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  1. ?

    just wondering if any1 wears a mouthguard when riding?
  2. fuchs silkolene
  3. riding motocross is the same as driving a manual car, bahahahahahaha!!!
  4. pro mx riders arnt fit, they are fat and unhealthy my cousins china 160 is better than your yz125...
  5. OMG this.... sooo pumped up, turn up your speakers
  6. Which addition of the hero 2 is for mx?
  7. Wow all these pics look amazing and same with the info. This has become a very nice tread
  8. dont forget a flair just incase....
  9. Lol take it easy in the streets, rip on the dirt
  10. Is the hero 3 worth it or is the hero 2 good enough ?
  11. Ppl dont argue this is my post if u want to argue do it somewhere else.... Btw thanks for all the advice
  12. If ur on the iPhone app click the post and u can quote,like, etc..