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    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Took the hippo up to get a Xmas tree

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    Nothing exciting... just the hippo doing what a hippo does best. Crawling around slick hillsides.

    riding suggestions for a big loop of the PNW

    I don't blame you. Too much to see in a day or two. If you want a saw-wielding guide, keep in touch. 👍

    Should I Trade or Not?

    I'm confused... You said you have an '03TTR250, but then later say you'd be going from a Yamaha (YZ?) 250F? Which is it? Or you referring to the TTR as the 250F? Either way, a running bike is no trade for a non-running bike, unless the running bike is absolutely trashed and the non-running bike is mint. If you're thinking of getting rid of the TTR, I personally think it's foolish. The reliability factor is priceless with those bikes in comparison to a modern 4 stroke. Keep it until you can afford an additional bike, then add it to the stable. Like a Honda XR, a TTR is one you'd regret selling. They aren't the fastest, but they are the most comfortable and smile-generating.
  5. OP, your costume was great! How many times did you have to explain it to people? My wife and I wore dirt bike pants and boots as part of our Guardians of the Galaxy costumes, does that count?

    Beta X Trainer: Experiences in NW

    Here's my brake pedal mod. The two open holes are the original mounts.

    Beta X Trainer: Experiences in NW

    For the record, I had nothing to do with the purchase of that bike aside from encouragement. She's the boss! My wife loves it. She beats the snot out of it, and it's had zero issues (aside from a wiring issue where you have to turn right while hitting the kill switch to shut it off). I've ridden it extensively around the house in a trials-type environment and love it for that. It's nimbleness in tight, zero-speed situations is impressive. The flickability and balance is awesome. It is hard to stall and has no distinct power hit; it's just smooth power all the way. Traction is predictable. On the other hand, I took it on a firewood scouting run on some fire roads, and I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. It's very sketchy at speed. The front tire deflected off of every little pebble. The seat was torturous, the pipe was in a constant real estate battle with my shin, and the motor sounded unhappy at speed unless under load. The tank is painfully small, and last I looked, the aftermarket oversized option was under a gallon more. - Hard to justify the $200+ price tag. In fairness, it excels exactly where it's built to excel. Mods are: UHD tubes, heated grips, rad cages, bark busters, and the factory brake pedal is ridiculously tiny and hard to hit with your boot without consciously hunting for it. I cut it in half and fabbed a longer pad for it. I also put oetiker clamps on the rubber boot that joins the headpipe to the silencer to combat ooze. If you're short, and all you're going to ride is deep deep woods, it's a great bike.

    Documentary Video: Foggy Dew of the North Cascades

    That's what the weak do; laugh, to cover their own feelings of inadequacy. You keep poking jabs at the Idaho riders. It's so obvious that you fear the terrain and the work required to ride out here, when we Idahoans just accept we're going to go ride with a saw and cut a shitload of wood to keep our trails open and usable. This pains you to comprehend, because YOU are about YOU, not the trails. You might clear a trail for your own passage, but you'd never clear a trail for the good of the riding community. This brings us back to the original discussion. I personally didn't watch the video (because your videos typically consist of unwatchable dribble and meaningless self promotion), but I don't doubt one bit that you tear the crap out of trails. Whatever it takes for you to get up. F the next guy. F the trail. Keep trying to hold your head afloat in the ocean of relevancy buddy. Keep stroking that ego.

    Documentary Video: Foggy Dew of the North Cascades

    The only reason he shows a perceived passion for the sport is because he found an outlet for spending his excessive free time and money where he gets positive feedback to stoke his overinflated fragile ego. Narcissists are incapable of doing things for the sole purpose of other people or the greater good. He says he's in Hawaii right now and spent how many hours last night on this site? If any one of us normal folks were in Hawaii right now, we'd be... wait for it... ENJOYING HAWAII. He's cool with people not agreeing with him because, good or bad, the discussion keeps his posts at the top of the forum, and in his mind it keeps him relevant. As soon as he's no longer up there, boom. Another new nauseatingly self-important post. Personally, I wish he'd find a new outlet for his caustic keyboard diarrhea. This place has dropped half its members since he showed up, and I guess I'll be going soon too. I just can't stand it anymore.

    Documentary Video: Foggy Dew of the North Cascades

    Lemme guess... before TigerSpanker found us? Hey Tiger. I think this was written for you: Go away, and MTTGA.

    Novice, intermediate or expert?

    Try posting the link again. It doesn't work, even to copy & paste it.

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    Dude, is that a 400 or a 650? That was some epic tractor wrastlin! I doubt i could make that on either of my bikes. 400 👍

    Vintage Washington state singletrack riding

    Some of us still do... ☺️ My main ride is an 18 year-old. She's ugly, overweight, but she's finally legal!

    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    So... the Hippo has its first major test under it's belt. Overall, I'm very pleased. It crawled up a hill with ease that I'm not sure I could have made it on my XR. Super steep, big rocks embedded throughout, and a momentum-killing 90° turn in the middle. The skid plates did their job and have the gouges to prove it. E-start is awesome, this saw mount is sooo much faster than a ratchet strap, traction is insane, and it's a downright awesome machine for clearing trail. The minor flaws: The weight is daunting and a little tiresome; I was riding in fear all day of losing it down a cliff. The bike is so heavy, shifting my body weight has little effect on its trajectory, so I find myself sawing the bars back and forth to keep it in a straight line. The gas cap vent kept falling off and eventually went missing. I'd really like to add some sort of parking brake, even if it's just a little latch on the lever like a quad. The shifter needs a pivot in it. Heres it's biggest flaw of all that I didn't see coming. The tires are shorter than the standard dirt bike, and the forks extend about 4" lower than the axle. This leaves them very vulnerable to rocks. And when they hit a rock, the added leverage rips that bar right out of your hands! If I had $1 for every time this happened... I'd have $2. But it made me very receptive (to the point of paranoid) to rock outcroppings.

    2004 YZ250F oem exhaust Sparky

    On a few of our bikes, I used some stainless strainer mesh from the kitchen isle of the grocery store sandwiched in the end cap. I know it probably wouldn't get me out of a ticket, but the ticket would probably be cheaper than a new silencer. The odds of actually getting checked out here are so slim... I'll take my chances. It's more for my own piece of mind anyway.