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    When to replace the piston?

    If it aint broken dont fix it. You'll know you need a new piston after your engine blows up and your walking back to the pits...

    Thinking about getting the crf250r

    pro circuit makes a good loud pipe the ti 4, white brothers is sick, I like the yoshi's the best but the duals arent as loud as the pro circuit single, they have a far better sound though. Send your shocks out to factory connection, and have someone rebuild your motor. Thats if you have the money to waste, the only thing youre gonna need is suspension. No one is going to need extra power on a 450 unless you're expert or maybe a top am, definately not someone coming off a couch. An if your gonna race you should start on a 250f. The 450 novice class is filled w/ a bunch of done up bikes that are ridden at probably 7% of their stock potential.

    CRF250R 2006 Hot Starting

    clean the carbs peopleeeee

    2008 250r

    all good advice but its probably the carbs, and you have to twist it a few times an turn the bike over slowly a couple, but you should run the spectro fuel treatment my mechanic says the unleaded gas gums the bag out of the hondas.

    05 CRF250 won't start.

    u have to clean out your carb, or have someone do it for you.
  6. Wow you are a straight joey. Just because you havent done valves in a while on your crf doesnt mean its reliable. It means either you hardly ride, or you ride like your in d class. I'm not being biased either because I own an 05 crf and the thing is pretty reliable, but if your in mid race season you should be adjusting valves once a month or two. The 07 ktmmas are better than the 06's in many ways do some reading. And although it looks like theres no room for numbers, look at the 07 pre prints and you will understand how it works. I was suprised too but it will look cool after you put them on.


    Alright simple question. We all know that hondas are a pain because the valves have to get adjusted like everymonth if you are a serious racer. My question to you is does the ktm have the same type of deal where you need to adjust your sxf valves all the time too? Because I know you dont need to do it on a yzf. God I hate adjusting valves.

    honda valves

    Yeah but I guess mine needed seven levels of adjustment, which makes for longer labor. I dont trailride though I race every weekend and practice during the week almost every day. Anyone know a place online where you can buy the steel valves.
  9. I got my bike back from the dealer he charged me 200$ to adjust the valves. I was pissed. He said he had to adjust them 7 levels or something, which is alot. He also said I need new valves soon? That doesnt make sense I thought you just had to adjust them? How much are new valves anyone know? And where can I buy them online somewhere because my dealer sucks and they are way overpriced.
  10. You are a straight up joey so is shift.
  11. GUGGIE

    SX the Movie

    Dude that movie sucked so bad it was a joke. Hes in the air on a two stroke lands on a four? Like are you serious. All these cheesy clips of like chad reed on the line are from tv that they recorded. So poorly made. If you know a lil about motocross youd probably think it sucked so bad. But stupid posers might like it.
  12. GUGGIE

    Things not to do on raceday

    1)race a bike w/ a light bahaha. 2)stay up all of the night before drinking an smoking weed w/ mx groupies. 3)hold in a dump through your moto.
  13. GUGGIE

    Strapping Your Bike Down

    It's fine I guarentee. Sometimes dirt can get in the seals if you get unlucky, ride it and it will work itself out. An if you have never blown your forkseals, you either ride like a girl, or you buy a new bike every 6 months.
  14. GUGGIE

    stock motocross class

    Yeah its called a better line. The hill obviously had bumps in it. ^
  15. GUGGIE

    stock motocross class

    I can assure you everyone would be on four strokes. Also the racing would be just as spread out, almost all pros bikes that are top 20 in the nationals are all just as fast. RC can win on anything, bike brand is almost irrelevant when you are racing at that level.