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  1. mkiv

    Drz 400 sm 05 Front fork damage help

    i have your forks(framgaffel). send melding
  2. When I press the start button, it only makes a buzzing sound. No click from starter (speedometer also goes crazy whilst holding start button) How do i fix this?
  3. mkiv

    Which Fuel Screw?

    i had the flex jet, but the rubber insulation on it broke and it started to corrode. it still worked, but i changed to the jd jetting screw anyway(it's made of brass). can't go wrong with it. https://www.jdjetting.com/xcart/product.php?productid=85&cat=4&page=1
  4. mkiv

    High pitch ringing at high rpm

    i cant hear anything dangerous from those videos. if it rides good just ride it. i don't worry about subtle noises like this one. u have a quiet exhaust also. just watch this video of a original, new drz:
  5. mkiv

    Issue with clutchless upshifting

    Clutchless upshift technique needs to be consistent within all driving modes. Your upshift during the wheelie is probably not positive enough and will cause engagement problems like you described. Always shift with authority.
  6. i made the same mistake to the bearing seal and its been fine. however, those gouges in the seal bore may cause a leak. but i think if you use sealant it will be no problem
  7. i found if i use ear plugs there is not much difference between rs-2 and mrd ssw. i use those orange ones from 3m. but without ear plugs, mrd was making my ears ring after longer rides. rs-2 is is kinda loud too, but doesn't have that piercing eardrums effect of mrd ssw.
  8. interesting. i don't think the fcr-mx from tt store has a leak jet? there is conflicting info in the small details i have the issue with touching the throttle when cold. my jetting 160 main jet 200 main air jet EMN needle clip 3 45 pilot jet remove pilot air jet---(Only on TT kits purchased PRIOR to 01/01/2015) is it worth trying this? 160 main jet 200 main air jet EMP needle clip 3 42 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet thanks
  9. When did you buy your fcr new? What year is it from? This is confusing because mine also sometimes die when cold starting, but when I installed in 2012, all the experts here said to remove it-end of discussion. But something changed, now they say models shipped since 2015 should not remove it.
  10. i got mine today, same pull as stock confirmed. the reel is 35mm, same as oem this page tells more: http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/articles/view/301/throttles_and_throttle_kits/
  11. mkiv

    Zeta quick turn throttle tube

    you have a alloy tube riding on some alloy/steel bar, no bearings. there is lot of friction and a lot of wear. some tubes fixed this by inserting bushings in the ends, like this one: but not for the drz
  12. mkiv

    Zeta quick turn throttle tube

    i got this and tested it on one of my spare bars. that metal to metal contact feel is not good. i dont get how anyone can like this. shorter throw is nice, but that feel and long-term reliability is important too.
  13. http://www.g2ergo.com/store/2-stroke-quick-turn-system/
  14. mkiv

    Dash clock resets itself...

    mine is the same. my clock is only useful for telling me how long time i have been riding from 1:00. i heard it saves the battery like this so i didn't try to fix it. i would like to know how to fix it too tho.
  15. mkiv

    DRZ400SM stalls when freewheeling+throttling

    maybe a video demo?