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    drz400sm 2007, full yoshimura rs2, 3x3, JD jets, mcct, drc edge,stock motor, 17k miles and climbing

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  1. 707LAKE

    2016 Husqvarna fe501s supermoto

    can you post a pic of the bracket you made. im going to install my sm wheels tomorrow, i feel like im going to run into this issues also on my 15 501s
  2. maybe tell them to spice up the heat shield, it looks old and dated.. laser etching logo, or a cut out logo.. similar to the yoshimura drz heat shield
  3. hi guys i just got a 2015 fe501s and im trying to fix my broken temp sensor, its the sensor on the bottom right rad. and the connector/wires themselves first i cant find a replacement temp sensor and second, the sensor wires lead to a connector under the tank area, and well, the connector is disconnected, with no other end in sight. where do the wires goto? i cannot find them or taped off wires anywhere, am i misssing something? does anybody have a wiring diagram?
  4. 707LAKE

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    lol right on. mines also lowered 1inch interally by 707 racing suspenion
  5. 707LAKE

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    after owning 5 drz's, a 690enduro, and multiple dirt bikes.. ive finally gotten the bike of my dreams! 2015 husqvarna fe501s..250lbs,6 speed,60hp,707 suspension sprung/valved front and rear with mx-tech lucky 4cs fork cartridges($1k just for the mx-tech piece), baja designs, and tubliss with new maxxis IT dessert tires, samco hoses, dual fans ill still keep my drz forever tho .earlier this week i finished going tubeless on my drzSm 17's with the 3m tape. no leaks! pic of my sm in ca winter mode lol
  6. 707LAKE

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    shoari reg size bat i believe..that plastic is also cut ..ive been using these cut fenders for few years now with no isssues..
  7. 707LAKE

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    my current drz.. all the regular stuff fcr,mrd shorty,stg2 hot cams..polisport freeflow front fender but my favorite upgrade is by far the 707 racing suspension.. i had them do the front and rear with a revalve and springs..the front also got micropolished and the rear has a black canon racecraft spring. also got dual pod lights by the handguards wired into lowbeam, with a 6led bar above the oem headlight cut into the shroud partially and its wired into highbeam and both are on a switch, with a $13 amazon solar charger velcro onto the shroud, with a wire going to the ram mount for my cell phone which always stays at 100%..then when im offroading i use the osmand app. it can acquire gps in the middle of nowhere where there is no cell reception to call.// anybody like the look?
  8. 707LAKE

    "S" to "SM" Conversion

    i just finished my swap today, swapped tons of stuff off of my clapped out sm.. heres the new S 3400miles mid swap fiished look for now i used the entire oem sm front,(triple,forks,wheel,spacers,entire brake) used the s kickstand, s rear brake and disc, s rear spacers, and my sm 110link chain on 15-41t & sm rear shock
  9. 707LAKE

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    2 weeks ago i was riding, bike sounded weird, made a few crazy loud knock noises, then in a 4th gear turn about 45-55mph..bike goes slideeeeeeeee, and i crash hard.. motor seized up! i got some good road rash, i didnt break, but the motor did and the frame is a little twisted(but was also from multiple other crashes). so i went and got another drz400s, og owner, 3400miles, garaged 8years, just got out of shop for carb clean..$2k im doing a full sm swap, with alllllllllllll the parts i got on the old sm to the new s.im done now with the swap, just waiting on new plastics parts i swapped over already to the s model: free power mod,shorai,mcct,edge 2,sm brakes w/ hel steel lines,wave rotors,sm complete front end,707racing suspension F/R(valved/sprung),led bar,led pods,light switches,fan switch,tto tiny tach,clarke tank,seat concepts,twin air,hot cams,fmf powerbomb header-to a E tailpipe,or my mrd zpro,x ring did,kickstand mod,clutch mod,charge port, mini solar panel, acerbis sm handguards,fcr39 slant,turkey baster overflow,sm pegs w/sliders(non-oem),
  10. 707LAKE

