Manastash area, camping at Taneum Junction
  14. NWOffroader

    Who's from where?!

    Bothell, WA
  15. NWOffroader

    Reiter Trail Closure - Wall Trail

    According to tax records the wall and a good chunk of the land on top is owned by the park service. Unfortunately Reiter is a checkerboard of ownerships (private(individual, logging companies and the such), DNR, Forest Service, Parks dept, Fish & Wildlife) and our trails crisscross them all. Sooner or later there are bound to be more restrictions due to morons going up and screwing it up.