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  1. gospeedracer51

    Ford diesel vs Cummins

    The 28 mpg number is combined city & highway. It could get up to 34 mpg highway.
  2. gospeedracer51

    Ford diesel vs Cummins

    I've heard Nissan is working on a 1/2 ton truck with a 4 cyl Cummins. They are saying around 28mpg. They are not sure if they are going to make it yet, but may be a 2016 model.
  3. gospeedracer51

    '02 CR250 part needed

    52479-KZ4-J40 $128 on motosport.com I have an extra, $50 shipped.
  4. gospeedracer51

    need better front brake .. ideas ?

    Make sure the backing plates on the pads are flat. Take the pads out & lay them on a flat surface. Some of the aftermarket pad (most notably EBC) backing plates are curved slightly. It takes some lever travel to overcome the curved backing plate.
  5. dmcca, you are going to love this motor. Mine is still running strong. If I need to redue my crank I may look into the longer rod. But then again I like that my motor looks totally stock. No one knows it's a beast by looking at it. I'm looking forward to see how your head turns out.
  6. gospeedracer51

    Keihin carb swap jetting info

  7. gospeedracer51

    01 CR250 Cylinder Help with image

    You've worn through the plating. That light color by the arrow & above the exhaust port is aluminum. It needs to be re-plated.
  8. gospeedracer51


    You can check this site to see if it's stolen. http://theftaz.azag.gov/
  9. gospeedracer51

    300,000 Members!!!!!!

  10. gospeedracer51

    After 10 years away, my baby's coming home

    :ride:She's back in my arms again:ride: A nice long bath, some fork seals & she'll be back on the track. She still has all the goodies she had when she was taken from me. Motor sounds good.
  11. gospeedracer51

    After 10 years away, my baby's coming home

    They said it is in running condition. I asume the guy was riding it in a no riding area & got stopped. Maybe they where looking for the offroad sticker that we have to have now. I'm not sure what the story is. Don't really care. I get my bike back. Going to get it at lunch.
  12. I had a 2000 cr 250 stolen from me way back in 2001. I just got a call from the po po, they just recovered it. I get to pick it up today. Can't believe it.
  13. gospeedracer51

    What bike should Honda build?

    If we can get a couple million people to click "none of these" maybe honda will see they aren't making what we want to buy.
  14. gospeedracer51

    86 cr500 rod

    Call Cometic. They have what you need.
  15. gospeedracer51

    06 cr250 pwk carb swap questions

    No you can not use the powerjet. There are no porvisions in the ecu to run the powerjet. It works just fine without it.