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    i got a clip of a drz looping it also..within 10mins of leaving the beach lol! he was fine tho heres a repost from basm hundreds of supermotos for those who want to see! literally every model and make sm you can think of...but i didnt see 1 aprillia tho tooo maaahhch hawwspawwa suzu drz.....husq 450/510/501/701/610.....ktm 350/450/520/525/530/500/690/1290/390....honda crf450 250rally 250l/grom....kawi klr650/250sm....bmw 450sm.....yama fz07/wr450/wr250x
  11. 707LAKE

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    bay area supermoto epic ride was nothing short of epic!! had so much fun, it was wild to ride with 200-300supermotos around san francisco! no trouble, tonssssss of ppl waving and recording vids! we all had a blast!! ill post a group pic when i find some..these are few screenshots from my contour&gopro
  12. 707LAKE

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    lol..well i have my trusty drzsm..then added a 690..then added a 70whp rmz450 race sm.. then got 2 more drzS models.. then sold them all except my trusty 97,555mile drzsm and got a new place to live on hella acres and a sick st legal prerunner that i jump. and a car. but honestly after owning the 2010 690 enduro.. i didnt like that year at all..i found out that there are about 4 generations of steering angles from 2007-2019 on the 690smc and enduros..and my 2010 was shit..super sweeeping turns like a school bus when going slow..and for my weight 240lbs i needed the sups to be revalved / sprung and didnt do it so i hated the ride quality.. id try another 690, but it would have to be a smc or a 2018+ model enduro or a 500..plus mine had 13k miles and had 2 valve adj already, i just didnt get stuck in a money pit 690's worth is declining blah blah.. now i just got 1 drzsm, but im still happy.
  13. 707LAKE

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    EHHHH!! tomorrow/sat im goin on the bay area supermoto BASM 4th annual epic ride in San Francisco.. should be fun! gona guess over 200+ supermotos will be there...theres always a huge turnout if your local you should go!!!!!!! ps.. my odo is upto 97,555 miles now!
  14. 707LAKE

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    690 had 2 valve adj within 13k miles.the 17+ 690s release with more hp really dropped value of older models..my 2010 690s were selling cheap on craigslist mulitple ads 45-5500 tgis summer in ca..and a rebuild is a alottttt so i said f'it n sold it..also if i wanted to keep it it susp needed a springs and revalve.the more i rode it the more i disliked the stock susps with my weight...turning radius was insanely bad...lc4 are notorious for hiting false neutral between 5th and 6th..which mine had.stupidly tall..in the end all i liked was the power lol..ill get another ktm eventually.but itll be newer and wht im llooking for..inever origianlly wanted a 690..iwas in market for a exc but changed mind for some reason last minute..o well tho.its funny how much faster my smdrz is than my s drz..only diff is cams and carb..always wanted to big bore it but always bitched oyt due to hi mile heads...
  15. 707LAKE

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Havent been on tt at all for months..sold my 690.sold a s model drz..left with my 2010 rmz450sm with 70hp dyno mapped vp u4.4 race bike. 93k mile drzsm and a 01drzs woth tons of shit on it amd got it for 1200$ haha..even has a crazy rare titanium rs2 pipe..not the trc-ti..but still ti..got a prerunner ramger also it has ibeams front .deaver rears.fox triple bypases.fox coilovers & bumpstops..its fun!! Pics of both my bikes light setups also.. I run the pods for low beam.and the led bar for high in combo with oem light Might sell the 01 blue drz. Fcr.yoshi rs2 ti.kickstart.ims 3gal.rotopax 1.5gal.rack.rad guards.steel brake lines.tubliss.trakmaster 2 tires.fan switch.e cams.scotts stabilizer.brp triple clamps.tt vapor speedo.light switches. Also got a set of blue sm rims for sale..have scratches My instgram is supermoto.rich if anybody uses tht app