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    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    Dude, is that a 400 or a 650? That was some epic tractor wrastlin! I doubt i could make that on either of my bikes. 400 👍

    Vintage Washington state singletrack riding

    Some of us still do... ☺️ My main ride is an 18 year-old. She's ugly, overweight, but she's finally legal!

    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    So... the Hippo has its first major test under it's belt. Overall, I'm very pleased. It crawled up a hill with ease that I'm not sure I could have made it on my XR. Super steep, big rocks embedded throughout, and a momentum-killing 90° turn in the middle. The skid plates did their job and have the gouges to prove it. E-start is awesome, this saw mount is sooo much faster than a ratchet strap, traction is insane, and it's a downright awesome machine for clearing trail. The minor flaws: The weight is daunting and a little tiresome; I was riding in fear all day of losing it down a cliff. The bike is so heavy, shifting my body weight has little effect on its trajectory, so I find myself sawing the bars back and forth to keep it in a straight line. The gas cap vent kept falling off and eventually went missing. I'd really like to add some sort of parking brake, even if it's just a little latch on the lever like a quad. The shifter needs a pivot in it. Heres it's biggest flaw of all that I didn't see coming. The tires are shorter than the standard dirt bike, and the forks extend about 4" lower than the axle. This leaves them very vulnerable to rocks. And when they hit a rock, the added leverage rips that bar right out of your hands! If I had $1 for every time this happened... I'd have $2. But it made me very receptive (to the point of paranoid) to rock outcroppings.

    2004 YZ250F oem exhaust Sparky

    On a few of our bikes, I used some stainless strainer mesh from the kitchen isle of the grocery store sandwiched in the end cap. I know it probably wouldn't get me out of a ticket, but the ticket would probably be cheaper than a new silencer. The odds of actually getting checked out here are so slim... I'll take my chances. It's more for my own piece of mind anyway.

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    There was some deep discussion about the electric saws in one of the chainsaw threads here, but I can't find it at the moment. Maybe you'll have better luck than me.

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Sorry if that's hard for you to grasp, but yeah. I've been doing this for a lot of years and have the system and equipment down to supreme efficiency. I don't take breaks, I took my big saw, it needed 3 refills, and it needed no maintenance. I'm not seeing where the confusion is? It doesn't take 2 minutes to cut through a tree and move it out of the way. (Try it some time and see!) It was only a 3.4 mile trail, so my day wasn't taken up with covering a lot of miles. Sorry, I didn't think I'd need photographic evidence for every tree I cut, but here're a few. Some of us are out there really taking trails back.

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    I guess I did. Thanks for doing the math. I cleared on the way up and counted what I cut on the way down. I posted the trail number; go see for yourself.

    Thompson Falls, MT area riders?

    Cleared 219 trees in 8 hours on 3 miles of trail. Whew!

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Last weekend, the wife and I started going down this 3.4 mile trail in MT that was awesome, but was getting increasingly clogged with trees. We bailed after clearing 20 of them and seeing we were only 1/4 of the way down the trail. Yesterday, I went back and hit it from the other side. I cleared 219 trees in 8 hours and did some trail reconstruction with my tiny shovel where a tree's root ball took out the trail. It's one of those trails where you're hard pressed to get out of first gear. Good times. New trail on my "top 5" list.


    Nuff said.
  11. Anyone out there? I ride the state line quite a bit, and finding riding buddies on the ID side is a challenge. I'll be up on the MT side clearing trail early on Sunday morning...


    Sorry to grind the thread to a halt guys, but sometimes Tigertaker forgets this isn't Facebook, and it's more than him and his three buddies hanging out. This forum covers 980,000 square miles of territory; his little footprint is a mere dot, but his voice is so loud it offends many. He is NOT the voice of all of us. Can we please keep the bullshit in the town square where it belongs so we can use this place as intended for the regional riding discussions? There's no reason we should have to wade through the knee-deep horse crap to get to the center of what this place was intended for.


    Good one. The "Office." I get it. 🙄


    Jesus dude. Sounds to me like somebody has some serious insecurities around females, and an unhealthy obsession with that particular woman. You are a truly nauseating person. Your posts make me feel embarrassed for you. Or my wife?? God I'd pay good money to watch a 45yo mother of 2 make you eat your words. 🤣

    North Idaho Saturday

    Anyone up for super-early Sunday morning? I'll be doing some trail clearing on the ID/MT state line. Trails are epic.