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    Resistance value for 400 EX starter relay

    Thank you for your response. I have determined that the problem is occuring during operation, not at start-up as I had previously thought. After exhausting the other possibilities through scientific investigation, I decided to try the old fashioned way. With the quad running, I started wiggling and jerking onwires until I was able to blow the fuse. As you surmised, I have a problem up in the wiring of either the headlights, key switch, of neutral lamp. I have disassembled these assemblies from the vehicle, and they are on my workbench for analysis. Thank you again for your help.
  2. I have a 2002 400 EX that periodically blows fuses. After checking out the electrical system per the Honda service manual, I can find no anomalies. The only thing that seems fishy is the switch side of the starter relay is pretty much a dead short. This being an electrical coil, I would expect more DC resistance. This would make it draw a lot of current, and may explain the fuse blowing problem. Does anyone know the correct resistance value (across the yel/grn & yel/red wires) or can measure this value for me? Best regards, Robert

    Tire pressure?

    15/15 here as well. Has a couple of pinch flats in the front with less than 15 psi.

    KLX450R comparison (standing comparison 450X to KLX)

    You are right about the quiet bike. I wouldn't trade the quiet (stock) Honda exhaust. IMO that in general loud aftermarket exhaust systems exist primarily to separate fools from their money. They often offer little real performance gain, and do nothing to help our image with the non-motorcycle world. Loud noise does not equate to an increase in power, only a perception of more power. I hope that the manufacturers continue to refine the quiet technology. It would certainly be in their best interest.

    RPM Guage / Diagnostic Tool

    The ignition fires every revolution of the crank, like a two stroke. That is why you get the 2X reading.

    K&N for the 450X?

    I would advise you to not use a K&N filter on your bike. I have seen several dirty intake boots that were the result of a K&N filter passing fine dust. Stick with a Uni filter, Twin Air, or a White Bros. filter. They are designed for motorcycle use.

    Scam Alert!!! Scam Alert!!!

    Maybe I shouldn't have bought that swampland in Arizona. Or that Volcano insurance.......

    Scam Alert!!! Scam Alert!!!

    I recently placed an ad in the recycler.com to sell a bike. Shortly thereafter I began receiving "fishy" responses to my ad. An example is shown below: "GOOD DAY SELLER, I am STEVEN by name,I saw the advert of your motocyles,i will love to know if it still Avaiable for sale and what is the asking price and present Condition,I will appreciate you get back to me with the Method of Payment u accept...I am paying you with Cheque and if that ok by you..Kindly get back to me with your full name and address with Phone number.................................. Hope to Hear from you soon asap. Regard." It turns out that this is a form of fraud going around the internet. The "catch" is that they pay with a cashier's check. The bank takes it, then a week or so later, the bank docks your account for the amount of the check once they discover it is no good. Then you are out both your property and your money. Double screw. Seller beware. Tell a friend. No, I didn't go for it.

    Hot Cams and pump gas

    Right on guys, thanks for the answer.

    Hot Cams and pump gas

    Howdy all, Can you run 91 octane pump gas with the Hot Cams stage 1 and/or stage 2 cam? Thanks:ride:

    Airbox and the Snorkel (again)

    Disclaimer- The following is my opinion, don't go reaching for the prozac....you know who you are.... No, it is not necessary to remove the entire top of the airbox for maximum performance. It won't hurt anything if you do, so it is a matter of what floats your barge. I did this: First, I opened up the side vents per JD's instructions. The bike was happy with a 165 main jet. Then I did the above addition of the holes. This required the move up to a 170 main jet. Compared directly with my buddies identical bike (170 main) with the entire top removed, the performance is identical. The box with the top removed emits a bit more intake noise. That is why I drilled the holes instead of cutting it all away. As per the question of the snorkel, again I have no "hard" data, but my experience with ducting air into and around things leads me to believe, after studying the snorkel and related ducting will actually pass more air into the box than without. Again, my opinion only. If, in the case of MAJOR crazy engine modifications, there may be a need for further airbox mayhem.

    Fork oil question...

    Cuz once they start A'leaking they don't quit.

    Full Quart on the Tranny side necessary?

    Yes. And no, it will not "blow" your seal or anything else.

    My 450X at one year/3000 miles

    I suggest a search around this site or CRF's only.com. It is a fairly controversial and well covered subject. If you wear the skirt, make sure is is pink with little frilly ruffles and such. Otherwise , on your next ride your kickstand will fall off, and get stuck in your spokes, causing you to fall and rip your skirt.

    you guys need to go on diet !!

    Whoop-dee-doo for you. Now go back to the Yamaha forum.