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  1. Here's Rick's IRC trials tire (I think its a TR-1) from: http://rickramsey.net/CRF230F.htm
  2. Found the picture of an MT43 on the CRF. Its a little big, so I'm not sure that's the tire I want to put on. From this post: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1170734-great-traction/?hl=%2Bmt43#entry12895816
  3. Here's the great debate I read. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/723320-will-the-mt-43-trials-tire-fit-my-2003-crf230f/ Seems the MT43 is a large tire for that size, and I've read comments like "its tall" for a 4.00x18. I recall seeing a picture of the MT43 on a CRF, and it looked big. Almost silly-big in that picture. I can't find that pic again right now, but if i do, I'll post. Do you have the MT43 on the rear of the CRF230? Post a pic so I can see it please. Now that would be good feedback. Here's some that say they like the MT43. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/857368-do-you-like-a-trials-tire-on-your-crf230/ And another: The info seems to conflict. Seems its a great tire for a full frame bike, like WR250R, XR250, DRZ 400, KTM something, etc., but possibly too big for the CRF230. Unfortunately, a lot of posts start with "I don't own a CRF, but.." or "I own a CRF, but run this tire on my (some other bike)..." not very helpful to the cause. Anyway, I posted this to find out about the IRC TR011 Tourist tire. Easily drawn off I guess.
  4. I'm looking for street legal trials tires for my 2005 CRF. Since the Pirelli MT43 is apparently to wide for the CRF's rear rim, I wanted to ask about the DOT approved TR-011. I had not seen them before today. Until now, I thought the TR-1 was the DOT approved version of the TR-11. I guess the TR-011 Tourist is also DOT. Anyone run the TR-011 Tourist? I can't find reviews of them on the CRF. http://www.americanmototire.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=200_232_1138&products_id=6422 and http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/irc-trial-winner-tr-011-tourist-tires Also, I saw Ricks recommendation for 3.00-21 front. Anyone run this size for a front trials tire? Any pictures for the larger tire? Thanks guys.
  5. ram

    Yet Another 230 jetting question

    I just bought an '05 CRF230F, exhaust baffle removed and air box snorkel removed. Its not idling/running right. I live in Colorado (5k feet) and my main jet = 128 and pilot = 42s. I'll pull the needle and see if its stock or power up,and what position the clip is in. Anyone have a good source for a jet kit, or is it best to buy ebay jets one at a time? Thanks for the suggestions here, I intend to rejet.
  6. That's a lithium iron and you can charge on your normal battery charger? Guess I need to read more. Battery tender has special "lithium" charger. Must be a marketing gimmick. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Just bought a used '05 CRF230. The Walmart Everstart AGM in it is dead. LOL, I'm not buying another. I've tried searching this forum and the net to discover some decent brand, and wow, overwhelming and very conflicting information out there. To be clear, I am NOT interested in Lithium Iron. Seems stupid to buy that kind of battery then turn around and have to replace my chargers to maintain it. So, I'm looking for AGM. Please reply and post what battery you bought for your CRF and what web page you bought it on. There are too many choices and too many cheese re-branded names out there to know what to buy. Thanks!
  8. So, I gave up on the XR200 in this area. Saw three for sale, looked and passed. Abused and neglected machines in this area for $1000-1300. Um..."no thanks". One even had a blown rear shock and was weeping oil, and the guy would not budge on his $1000 price for that '98. Someone must have bought it b/c its not on CL anymore. So I upped my price threshold by a few hundred and bought an '05 CRF230 for my son. I hate that there is no kick start, but I guess it'll do. Thanks guys. Rm.
  9. I can't seem to find any XR 200's for sale in the Denver region. 2 or so in the state that are 2000 or newer. CL has a few but they look beat to hell. Other than Craigslist, any one know of web sites to check? Thanks.
  10. Tomorrow morning, I'm looking at a used, 2013 Can-am outlander Max 1000. Pics look like its in good condition. Guy says its a bit beat up he said its been on its side twice, low speed and he says he turned it upright quickly. He said the front A-Arm covers are gone. some cosmetic plastic is scratched/broken. Pictures show the damage, but it looks to be in good condition in the pics. i'm looking at it tomorrow morning. Other than the obvious (ride, check function of 4x4, etc), what should I look for on this ATV? I've looked around, no specific concerns about 2013 that I can find. Thanks!
  11. Interstate Batteries Cycle-Tron Plus FAYTZ7S Factory Activated Motorcycle Battery This one is 130CCA, but more expensive. $130.
  12. Factory activiated Yuasa replacement here. This is the stock YTZ7S. $119 from revzilla. Also, I hear these are good for WR250R's Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery LFX14L2-BS12
  13. Battery Info All reviews look good for this replacement: YTZ7S Scorpion 12v 130 CCA AGM ATV & Motorcycle Battery (Plus free ship, $45, and no tax - wow!). Just what I wanted. 130 CCA and cheap with good reviews. Best battery web page thus far that I've found is batterystuff.com
  14. Battery Info: Yuasa YTZ7S All reviews look good for this replacement: YTZ7S 12v 130 CCA AGM ATV & Motorcycle Battery (Plus free ship, $45, and no tax - wow!). Just what I wanted. 130 CCA and cheap with good reviews. Best battery web page thus far that I've found is batterystuff.com
  15. about 4500 miles. Its ridden a few times a year and the battery was being used on the track. I can rationalize that it just didn't have a chance to recharge, but now that the battery is 6 years old, I think I'll just get a new one b/c there are times I'm in the middle of nowhere. Wtihout a kick backup, I prefer not to screw myself by skipping a basic maint item, IMO. Hence the post. I'm begining to think either no one reads TT's dual sport, or no one replaced batteries!!!! Guess I'll post it on the WRR web and see what batteries people bought. Thanks.